Bosnia-Herzegovina Genocide ... Bosnia-Herzegovina Genocide Camryn Saunders. Factors Political: The

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Text of Bosnia-Herzegovina Genocide ... Bosnia-Herzegovina Genocide Camryn Saunders. Factors Political: The

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina Genocide Camryn Saunders

  • Factors


    The death of the leader Broz Tito threatened to split union apart

    Soloban Milosevic started resurfacing problems between the different ethnic groups

  • Economic:

    Slovenia and Croyia declared independence from Yugoslavia resulting in civil war

    The un fairness in power between several different groups and the government

  • Social:

    The society was composed of ethnic and religious groups that had been historical rivals.

    The society was also made of bitter enemies like the Serbs, Croats, Albanians

  • Geographic:

    Several countries where emerged together to form Yugoslovia.

    Countries demanded independence which lead to civil war.

  • Groups responsible The Serbs were responsible for the genocide

    Slobodan Milosevic resurfaced tensions

  • What would happen Men would rape Muslim girls and women

    If you were a Muslim boy or man you would be shot on the spot or taken to death sites.

  • Survival People will move away

    There were camps made with peacekeepers but they didn't have guns so the protection was very limited

  • Preventable?

    if the leader didn't raise problems of the different ethnic groups

    If there people didn't declare independence

  • Other countries response Under president George Bush he didn't get the military involved but recognize the independence.

    After they held trials similar to the Nuremberg trials

  • Affects 80% Bosnians killed

    The anger didn't completely vanish and there is still anger and the idea of revenge

  • Summary

    Muslim ladies were raped or sexually abused while the men were killed by the subbed due to hatred of the different ethnic groups. The genocide happened 1980-2007 in young logia, bosnia.