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3 and 4 day tours of Kells, County Meath

Text of Book of Kells Experiece

  • 1 The Book of Kells Experience.Meath Where the Magic Still Lingers. 085 163 6453

  • 2 The Book of Kells Experience.Meath Where the Magic Still Lingers. 085 163 6453

    KellsKells is a delightful small town with one of the very best collections of the sculpture and buildings of the early Christians,

    A colony of Monks from Iona sought refuge in Kells around the the 9th Century. Kells is a much sought after destination today, though usually by choice ..

    Teach Cuailgne B & B, Kells & Teltown House, Navan

    Book of Kells 3 day experience280 pps (3 nights' B&B accommodation)

    Book of Kells 4 day experience330 pps (4 nights' B&B accommodation)

    Hotel Supplement3 day tour - 4 day tour -

    Prices include accommodation, afternooon at Causey Farm, all meals, guided tours and entry fees.

    Guided tours include visits to St. Colmcille's Monastic Site, Spire of Loyd, St. Ciaran's Well, Loughcrew Cairns, Tailteann Games Site, Clonabreany Cemetary and the Hill of Tara.

    Transport is available at extra cost if required.

    Book now 085 163 6453 or

    W elco me! O n arrival you will have an early dinner at the Vanilla Pod then settle in your B & B.

    Day-1(Ho meoftheBook) Lucy or Oliver, your entertaining

    guides, will m eet with you after

    breakfast at the B & B. Visit the

    M onastic site founded by St. Colmcille. The round tower and

    Celtic Crosses are set adjacent to

    St. Colmcille's House, w here the

    m agnificently illuminated Book of

    Kells is reputed to have been


    Picnic lunch, followed by a visit to

    the Spire of Loyd, a folly rese mbling

    a lighthouse built in 1791. On a

    clear day, the view stretches to the

    surrounding 5 counties.

    Visit the High Crosses near the village

    of Carnaross, and test the curative

    po wer of w ater fro m St. Ciarans

    W ell and the High Crosses.

    Dinner at the Ground Floor, followed by an evening of m usic and

    storytelling with local history

    enthusiast, Ge m m a M c Go wan.

  • 3 The Book of Kells Experience.Meath Where the Magic Still Lingers. 085 163 6453

    Day-2(AncientW a ys)This m orning you will be guided up to Loughcrew Hills. A group of about 30 Neolithic

    cha mbered cairns, one of w hich includes the Hag's Chair, a large stone bearing a cross

    carving, w here you can take a seat and m ake a wish. Light lunch at the lovely Loughcrew

    Coffee House.

    Get in touch with your Inner culchie with an afternoon at Causey Far m. Cut turf, milk a

    co w, bake brown bread, bodhrn playing and m uch m ore besides.

    A w ell deserved dinner at the Railway Bar, followed by in-house entertain ment.

    Day-3(OldPalacesandVictorians)Visit the old Victorian, but ne wly refurbished W aterworks in Kells. Dating back to 1897, see

    ho w advanced the engineering w as at that time, and see, hear and feel the old hydro turbines


    Mid m orning sees a visit to Clonabreany Ce metery and Holy W ell with a light lunch at

    Clonabreany House.

    Spend the afternoon at Tailteann House and w alk about the surrounding area, ho me of the

    Tailteann Ga mes. Afternoon tea with Renee Clarke of Tailteann House.

    Day-4(OptionalFun)W hy end the fun? Head off to the Hill of Tara (optional) with Lucy or Oliver, former seat to

    the High Kings of Ireland.

    After tea & scones in M aguires at the Hill of Tara, opt for a tee of a different sort at Headfort

    Golf Club or enjoy a spot of fishing all pre-organised by your trusty guide.


  • 4 The Book of Kells Experience.Meath Where the Magic Still Lingers. 085 163 6453

  • 5 The Book of Kells Experience.Meath Where the Magic Still Lingers. 085 163 6453

    Boyne Valley Let History Surprise You

    The M onastery of Colmcille endured nu merous invasions through the centuries, but

    w as rebuilt each time. Colmcilles House is the m ain feature of the settle ment,

    because of its close relationship to The Book of Kells.

    Ho wever, the Round tower boasts the unusual aspect of 5 windo ws in its top storey,

    apparently pointing to each entrance to the town. If it w ere today, a 6th windo w

    w ould be required, as the recently opened M 3 m otorway has m ade Kells and the

    surrounding Boyne Valley significantly m ore accessible.

    In contrast to the time w hen the m onks w ere looking out for the ene my, the people of

    Kells love to have visitors in their lovely Heritage Town. The Book of Kells experience

    offers guests an insight to w hat w ent before with guided visits to prehistoric sites,

    travelling up through the years to m ore recent history with m anual m ethods of country

    living, w ell established co mfortable acco m m odation to m odern cuisine.

    Though History is the m ain the me of the Book of Kells experience; Lucy, a m e m ber of

    the Kells Archaeological & Historical Society and Oliver, a qualified National Tour guide,

    lead entertaining and informative tours, w hilst Ge m m a, a Kells native w ho w orked in

    Tourism for m any years at Trim Castle is great girl to tell a story. These stories can be

    backed up over the full Irish breakfast at either Teltown House B&B with Renee or Teach

    Cuailgne B&B with Peggy. Both houses are within a 5 minute drive to the centre of

    Kells and the ladies will also be delighted to provide information on alternative activities

    in the area. These include; horse riding, horse racing, handball, swi m ming, golf, fishing

    and tennis.

    The Book of Kells guest has the opportunity to m ake a wish on the Hags Chair during

    their stay -a specially tailored return visit to Kells and the Boyne Valley. That wish m ay

    just co me true............

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