Brands are much more than logos  A brand is a promise.  A promise to achieve certain results, deliver a certain experience, or act in a certain way

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Text of Brands are much more than logos  A brand is a promise.  A promise to achieve certain results,...

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  • Brands are much more than logos
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  • A brand is a promise. A promise to achieve certain results, deliver a certain experience, or act in a certain way. A promise that is conveyed by everything people see, hear, touch, taste or smell about your business.
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  • A promise that gets kept consistently Defines your organization It creates a personality and a life for your products/services A unique and consistent look, feel, tone and voice for all communications Conveys-at a-glance the distinctive attributes of your organization Over time, it builds awareness of and an attitude towards your organization
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  • Strengthens the impact of all messages Paves the way for new customer relationships Provides employees with a greater sense of commitment Its essential to your success in the marketplace No business is too small and no product too generic to develop a brand identity
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  • Brand Promise-The single most important thing your organization promises to deliver every time Brand Story-Your organizational history and how it adds value to the brand, highlights how your products and services grew from that background and how your methodology impacts what you offer Brand Position-description of your organization Brand Name-name, tagline, logo Brand Personality-what you want your brand to be known for (fun, serious,magical,forceful,imaginative, etc.) Brand Tone-edgy, humorous, conservative, subtle Brand Associations-colors, taglines, images, fonts, uniforms, signage, equipment, etc.
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  • Brochures Print and e-newsletters Website, Screen savers Events Banner ads Print ads Public relations Direct Mail Flyers and posters Transit media Power point presentations Exhibit booth/signage CD/multimedia Facilities
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  • In 'blind' taste tests, people prefer the taste of Pepsi over the taste of Coke. However, if the test is not 'blind' and the tasters know which beverage is which, they prefer the taste of Coke over Pepsi! That is the emotional power of a brand. The Coca-Cola brand has the power to actually change an individual's taste! Coca-cola is the no.1 brand in the world. The first shape that was registered is the coca cola bottle
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  • The value of the worlds top 250 brands amounts to $2,179,000,000,000 (Brand Finance) Coca-Cola, the worlds most valuable brand, has a brand value of $43,146,000,000 (Brand Finance) The Nike brand makes the most valuable contribution to its parent companys value - 84% (Brand Finance)
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  • Do not make decisions by committee Keep brand consistent internally and externally Dont rush the process-make sure you have enough time budgeted Give the brand time to work Create a brand style guide and give to every employee Refresh/update brand after a few years
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  • Strengthens employees loyalty Attracts clients/customers Keeps current relationships strong Builds confidence Builds feelings of security and trust Creates a memorable, positive experience
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  • A couple of dos and dont dos! Develop a brand strategy Have company buy-in Get a brand plan Make sure the product/service fits the brand value Make sure you can deliver Integrate brand communications Be consistent across everything Protect where you can !!!
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  • Now that you have solid messaging, its time to create. Consistency is the #1 rule Repetition, repetition, repetition Did you know it takes 7-9 times of being exposed to your company name for a potential client to remember it? We get exposed to over 4000 messages a day. How can you break through that clutter?