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Text of Benoit Gosselin - CV - November Gosselin... CV,!Benoit!Gosselin! 3! April!2015!

  • Benoit  Gosselin     Director,  Biomedical  Microsystems  Lab   IEEE  EMB/CAS  Chapter  Chair,  Quebec  Section   Dept.  of  Electrical  and  Computer  Eng.,  Université  Laval   1065,  avenue  de  la  Médecine,     Québec  (Québec)  G1V  0A6,  Canada  

    Curriculum  vitae  

    Phone:  +1  (418)  656-­‐2131  ext.  3555   Fax:  +1  (418)  656-­‐3159  



    2004-­‐2009   École  Polytechnique  de  Montréal   Ph.D.,  Electrical  Engineering   Thesis  Advisor:  Professor  Mohamad  Sawan   Title  of  Thesis:  Mixed-­‐signal  circuits  and  microsystems  for  wireless  neural  recording   applications    

    2002-­‐2004   École  Polytechnique  de  Montréal   M.  SC.,  Electrical  Engineering    

    1997-­‐2001   École  Polytechnique  de  Montréal   B.  Ing.,  Electrical  Engineering,  with  honors  


    2010-­‐   Université  Laval   Associate  Professor  2015-­‐   Assistant  Professor  2010-­‐2015   Research  in  smart  biomedical  microsystems  within  the  Department  of  Electrical  and   Computer  Engineering    

    2010   Georgia  Institute  of  Technology   Post  Doctoral  Fellow   Designed  and  tested  the  first  integrated  tongue  drive  system  at  the  GT-­‐Bionics  Lab   under  supervision  of  Director  Maysam  Ghovanloo    

    2009   PMC-­‐Sierra  Inc.,  Montreal  Design  Center   Mixed-­‐Signal  Layout  Designer   Development  of  integrated  building  blocks  for  a  GPON  in  CMOS  65  nm  and  45  nm  

  • CV,  Benoit  Gosselin   2   April  2015  

    2007-­‐2009   École  Polytechnique  de  Montréal   Lecturer   Development  and  teaching  of  a  course  in  analog,  digital  and  mixed  signal  electronics  for   fourth  year  and  graduate  students      

    2002-­‐2009   École  Polytechnique  de  Montréal   Research  Assistant  

      Advisor:  Professor  Mohamad  Sawan    

    2002-­‐2008   École  Polytechnique  de  Montréal   Laboratory  instructor   Development  and  teaching  of  a  course  in  digital  electronics  for  fourth  year  students      

    2001   Defence  Research  Establishment  Ottawa   Defence  Research  assistant   Development  of  digital  signal  processing  core  for  military  satellite  communications    

    HONORS  AND  AWARDS   2015   G.  Gagnon-­‐Turcotte,  Mitacs  Award  for  Outstanding  Innovation  –  Master’s  

    2015   Best  Paper  Award,  IEEE  BioCAS’15  Conference,  2nd  place  (G.  Gagnon-­‐Turcotte,  Y.   LeChasseur,  C.  Bories,  Y.  De  Koninck  and  B.  Gosselin)  

    2015   Best  New  Chapter  Award,  IEEE  EMBS  Chapter,  Quebec  Section  

    2014   Best  Student  Poster  Award,  4th  place,  MEDTEQ  Forum,  Quebec  City  (G.  Gagnon-­‐Turcotte   and  B.  Gosselin)  

    2014   Finalist  for  the  Best  Student  Paper  Award,  IEEE  BioCAS’14  Conference  (S.A.  Mirbozorgi,   R.  Ameli,  M.  Sawan,  and  B.  Gosselin)  

    2014   Best  Student  Paper  Award,  3rd  place,  IEEE  NEWCAS’14  Conference  (H.  Sepehrian,  S.A.   Mirbozorgi,  and  B.  Gosselin)  

    2010   Finalist  for  the  NSERC  Howard-­‐Alper  Postdoctoral  Award   Best  Electrical  and  Computer  Eng.  candidate  

    2010   NSERC  Postdoctoral  Fellowship,  $40,000  per  year,  Rank  1st  in  Electrical  and  Computer   Eng.  

    2010   FQRNT  Postdoctoral  Fellowship,  $30,000  per  year,  Rank  1st  in  Electrical  and  Computer   Eng.  (declined)  

