Better Cleaning with Microfiber - RJ Schinner Better Cleaning. Microfiber removes 99% more bacteria

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Text of Better Cleaning with Microfiber - RJ Schinner Better Cleaning. Microfiber removes 99% more bacteria

  • Healthcare Facilities ~ Foodservice Facilities Schools ~ Office Buildings ~ Hotels


    Sustainable Solutions

    Better Cleaning with Microfiber Safer, More Ergonomic • More Green • Better Value

  • Better Cleaning. Microfiber removes 99% more bacteria than traditional cleaning methods. Split fibers create sharp edges which grab more bacteria, dust and dirt particles. Made from top of the line synthetic fiber, Wilen’s microfiber is extremely durable and can be laundered hundreds of times.

    More Green

    Because the fibers are more effective, less chemicals and water are needed.

    Better Value.

    All things considered, microfiber cleaning costs less. Its durable fibers last longer and require less investment in labor, water and chemicals.

    Bacteria, Dust Dirt, Debris, etc.

    Better Cleaning with Microfiber Microfiber products offer many advantages over traditional cleaning. When used properly, microfiber can significantly reduce the risk of cross contamination.

    Safer, More Ergonomic. Microfiber mops and tools weigh over 60% less and are much more maneuverable.

  • Microfiber Cloths, Mitts & Dusters

    Glassic™ Microfiber Cloth

    This 16" x 16" cloth is perfect for cleaning soap, grease or finger

    prints from windows, mirrors and polished metal surfaces. Leaves

    a streak-free finish. Can be laundered five times more than 100%

    cotton towels.

    Supremo™ Microfiber Cloths

    Large 16" x 16" high-quality cleaning cloths are great for dusting and cleaning all

    types of surfaces. Color-coded to ensure proper usage.

    Use wet or dry. Cloths weigh 45 grams and contain

    70% polyester and 30% polyamide.

    Standard Microfiber Cloths

    These economical cloths measure 16" x 16"

    and are ideal for all-purpose cleaning.

    Cloths weigh 30-35 grams and contain

    80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

    Heavy-Duty Dusting Mitt

    Ideal tool for dusting contoured

    surfaces. Dust using either side.

    Supremo™ Duster

    Extendable handle reaches from 26” to 46”. Microfiber

    strands maximize surface area. Removable sleeve for

    easy laundering!

    Microflex™ Duster

    Flexible thin foam frame allows effective cleaning in tight, hard-to-reach areas.

    Frame accepts a hand-held handle or either one of our Pro Flat Mop handles for

    high area cleaning. Microfiber refills provide durability and long product life.

    Simply rinse away dirt with water after every use.

    Duster refill available separately.

  • Velcro® Dust Mop Adaptor works

    with our Swivel Snap Frames, as

    well as other standard dust mop frames.

    Use these adaptors to transition from standard dust mops to high-performance

    Microfiber Dust Mops, using the same frames and handles. Use with Microlooped

    Velcro® Dust Mops.

    The Duraloop Wet Mop offers all the benefits of

    microfiber in the form of a traditional looped-end mop.

    Picks up twice as much liquid as a traditional mop.

    Use with Jaws type handles.

    Microlooped Microfiber

    Velcro & Canvas Backed

    Dust Mops pick up dirt

    and dust electrostatically.

    These mops are more

    efficient and last longer than

    typical cotton/blended dust mops.

    Available with both keyhole and

    hook and loop backing.





    The ability to pick up twice as much dirt as a 100% cotton, looped-end dust mop

    makes the Microlooped Dust Mop a great performer. Can also be used as a wax

    application mop. Fits any

    conventional dust mop


    Super Sorb Tube Mop offers all the benefits of

    microfiber in the form of a traditional looped-end mop.

    Features excellent absorbency and superior scrubbing

    power. 5" wide headband.




    3-Piece Microfiber Handle

    Our new 3-piece handle is easy to assemble,

    sturdy and durable.

    Stirrup Head Adaptor

    This adaptor accepts a Microfiber Tube Mop, or any

    traditional wet mop, with a flat mop handle.

    Microfiber Dust & Wet Mopping

    Microfiber Frames & Handles

    Pro™ Flat Mop Handles are made of lightweight, long-lasting aluminum that will not rust or corrode. Twist-lock mechanism

    extends handle from 39" to 60". Available in extendible (C714000) and 60" fixed (C714060) sizes.




