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<ul><li><p>Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Tirana:Common places and different points</p><p>Georgia Voudouri Maria SfyrakiAngeliki Zervou Georgia PsychogyiouIlira AliajKaterina Papathanasiou </p></li><li><p>BARCELONA </p><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand</p></li><li><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand BARCELONA 1st period ( 1973-1979)</p><p>End of Francos dictatorshipPlan General Metropolitano de Ordenacin Urbana FAVB Residents association that gathered representatives from all areas of the cityOfficial use of the Catalan language, revitalization of folklore and other catalan traditionsBeginning of urban architectural projects and their implementation as a model of social cohesion and civic involvement</p></li><li><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand BARCELONA 2nd period ( 1979-1986)</p><p>1979 Mayor Narcis Serra i SerraBeginning of campaigns to motivate citizen participation in urban mattersA series of advertising campaigns and slogas , accompanied by urban images, buildings or representative monuments of the city -&gt; gradually inserted in the collective imaginary of Barcelona Definition of Areas of new centrality project by Joan Busquets: solutions to problems of diverse land use,disuse of spaces within neighborhoods and circulation problemsGradually increased interconnection and accesibility Decentralization- local urbanism and neighborhood cultural and social centres1984 Barcelona Olympic Office1985 launch of campaign Barcelona, ms que mai a B of optimistic colors, mediterranean, of Mir, that will unite and reinforce the strategy to raise the spirit and enthusiasm of citizens- Toni Puig -Asesor de Comunicacin del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona </p></li><li><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand BARCELONA [Source:]</p></li><li><p>3rd period (1986-1992)</p><p>1986 Spain enters the European UnionMayor Pasqual Maragall (1982-1997) -&gt; Introduction of the term Barcelona ModelLaunch of campaign Barcelona posat guapa One of the most representative campaigns of the Barcelona model : improvement of urban landscape (renovations, restorations etc) &amp; architectural heritage</p><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand BARCELONA </p></li><li><p>Preparation for the Olympic Games of 1992:Integration and production of public spacesContact with the sea, La Barceloneta, new beachesRegeneration of historical centerNew constructions by star architects</p><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand BARCELONA </p></li><li><p>4th period (1992-2004)</p><p>Broad study &amp; use of the term Barcelona model and rise of the BCN brandStrategic importance of the historical center as a symbolic space of cultural representationCCCB and MACBA in RavalCultural boom within the western european context, new museums and cultural centers by famous architects2004 Frum Universal de les CulturesThematic years: 2002 Any Gaudi, 2003 Any del disseny2000 Launch of campaign Fem-ho b</p><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand BARCELONA </p></li><li><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand BARCELONA </p></li><li><p>5h period (2004-today)Technology-Innovation-Smart economy, Culture, Sports, Fashion-DesignModification of Poble Nou area into 22@-The Innovation DistrictHigh concentration of new buildings by star architects Opening of the last part of Diagonal to reach the Forum area </p><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand BARCELONA </p></li><li><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand BARCELONA Strengthening cultural activities Thematic years: Any Cerd 2010New Disseny Hub Museum to open in Glories this yearLocal festivals- La MerceInternational festivals Primavera Sound, SnarWorld Mobile Capital World Mobile CongressWorking on the nomination for 2022 Winter Olympics</p></li><li><p>Financial support for the 3 fashion brands of Barcelona (Desigual, Custo Barcelona, Mango) + multiplication of storesIncubating business plans- Barcelona ActivaLegal structure for the uses of the denomination "Barcelona" - Barcelona City Council holds a suitable legal position in order to avoid abusive commercial uses(2011)Various campaigns: Barcelona batega, Visca Barcelona, Barcelona mimpulsa, Barcelona mescolta, Barcelona em connecta, Barcelona mobre al mn</p><p>[sources:,]</p><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand BARCELONA </p></li><li><p>From the Barcelona model to the BCN brand BARCELONA </p></li><li><p>DUBROVNIK: a brand's rebirth, from theory to practice.1991: Dubrovnik was bombarded during Croatian war of independance.Afterwards a question arose: how to relaunch Dubrovnik onto the West European tourism agenda.</p></li><li><p>The purpose: projection of a strong renewal brand image of Dubrovnik as a cherised World Heritage Site.Nigel Morgan, Annette Prichard, Roberd Pride, Destination Branding, creating the unique destination, proposition. 2002, pg. 121</p></li><li><p>Fact: The Old City of Dubrovnik IS enlisted to the UNESCO listof World Heritage Sites.UNESCO participates in the restoration of Dubrovnik. A large amound of moneyHelped the flourish of Dubrovnik.</p></li><li><p>Methodology: Five questions for city branding and Dubrovnik's answers!What do we want to be known for?How can we stand out from the crowd and be more competitive?What thoughts and feelings do we want to come to mind when people are exposed to our name?How can we gain improved results from our resources?Bill Baker, Destination Branding for Small Cities, 2nd Edition/2012, pg. 17</p></li><li><p>Dubrovnik NOW!</p></li><li><p>A new logo for DubrovnikFind the similarities between the logo and the image!