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  • February/March 2015

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    Cover image courtesy of Brick Development Association.

    See page 12 for details

  • www.buildingconstructiondesign.co.uk2

    continuing professional developmentMaintaining and improving professional competence, skills, abilities and knowledge

    CD (UK) - The seminar is structured as follows: Developmentof Solid Surface from 1960s topresent day; Raw materials, adhesives and composition; SolidSurface characteristics and benefits;Manufacture: Sheet, Matrix sheetand shape product; Comparison ofSolid Surface characteristics; Fromproduction to fabrication process;Properties of Solid Surface;Architectural and Design possibilities; Current applications(visuals); Environmental considerations; Support, warrantyand service infrastructure.0113 201 2240 www.cdukltd.co.uk


    cpd focus

    Swish Building Products is one ofthe UKs leading suppliers of PVCroofline and cladding. Thisincludes fascias, bargeboards,window boards and trims, internaland external cladding, and rainwater. Swish is accredited withEnergy Management CertificationISO50001 in addition to theresponsible sourcing certificationBES6001, ISO9001, ISO14001and OHSAS18001. Swish holdsCPD Seminars focusing on sustainability and the low-mainte-nance benefits of cellular PVC.

    01827 317 200 www.swishbp.co.uk


    Eager to increase your knowledge ofacoustics, soundproofing insulationand Part E Acoustic BuildingRegulations? Then look no furtherthan Cellectas RIBA certifiedsound proofing insulations CPD.Covering the fundamental characteristics of Part E, and providing guidance on soundproof-ing all types of new build and refurbishment floors and walls,Cellectas CPD is an extremely valuable resource for all individualsinvolved in specification.

    0845 671 7174 www.cellecta.co.uk


    Sika Sarnafil is pleased toannounce the new RIBA approvedCPD for Sika Sarnafil entitledSelecting Effective and Secure FlatRoof Systems. This CPD introducesthe key components for a successfuland effective roof system, coveringdesign, materials and workmanship.An outline of additional areasincluded is below: typical application areas key factors in roof design andproduct selection

    key standards and guidelines sustainability typical challenges quality assurance history and group information

    For over 50 years Sika Sarnafil has provided high quality single ply roofing solutions, backed bydecades of expertise and marketleading guarantees. Sika Sarnafilsexemplary commitment to trainingis widely recognised in the roofingindustry, and this commitmentextends to the ContinualProfessional Development ofconstruction professionals. The companys range of RIBAaccredited CPD seminars supportspecifiers, contractors and clientsunderstanding of the issuessurrounding the specification ofsingle ply roofing. If you are looking for assistance for selectingan effective and secure flat roofsystem and require furtherinformation on this seminar pleasecontact Sika Sarnafil.

    01707 394444 sarnafilroofing@uk.sika.com


    Urban Front has announced itsWorkshop Tour, launching earlynext year. The workshop tour willrun for just over an hour and incorporate the following learningoutcomes: A good understanding ofhow a contemporary hardwooddoor is manufactured; a betterunderstanding of the types of hard-wood and their benefits; a goodability to interpret CADs used formanufacture; a better ability tospecify doors correctly; and anunderstanding of the various issuesrelated to making doors.

    01494 778787www.urbanfront.co.uk


    Zehnder, a leading manufacturer ofindoor climate solutions hasupdated its RIBA and CIBSEapproved Radiant Heating andCooling CPD as part of its on-going commitment to train andinform the Architectural,Engineering and ConstructionIndustry. The CPD seminarexplains the principles of radiantheating and cooling, how theyaffect comfort levels for buildingoccupants, and examines the usageand installation benefits of radianttechnology.

    01276 605800 www.zehnder.co.uk


    James LathamsCPDs on AcrylicBased Solid Surface and PerformanceDoor Blanks, have both been developed in conjunction with theRIBA. The performance door blanksCPD focuses on five key learningaims and addresses the concept andsignificance of performance doorblanks. The acrylic based solidsurface CPD provides a greaterunderstanding of this versatilematerial and its applications.

