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Blowing Bubbles #37 (West Ham United v Crystal Palace 20/04/14)

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In this issue: *Are there any summer bargains to be had? *Warning to Gold & Sullivan: Don't mess with our identity *Five Championship players we should sign *Why we shouldn't take Palace lightly *Looking back on a season of highs and lows Edited by a team of journalists, we aim to inform, entertain and unite West Ham fans across the globe with our easy-to-read, well-designed & professional fanzine. Our publication is available to read for FREE the Friday before home games to give people something to read on their computer, mobile phone or tablet on their way to Upton Park. You can have a hard copy of every future issue of Blowing Bubbles posted through your door before you leave for Upton Park. E-mail [email protected] for details.

Text of Blowing Bubbles #37 (West Ham United v Crystal Palace 20/04/14)

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    The Number One West Ham United eFanzine! Print Mobile Online

    Are there any summer bargains to be had?

    Warning to Gold & Sullivan: Dont mess with our identity

    Five Championship players we should sign

    Why we shouldnt take Palace lightly

    Looking back on a season of highs and lows

    & much more


    News Editor Alex Shilling is partial to a bit of the 1980 FACup Final jersey, Lucy Woolford likes the 2000 shirt, andTales from the Sandpit writer and myself love donning the1986 top. What is your favourite retro West Ham Unitedshirt? And, more importantly, do you love to bephotographed in it as happily as I do?

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    Our competition closes at 11.59pm on Saturday 26April 2014 so dont delay, enter today!

    Turning to this weekends clash and I am fearful ofPalace. At the start of the season, I felt we would take sixpoints from the Eagles but under Pulis, they haveimpressed me. Having said that, if we can take the game tothem and play with a high tempo, I believe we will haveenough to secure a 2-0 victory. Enjoy the game!

    EDITOR: David BlackmoreNEWS EDITOR: Alex ShillingCONTRIBUTORS: Daniel Ford,Toby Fry, Tim Holland, AndrewHosie, Thomas Johnson, MattSanter, Julian Shea, BrianWilliams, Lucy Woolford

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    (c) Blowing BubblesDavid BlackmoreEditor

  • Its a nice feeling toessentially be home andhosed this season with a fewgames to spare, particularlyhaving had such a lacklustrestart to the calendar year.

    Discontent with ourachievements can perhapsnow become a distantmemory, with everything nowseeming to be on the vergeof rosy. Being in a fortunateenough position to be

    planning for another term inthe Premier League, allattention will now be turningto who we can bring in tostrengthen the squad fornext season.

    Big Sam will also bemindful that more of apurposeful finish to2014/15 is vital inpreparation for the muchanticipated (or dreaded)stadium move.

    So where can we look andwhat sort of players do weneed? The obvious initialports of call would be thoseclubs in immediate danger ofrelegation, with Sunderlandbeing a fairly good place tostart.

    Adam Johnson just cannotseem to settle anywheresince leaving Middlesbrough,but for a handful of inspiredperiods for Manchester City

    Matt Santer

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    BargainBasement: Whowould be worthsnapping up?

  • and this year for the BlackCats.

    He has recently beenmooting his worth in theEngland set-up, but this hasbeen beaten down by someas a delusion of grandeurhaving mostly been a non-starter for Gus Poyet.

    There is, however,absolutely no doubting thatJohnson has talent inabundance.

    Perhaps he has beenlacking a manager with thetenacity to bring it out on aregular basis.

    Steven Caulker was a boldpurchase for Cardiff City oncepromoted and the defenderwas immediately given thecaptains armband at thetender age of 21.

    A reported price tag inexcess of 8million, thetowering centre-half has beenpart of a well-financed Cardiffside this season.

    He has the attributes toplay a major part at a mid-table club, which is why hecould provide yet moreexcellent cover at the backfor us with a footballing brainbeyond his years.

