Beef Cattle Selection

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Beef Cattle Selection. California State Standards Animal Science Pathway D5.1 Evaluate a group of animals for desired qualities and discern among them for breeding selection. . Objective: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Beef Cattle Selection

Beef Cattle SelectionCalifornia State StandardsAnimal Science PathwayD5.1 Evaluate a group of animals for desired qualities and discern among them for breeding selection.

Objective:Students will be able to evaluate beef cattle for breeding, critique four beef heifers and generate a set of reasons for an Angus Heifer class.

Question of the Day:What hybrid did we create in class yesterday?What pure bred (inbred) did we create yesterday?

How would you choose only 4?

Beef Cattle Basics

Female= Cow (older than 3 years)Heifer (Younger than 3 years)Male=BullThis is a certain breed of beef cattle (ANGUS). Holsteins are a breed, not a gender. Cattle arent bred until around 14 months, so heifers are cows who have had one or less calf.4Evaluating Breeding Beef Cattle3 traits to evaluate:Conformation/ SoundnessVolume/CapacityMuscling

Based on the general term of beef cattle, what do you think the main purpose of BEEF cattle are? (TPS) Marbles: the intramuscular fat= tasty tasty5ConformationThe skeletal and muscular structure of an animal.

Good conformationBad conformation

ConformationIncludes:Feet and LegsView from front, back, and side



3Which is Correct?Hold up your fingers-everyone8Topline

Level and even. No slope9Volume/CapacityWho can hold the most water?Length of bodyDepth of sideSpring of rib

Which one has more capacity?

12Fingers11MusclingWhere do you see muscle on a beef heifer?StifleRound/ Quarter

Overall width and depth

Please label your pictures as I label mine. Write all your notes down please.12

12Right off the bat, which one is heavier muscled (fingers)? 2, correct, now lets take a closer look at why.Please make the same notes I make on the board, this will help you to judge the class later.13Check for UnderstandingWhat are the 3 traits we are evaluating for in breeding beef cattle?

A) Muscle, Fat, Conformation

B) Structure, Capacity, Soundness

C) Conformation, Capacity, Muscle

1. Point at your notes where the answer is. Everyone put your finger on the answer! (then random call)14Checking for UnderstandWhat are the 3 things we look for to show us capacity?

A) Length, Weight, Width

B) Length, Depth, Spring of Rib

C) Spring of Rib, Width, DepthChecking for UnderstandingWhere are two places to look for muscling?

A) Leg & Stifle

B) Stifle & Round

C) Round & Loin

Place this class of coffee cups!

1423Correct Placing2 -1 -3 -4Set Your Paper Like This++++----4321ActivityUsing the qualities we just discussed (conformation, capacity, and muscling), please place the following 4 Angus heifers first through last and then give an explanation using comparisons. Example: Placing: 4-1-3-24 was the most capacious and had the best feet and leg structure. Additionally, she had the straightest, most level topline and was the widest at her stifle. 1 was also very capacious and had a level topline, however she was slightly more cow-hocked from behind and narrower at her stifle, so she went second. 3 was no where near as capacious as 1 or 4 because she was shallower through her ribs, even though she was level through her topline and stood on square feet and legs.2 simply couldnt compare with the class. She was the lightest muscled as shown through her quarter and has the least capacity since she was short bodied and narrow from topline to the bottom of her rib.

Important: you MUST include your explanation!


Please Type In Your PlacementUsing your whiteboards , please write out your placing.Start your class off with heifer that showed the best confirmation, capacity, and muscle and end with the heifer that had the lease confirmation, capacity, and muscle.

EXAMPLE : 1234 or 3241

Give a reason WHY you placed the cups 2-1-3-4

14237 Minute Wrap Up - ReasonsUsing your notes, explain WHY you placed the animals in that order.

Make sure you use the three key terms:ConfirmationCapacityMusclePair SharePlease turn to your partner and read your reasons out load.

Did you and your partner have the same outcome?Class Discussion / 7 Minute Wrap UpDid you and your partner have the same placing's?

What did your partner add in their reasons that you did not have in yours?

Did you place the class right?