</p></li><li><p>Continious movement: towards luxury accomodation and cruise tourism, an example of SWOT analysis</p></li><li><p></p></li><li><p>Aftermath and statistics1. In 2011 Dubrovnik was Tripadvisors' travellers' Choice Destinations Winner 2. Since 2010 the Dream World Cruise Destinations magazine ranked Dubrovnik tenth among 50 worlds most frequented ports and third on the Mediterranean, after Naples and Livorno. In early 2012 one of the major Internet portals in the U.S.A.,The Huffington Post, based on data from the tourism site Uptake founded by Yen Lee - ranked Dubrovnik as the second top destination chosen by Facebook users.</p></li><li><p>Tirana "Return to identity"Transformations in post-socialist cities and the Balkans reveal the transition from the socialist to the capitalist worldAlbania : a self-isolated country for almost 50 years. Hoxha's mistrust of a world in motion put Tirana in a freezerPublic spaces as every other aspect of people's lives were controlled, approved or rejected by the leaders of the totalitarian regime.Nationalism as a tool to keep the regime alive for 50 years.</p><p>Tirana before 1990</p></li><li><p>Tirana before 1990</p></li><li><p>Tirana before 1990</p></li><li><p>The transition from the socialist to the capitalist world</p><p>Political decentralisation : decision making transferred from the central to the local level (Tosics: 2005: 55)Furore of illegal barbaric constructions as an act of revenge for the regime of the past 50 years.Disrespecting everything that had to do with the commonsThe freedom that was won in 1990 brought about a state of anarchy in the city.The lose of hope for the city.</p><p>Lana river 1990-1999</p></li><li><p>Reidentifying the cityThe strategy for a succesful city branding should start from the inside. The city was in need of immediate and radical change.What do you do in a city where the citizens aren't necessarily by your side? The mayor had to resist and persist.StrategyIDENTITY : Get back to what was lost during the transitional periodIMAGE: "The city as a canvas""produced a series of exploitable images, either as well set urban sceneries, or as photographs, videos and advertisements. Through these images, urban renewal was presented to have a pedagogical character that could change the everyday life and the behaviour of the urban dwellers"ARCHITECTURE: "architects around the world were invited to experiment in Tirana, through a series of architectural competitions (among them the architectural competition for the masterplan of the centre, the competition for Scanderbeg Square) and workshops (such as the one of Berlage Institute)."Source:</p></li><li><p>Daring to bring the changeA series of international architectural and urban design competitionsPreserving historic center &amp; reconstructing public buildingsdemolition of illegal constructions in order to get public space backdemolition of 5.000 illegal buildings removing 123.000 tons of concrete from the riverbanks of Lana Planted 55.000 trees and established a green Tax</p><p>"Paint the town for hope"Artists from all over the world who would like to share their ideas and propose changes the use of colors in order to revive the hope that had been lost in the city Use of colors : not just an artistic art, it was a form of political action spalishing radiant colors on grey buildings </p></li><li><p>"Paint the town for hope"</p></li><li><p>"Paint the town for hope"</p></li><li><p>Difficulties during the projectSupport from external sources was not taken for grantedThe french EU official in charge of the founding had objections we will block the financing, because the colors you have ordered do not meet european standardsThe surroundings did not meet the european standards either Compromise in colors is grey.</p><p>Doubts from the citizensNoise and doubt raised up regarding the "weird"colors A poll with the question Do you want this action and the buildings painted like this?"37% answered NO A second question followedDo you want it to continue?50% of those who didn't like it, wanted it to continue.</p></li><li><p>Results of the project People started dropping less litter in the streets They started to pay taxes They remembered their city that for more than one decade had been forgotten that it belongs to them Beauty was acting as a guardsman, where municipal police was missing People considered the city is safier now, without the presence of police.</p><p>It's beautiful thus it's safe...</p><p>There are colors now, street lights, pavements.'s beautiful, its safe they said. Beauty giving the feeling of being protected Crime did fall It brought a different spirit and a different feel of how things can be done. </p></li><li><p>Tirana today</p></li><li><p>Creating several jobs for the citizens who worked on the projects Politics that have the citizens as a priorityGiving them the tools and the city as an opportunity for civic protagonismPeople were mobilized and transformed into activists and supported their mayor.Creation of a strong image and reputation of the cityThe new identity of the city based on the concept of trusting a politician and working with him but for themselves and their city</p><p>Further development"introducing the city into a global politico-economic network"genuine metamorphosis ideal for investors who wanted to relocate their businesses, due to remarkable structural changes (Mici, 2006: 83)</p><p>What was achieved</p></li><li><p>Awards &amp; recognitionEdi Rama named World Mayor in 2004 In January 2004 City Mayors launched the internet-based project World Mayor 2004. The aim was to raise the profile of mayors worldwide, as well as to honour those who have served their communities well and who have made contributions to the well-being of cities nationally and internationally. The most outstanding mayor was to be awarded the title World Mayor 2004. chosen by Time Magazine in 2005 as one of the "European Heroes", those who are changing the world for the better.Award by Kofi Annan in light of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty</p></li></ul>