    Bradley Johnson is a playerI think fits the mould of aplayer favoured by Big Sam;hard working, adventurouswith the ball and powerful.

    His performance at theweekend was outstanding,

    with a Hollywood pass overthe Fulham defence being ahighlight. His Norwich teamwas not rewarded with a win,but he is doing his marketvalue no damage whatsoevershould they not avoidrelegation.

    His game oozes energy,and having entered the worldin Hackney he might just betempted with a move to EastLondon.

    Wilfried Bony has doneeverything humanly possibleto help Swansea stay awayfrom the drop, notching animpressive 17 goals. The Swans should havebeen well out of sight by now,but a dip in form and asacked manager has leftthem dangerously close tothe bottom-three.

    Would he provide a goodenough strike partner forAndy Carroll, or does ourtowering, long-haired Geordieprefer cutting a loan figure?

    Regardless, we needserious reinforcements inattacking positions, so theIvorian could be a decentoption.

    Diego Poyet, son of thefamous Uruguayan Gus, wasrumoured to be a target forus on the back of his displaysfor Charlton in theChampionship this season.

    The Spanish-born 19-yearold is a creative and

    composed holding midfielder,perhaps not quite ready forthe Premier League butcertainly a strong prospectfor the next few years.

    I think a lot of our successwill depend on the approachtaken by both the executiveand footballing managementtowards youth development,with a view to creating astrong and preferably Englishsquad for our move toStratford.

    Signings from relegatedclubs can go either way forthe purchaser, either adeflated player with hisenergy spent or a hungrywinner, determined to provehimself despite his sidedropping out of the league.

    The danger with recruitingfrom beneath the top flightcan present the sameproblem, with time neededfor them to find their feet.

    In any case we are notexactly renowned for pullingin show stoppers, a patternwhich needs to change andfast if we have any hope ofambitiously broaching theEuropean spots.

    What good is a 55,000-seater stadium with moreempty seats than fans insideit?

    Follow me on [email protected]

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  • Talk about knowing how tostart rumours. On themorning of April 9, WestHam co-owner David Goldtweeted his views on the Hullrenaming issue: If the fansand owner of Hull wish tochange there name, on whatbasis does the FA refuse?After all the club belongs tothe fans not the FA.

    Given that vice-chairmanKarren Brady had previously

    said that she loved the ideaof calling the club West HamOlympic after the OlympicStadium move asuggestion promptly shotdown by the powers that be Golds comment provokeda flurry of replies.

    Although he did not expandon his tweet with furtherdiscussion, the strength ofopinion generated showedthe importance of a clubs

    identity in the eyes of manyfans.

    With many teams acentury or more old, theirmodern-day incarnationshave left most of their rootslong behind, so badges,names and colours areamong the few remainingsignificant connections withthe past, hence being suchtouchy subjects.

    Julian Shea

    For more articles like this, read Julians column for Club Metro

    Hammers andTigers takenote: Dontmess with aclubs identity

  • The way Vincent Tandecided that Cardiffs blueand white kit, worn since1910, was merely anaccessory which could bechanged for the Malaysian (Ihate using this word in afootball context) marketshowed he might as well befrom Mars as from Malaysia,for all his understanding offan culture and thinking.

    The fact Bluebirds (for thatis what they are) fans displaytheir blue and white scarvesas a gesture ofdissatisfaction sums upperfectly how wrong he hasgot it. The case of AssemAllam in Hull is slightlydifferent, but has descendedinto similar acrimony.

    Taking over and supportinghis adopted home towns clubwas the latest in a series offrequent philanthropic

    gestures, but the way he hastried to railroad through thename change by threateningto withdraw his support hascaused huge ill-feeling,overshadowing the teamsbuild-up to their first FA Cupfinal appearance.

    Badges, colours andemblems are not just bits ofdecoration like wallpaper, tobe altered whenever peopleget the urge.

    They matter, they are keyto a clubs, and a fans,identity.

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