Basic Editing

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Basic Editing. Show and Hide formatting Marks Select Text Create paragraphs without blank space between them Undo, redo, and repeat recent actions Move and copy text using drag and drop and the clipboard Use the Office Clipboard Find and replace text, and use the Go to command - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Basic Editing

Basic Editing

Basic EditingShow and Hide formatting MarksSelect TextCreate paragraphs without blank space between themUndo, redo, and repeat recent actionsMove and copy text using drag and drop and the clipboardUse the Office ClipboardFind and replace text, and use the Go to commandIdentify the number of words in a document or a selection

Turning and command on and off is know as TogglingShow Formatting Marks


Highlight a block of text.Can be one character or a whole document

Select Text

Hold down the left button on the mouse, drag the pointer to where you want to drop it off and release the mouse.Dragging

Changes its appearance. Line and Paragraph SpacingFormat

These will let you undo whatever you just did, redo what ever you undid, and repeat what ever you did before. In the Quick Access Tool BarUndo, Redo, and Repeat Commands

Select text, position the pointer on tap of the selected text, and then drag selected text to the new location.If you want to copy it and do that hold the ctrl button down and drag it. Drag and Drop to Move and Copy Text

A temporary storage in the computers memory. Stores Cut and Copied ItemsCut: selected text is removed from document and put on clipboardCopy: selected text is copied and placed on the clipboard. Paste: text is taken from the clipboard and put into the documentClipboard, Cut, Copy and Paste

A special clipboard on which you can collect up to 24 selections and use between Microsoft Office Programs. Office Clipboard

Find will help you locate certain text in a documentFind and Replace will find text and replace with something differentGo To will take you to a certain area of a document.Go to, Find and Replace

Word count is in status bar and will tell you how many words, paragraphs, and characters there are in a document. Number of Words in Document