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Bill Moss Town Centre Manager About Maidstone Where mid Kent What Kent’s County Town Population 135,000 people Biggest shopping centre in Kent 1.25m

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Text of Bill Moss Town Centre Manager About Maidstone Where mid Kent What Kent’s County Town...

  • Bill MossTown Centre Manager

  • About MaidstoneWhere mid KentWhat Kents County TownPopulation 135,000 peopleBiggest shopping centre in Kent 1.25m sq ft of retail spaceBiggest NTE in Kent 420,000 sq ft8.5% shop vacancy rate660 face to face businesses

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  • Marketing your enterprisePublicity is your lifebloodAppear bigger than you areBe the first name on the invite listBe available to peopleGive opinions-dont be afraid

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  • Last WordMaidstone is a successful town because we talk to each other

    Your enterprise can be a part of this success

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