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Bennville Females

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Bennville Limousin Females

Text of Bennville Females

  • AFA 1X Loorals X-act 2011AFA 2P Klint LicoriceAFA 4S Schoenes MaedchenAFA 8 X Sabrina (TMF)AFA 11K Bucky Mary,dam of 11XAFA 34 U 2011AFA 46R Reila (Moose)AFA 46U Love MeBennville 2WCopy (1) of ElmgroveWyatt AGE 16Wcoverall and yardGSLF polled Luv 01HIMG_2923IMG_5092IMG_5096IMG_5097IMG_5104IMG_5150IMG_5151IMG_5155Kudos2008Old Licorice 2009pasture scene 2011Pina Colada 2011Strudel Genesis 17SUltimate Poll Mary granddam of 11x

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