    2009   Finalist  for  the  Best  2008-­‐2009  Ph.D.  Thesis  Award,  École  Polytechnique  de  Montréal  

    2005-­‐2008   NSERC  Postgraduate  Scholarship,  $21,000  per  year  

    2004-­‐2007   FQRNT  Doctoral  Research  Scholarship,  $20,000  per  year  (declined)  

    2006   Royal  Bank  of  Canada  Scholarship,  $3,300  

  • CV,  Benoit  Gosselin   3   April  2015  

    2005   TD  Canada  Trust  Scholarship,  $5,000  

    2001   QIT  Fer  et  Titane  Scholarship,  $1,500  

    2000   Louis  Courville  Award,  $500  

    PARTICIPATION  IN  RESEARCH  NETWORKS  AND  RESEARCH  CENTERS     2015-­‐   Laval  University  Research  Center  

    Research  Center  in  Big  Data  Processing  

    2015-­‐   FRQS  Research  Center   Center  for  Interdisciplinary  Research  in  Rehabilitation  and  Social  Integration  (CIRRIS)  

    2011-­‐   FRQ-­‐NT,  Strategic  cluster   Microsystems  Strategic  Alliance  of  Quebec  (ReSMiQ)   (Theme  Leader:  Biomedical  circuits  and  systems)  

    2012-­‐   FRQ-­‐NT,  Strategic  cluster   Research  Center  in  Radio  Frequency  Electronics  (CREER)  

      SELECTED  RESEARCH  GRANTS   see  appendix  for  complete  list     2016-­‐2017   Weston  Brain  Institute,  Rapid  Response   $150,000  (2  professors)   2015-­‐2018   NSERC/CIHR,  Collaborative  Health  Research  Projects   $750,000  (3  professors)   2015-­‐2019   CFI,  Innovation  Fund   $1,700,610  (8  professors)   2015   MITACS,  Accelerate   $15,000   2015   NSERC,  Engage  Grant   $25,000   2014-­‐2018   CFI,  John  R.  Evans  Leaders  Fund   $416,500   2014   Laval  University,  Installation  fund   $25,000   2014   FRQ-­‐NT,  Strategic  cluster   $20,000  (4  professors)   2014   NSERC,  Engage  Plus  Grant   $25,000   2014   SOVAR,  Research  contract   $13,000   2014   NSERC,  Engage  Grant   $25,000   2013   CRIUCPQ,  Research  contract   $9,400   2013   NSERC,  Engage  Grant   $25,000   2012   NSERC,  Engage  Grant   $25,000   2012-­‐2013   FRQ-­‐NT,  New  researchers  start-­‐up  program   $87,000   2011-­‐2015   NSERC,  Discovery  Grant   $125,000   2010   Laval  University,  Start-­‐up  fund   $40,000      

  • CV,  Benoit  Gosselin   4   April  2015  

    GRADUATE  AND  RESEARCH  STAFF  SUPERVISION   see  appendix  for  complete  list         Current   Completed     Supervisor   Co-­‐supervisor   Supervisor   Co-­‐supervisor   MSc   5     5   3   PhD   6   1   5     PostDoc   1     1     Reas.  Assist.       2     Undergrad.  Interns   2     18   3       MOST  SIGNIFICANT  RESEARCH  CONTRIBUTIONS   see  appendix  for  complete  list  

    Low-­‐power  integrated  circuits  for  bioinstrumentation     120   citations,   listed   in   the   top   10   accessed   documents   of   the   IEEE   Transactions   on  

    Biomedical   Circuits   and   Systems   during   2008-­‐2009,   Best   Paper   Award   at   the   2014   IEEE   NEWCAS  Conference,  and  three  invention  disclosures  

    16-­‐channel  Integrated  Neural  Interface     180  citations,  listed  in  the  top  10  cited  papers  of  the  IEEE  Transactions  on  Biomedical  Circuits  

    and  Systems  

    Ultra-­‐low-­‐power  integrated  circuits  for  neural  signal  processing     140   citations,   published   in   a   special   issue  of   the   IEEE  Transactions  on  Neural   Systems  and  

    Rehabilitation  Engineering  with  the  work  of  other  prominent  int’l  leaders  

    Tongue  drive  system:  A  wireless  and  wearable  assistive  technology   Includes   several   circuit   innovations   that   were   reported   in   top   IEEE   journals   and   I