  • AggressorTM Microfiber Scrubbing Refill removes stuck-on debris that standard

    Microfiber Flat Mops cannot.

    The Duster™ Microfiber Refill is specially designed to attract dust much like a

    cut-end dust mop. Has the strength and durability of microfiber. Use to pick larger

    particles before damp mopping or disinfecting. Can be laundered 100 to 150 times.

    Super Pro™ Finish Mop Microfiber Refills are constructed of looped-end, high-

    wet modulus rayon blend yarn for quick, controlled liquid release. Unlike conventional

    finishing mops, 100% of the floor finish is released for better productivity and less

    chemical wasted.

    Microfiber Flat Mops



    FastMop™ Microfiber provides

    all of the cleaning benefits of microfiber without the need to launder. Ideal for

    facilities concerned about cross-contamination. Each mop contains 30% microfiber

    and cleans between 430 to 650 square feet. Mops come in 16” and 18” sizes and

    are available as refills or in convenient Starter Kits which include 150 Mops and

    one Adaptor Pad.



    Super Pro II™ Microfiber Refills are made of 100% microfiber and are

    launderable up to 500 times. Looped-end construction and Perma- Stitch sewn

    border guarantee extreme durability.

    Hook and loop attachment

    for easy installation and

    removal. Use for damp or

    dry mopping. Available

    in blue, green, red

    and yellow.

    Super Pro II™ Microfiber w/Scrub Refills are cut-end

    to penetrate into cracks and crevices in the floor. Features

    polyester fibers for scrubbing and removing scuff marks.

    Launder up to 500 times. Hook and loop backing.

    Can be used damp or wet. Available in blue,

    green, red and yellow.


    The Pro II™ Flat Mop Frame has a lightweight design that dramatically improves

    labor productivity. Trapezoid head effectively cleans corners and edges. 360° swivel

    attachment for maneuvering in tight areas. Handle Locking Clip to secure handle to

    frame connector. Designed to compliment our line of Microfiber refills.

    Auto Discharge Mop Frame has a universal swivel joint with a cross-pin and lock-

    ing collar for a positive lock. Ultrasonically welded Velcro® strips provide a sure grip

    for Microfiber Flat Mops.



    FastMop™ Adaptor Pad allows our FastMop™ Microfiber Mops to be used with

    any standard flat mop frame. These pads provide smooth, even surface contact for

    efficient cleaning. Available in 16” and 18” sizes.



    Place clean refill on perforated screen. Attach bottom of Auto Discharge Microfiber frame to refill.

    Place refill in Microfiber Solution Bucket and let the refill absorb enough liquid to allow for a ten minute dwell time on the floor.

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    Six Step System

    Solution Bucket • Comes with a durable, snap-on screen to remove excess chemical solution from the microfiber mop.

    • Screen has sturdy center support gusset to prevent screen deflection.

    • Molded-in graduations in both US gallons and metric liters for ease of use; total capacity is 5 gal (20L).

    Discharge Bucket • Is designed to accommodate between 12 and 18 microfiber flat mops.

    Solution Bucket (CB-5YW) and Discharge Bucket (SB-5YW) ‘lock’ together to create a single unit for increased stability and ease of use.

    Universal swivel joint has cross-pin and ferrule nut connector for a secure and positive lock, fits both telescopic or fixed length aluminum mop handles.

    • Patented

    Ultrasonically welded Velcro strips will not pull away over time and provide a sure grip for the Microfiber flat mops.

    Designed to work with the industry standard 20" Microfiber flat mops, the ErgoWorx® Auto-Discharge Mop Frame is made from super-tough, glass filled nylon for strength and durability, as well as chemical resistance.



    Soiled/contaminated microfiber mops are released into the Discharge Bucket via a unique, exclusive process.

    Microfiber Mopping Systems

    Built-in hooks to hold mops.

    Fitted Laundry Net Bag enables easy removal of soiled/contaminated microfiber mops. Made of 100% polyester

    net with a drawstring lock closure.


    Eliminates Cross Contamination!

  • Place refill on perforated screen to allow excess liquid to be removed from refill.

    Start from farthest corner of the room, away from the door or entrance and begin flat mopping in an “S” pattern, keeping the dirt beh