    0116 257 3415 www.lathams.co.uk


  • www.buildingconstructiondesign.co.uk

    Surface Design Show Preview; Ecobuild Show Preview


    Fila treatments take centre stage at SDS Natural surface care specialist, Fila will be showcasing its award-winning Green Line andnew innovative treatments at the Surface DesignShow 2015. Product focuses will include LEED-approved, solvent-free sealer FILAMP90 ECOPLUS which protects polished and unpolishedstone and polished porcelain, as well as Filas range

    of high performance cleaners. A new protective dirt-barrier FILASTOPDIRT will also be on show, demonstrating the breadth of Filas high performance range, which recently received ISO 14001 certification and is thenumber one surface care solution, recommended by 200 leading brands.

    01584 877286 www.filasolutions.com

    Schck launch Building Physics Handbook Pick up a free copy of the new Building PhysicsHandbook on Schcks Ecobuild stand. Itdeals with various aspects of thermal bridgesin buildings; the product solutions availableand how they meet demanding codes and reg-ulations. All based on independent perform-

    ance testing, to guarantee you verifiable thermal break technology you can trust.Schck features its unique Cool Fridge Model. See and feel a thermal break inaction by simulating the effects of thermal break elements in a realistic environ-ment. Products on show are the increasingly UK specified premium Isokorb solution the KXT and the tried and trusted Isokorb types K, KS and KST.

    01865 290 890 www.schoeck.co.uk

    AnconAncon, specialist in the design andmanufacture of high integrity steel struc-tural *xings, will introduce its newAcoustic range of cavity wall ties andshear load dowels at the UKs leadingsustainable construction event, Ecobuild2015. Having tackled various causesof cold bridging with innovative *xingsthat improve the thermal performanceof a building and reduce energy use,Ancon has now turned its attention toimproving the sound resilience of ourstructures. Visit Ancon on stand

    N3090 to see examples of all new products and to speak to a technicaladvisor about your projects and performance speci*cations.

    Tel: 0114 275 5224 www.ancon.co.uk

    TimeguardWherever you need an F.C.U (FusedConnection Unit), it makes sense to provide the added bene't ofenergy-saving time control with the(exibility of push-button manual over-ride and programmable On/Off timesespecially when all the functionality is encased in a single-gang unit and backed by the Timeguard 'veyear guarantee.

    For more information on TimeguardsF.C.U or any other products in the

    Timeguard range, please contact the company directly on the number belowor visit the website.

    Tel: 0208 452 1112 www.timeguard.com

    T: 023 9220 0669 E: sales@bio-bubble.com www.bio-bubble.com

    Advanced Aeration Ltd offer a full range of sewage treatment systems for domestic, commercial and industrial waste water applications and also for major water utilities. The environmentally friendly Bio-Bubble system produces a very high quality effluent suitable for re-use or, without any further treatment being applied, can discharge to a watercourse. Also, sludge waste production is far lower than conventional forms of treatment meaning far fewer tankers. Over the years, Bio-Bubble have continued to offer a robust solution to environmentally sensitive and specialist sites.

    Environmentally Friendly Wastewater treatment

    ecobuild stand no N3090

    ecobuild stand no N3040

    surface design show stand no 348


  • We know you dont stay ahead by standing still. To keep movingforward were always innovating; whether through new productdevelopment, process improvement or service enhancement.

    Innovation provides you with roong and cladding solutions that are as ground-breaking as they are practical and as valuable as theyare cost-eective. Put simply we innovate to provide products thatare relevant and useful to you.

    Some of our recent product innovations include Vieo, Opus,sinusoidal cladding, integrated solar panels, transpired solarcollectors, and a more ecient stainless steel halter for standingseam roofs.

    A culture of innovation is present throughout our supply chain, with Elite Systems using only Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra and ColorcoatPrisma from Tata Steel. These Colorcoat products come with theCondex Guarantee oering extended cover for up to 40 years onColorcoat HPS200 Ultra and up to 30 years on Colorcoat Prisma.Colorcoat products are certied to BES6001 Responsible Sourcingstandard.

    Opus is the new plank panel that isavailable as part of an Elite system, a LINEAR Rainscreen and a LINEARRai