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Bounty Hunter 3000 The Game Draft by Darian Stone Slide 2 Game Description Mature Rating Level Third Person Shooter Strategy Based Objectives Free Roaming Level Structure Console Gaming Platform CPU Allie Drones/ Allie Recruiting & Upgrade Options Character Upgrade Options Multi World Travel Options/ Space Travel Mini Game Slide 3 Game Objectives Capture Targets for Currency Use Currency for Weapons, Vehicles, Property, Health or, Information Assist planet Natives & gain Allies, Bonuses, Currency, Health, Information, Vehicles or, Weapons Shape the Universe Slide 4 Game Plot In the year 3001 humanity has advanced deep into space, discovered six solar systems & countless alien species. The Bounty Hunters are a group of trackers that seek out criminals who flee to remote planets to escape their crimes. Slide 5 Ordan Storm an ex-military detective who was suffering from depression after losing his Mother & younger Sister to the Gangs of solar system four. Recruited to the Bounty Hunters after tracking down & bringing to justice an Assassin Group that destroyed one of Earths small moon outpost. Ordan Storm cares little for his own safety which makes him the perfect bounty hunter. Main Character Slide 6 Ordan Storm Owner of the bounty hover craft & loves the high speed chases. Is one of the best bounty hunters in any solar system but, would rather be fishing on a remote paradise planet. Slide 7 How to play Navigate the Universe with the Mother-Ship Inter planets with the Landing-Craft Highjack any Land-Craft to explore Worlds Interact with any Natives Inter any buildings, structures, or space crafts Hunt down, capture or kill Bounties for currency Slide 8 The Mother Ship Change Upgrade or Save Profiles & Progress Travel between game Levels / Solar Systems Store all Allies, Weapons, Bounties Store up to four Landing-Crafts Store up to twelve Land-Crafts Upgrade both Landing & Land-Crafts Slide 9 Landing Craft Quick progress Save Travel between the Mother-Ship & Planets Battle other Space Crafts Store or Upgrade all Weapons Store up to twelve Allies or Bounties Store up to three Land-Crafts Store up to three Bounties for transport between Solar Systems Slide 10 Land Crafts High jacked any Land-Craft Travel across various World Terrains Store up to twelve Weapons Store up to nine Allies or Bounties Upgrade equipped Allies, Land-Crafts, Weapons The default Land-Craft is the Bounty Hover Craft Slide 11 Bounty Hover Craft Similar to a high powered Jet Boat the Bounty Hover Craft is built for speed Store up to four Weapons Store only two Allies or Bounties Upgrade equipped Allies, Land-Crafts, Weapons Travel across various World Terrains Slide 12 Bounty Hunter Gear Item Oxygen Mask When oxygen levels become to low for survival or if Bounties use Poison Gasses this item is vital. It gives the Hunter the ability to visit planets with limited oxygen supplies. It can also be used as a sub aquatic device. Slide 13 Bounty Hunter Gear Item Gravity Boots During space travel gravity can either hold a hunter on his back or float him into space. Without the use of Gravity Boots hunters are at the mercy of the elements. Gravity Boots not only can get a hunter out of deadly situations but can allow hunters to reach remote vantage points. Slide 14 Bounty Hunter Gear Item Atmosphere Binoculars When visibility becomes impossible or if targets have stealth ability this item is vital. It gives a range of visual options such as night vision, thermal, negativity vision, ext. This item also can zoom in for long range surveillance. Slide 15 Bounty Hunter Gear Item Retractable Ear Transmitter When a mission becomes unclear or a hunter needs assistance this item is great. Always keeping the hunter in contact with allies this item can help redirect a player or call allies for assistance. Not only can this item guide a hunt it can also Intercepting transmissions from targets or local law enforcements. Slide 16 Bounty Hunter Gear Item Navigation Wrest Band This item has a number of uses such as tracking targets, storing target data, task log, oxygen monitor, compass, land craft locator, map, earth time, alien planet time & even pause time. Each performance of this device can make the difference between capture or escape for targets. Slide 17 Bounty Hunter Non Lethal Weapon Wire Web Gun As the hunters default weapon the web gun is a non lethal item that can subdue targets from a distance. Best used on targets that like to flee on foot this weapon wraps a six foot steel wire net around the targets. Slide 18 Bounty Hunter Non Lethal Weapon Retractable Voltage Stick As the default melee weapon the hunters showcase special skills with this weapon & can fight off hordes of unarmed attackers. With every blow this weapon gives off a burst of electricity that temporarily paralyzes those struck with it. Like all melee weapons the Voltage Stick never runs out of ammo & is used to subdue unsuspecting targets with a single strike. Slide 19 Chapter one The Quadisha System The Myosha, Florisha, Dyisha & Scandosha planets are the four planets in the Quadisha system that contain life. The Myosha & Flourisha planets are the planets that have developed societies. The Dyisha planet is nearest to sun & is used as a waist land. The Scandosha planet is furthest from the sun & is used as a exile for criminals. Slide 20 Level one The Myosh Planet The Myosh planet is three quarters swampy marshlands but, it has two thick jungles & a large ocean. The Mia Aliens with their primitive technology dominate this planet & all species on it. With twelve major tribes always at war with each other these amphibious creatures love advanced weaponry. The Myosha world military patrols the planet trying to maintain order but, Cannibals & Pirates are the worlds majority. Slide 21 Level one The Myosh Aliens Amphibious by nature the Mia Aliens are at home on dry land & in aquatic habitats. These aliens have large telepathic third eyes centered on their heads. Myoshan Aliens travel distances by mounting & riding the Myoshan Snout Runners. Slide 22 Level one Target one ; Hydro Marsha A Moon Tribe Enforcer & Solar Pirate wanted for the murder of a Flourisha Prince & the theft of the Flourisha Royal Crown. Known to indulge in the Myosha nightlife Hydro is thought to be partying in a Myosha major city or hiding out in the moon tribes jungle compound. Hydros bounty is twenty thousand lbs in Flourishan gold which is equal to five hundred lbs of earth gold. Slide 23 Level one Mother Ship City A city size Flourisha space craft that crashed on the Myosha planet decades ago. Rusted & stuck in the swampy mud this ships is now the largest most populated city on the Myoshan planet. As large as the city of Dallas & a place where hundreds of alien species meet the mother ship city is filled with gambling casinos, night clubs, racing track, vacationers & criminals. Slide 24 Bounty Hunter 3000 The Game Draft by Darian Stone Slide 25

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