Behaviourism Cognitivism Constructivism Learning Theory.

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  • BehaviourismCognitivismConstructivismLearning Theory

  • BehaviourismSkinner. Early c20AntecedantBehaviourConsequence-+

  • Newcastle United Football ClubStimulus

    0 = x2 + 3x + 2Newcastle United Football Club0 = x2 + 3x + 2Response

    X=-1,-2Aarrgghh !!Ha !Haway the lads !after learningBehaviourism

  • BehaviourismThe FactsSkinner defined learning as change in observable behaviourClasses of behaviour (1) operant (2) respondentEvidence of learning outcomes only measurable from students behaviourNo consideration of mental processes involvedLearning happens when a correct response is shown following the presentation of a stimulus.

  • BehaviourismToolbook demo

  • BehaviourismApplicationsDrill and practiceRecalling FactsUse of consequences HINTSChaining of complex behaviours - better in elementary school than HE, better in prison than in workplace ! (Driscoll)Personalised System of Instruction (PSI) Fred Keller (1968) - Modular degrees each with behavioural objectives. Emphasis on individual study.

  • Good SolutionsBehaviourism+A tricky exercisePartial SuccessHint, Encouragement+ExercisesExample Solution+ve Reinforcement

  • ExerciseSolution 1FeedbackSolution 2Solution 3+--BehaviourismShaping

  • Read RecipeWeigh out IngredientsBehaviourismChainingMix IngredientsForm PastaRaw PastaCooked Pasta

  • BehaviourismCognitivismConstructivismLearning Theory

  • CognitivismMid c20Information Processing ModelHuman mind functions line a computerGoal - Understanding of Human Mind

  • CognitivismThe FactsConcerned with internal processesSenses + lower levels of mind make representationsHigher levels of mind work on these symbols

  • CognitivismVisual SystemTop-down processingBottom-up processingImage dataPipe

  • CognitivismSymbol ProcessorPipeMouthHolmesTobaccoHealth WarningPiagetLearningTheory

  • CognitivismSchemasPipeDrinkingHolmesTobaccoHealth WarningPiagetLearningTheory


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