Baroque Lute Manuscript from Vienna Ms 1078

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This baroque lute manuscript contains various suites from unknown and known (Weiss, Reusner) composers.

Text of Baroque Lute Manuscript from Vienna Ms 1078

The Baroque Lute Manuscript A-Wn Ms 1078 Department of Music Austrian National Library Vienna, AustriaTable of content Bl. 1b-2a La querelle damour: Entree, 2b-3a Courante 3b-4a Siciliana 4b-5a La Coquette 5b-6a Menuett 6a Trio 7b-8a Gige, 7b-8a Allemande 8b-9a Courante 9b Menuet 10a Bouree, 10b-11a La Coquette 11b-12a Gige 12b-13a Allemande du comte Bergen 14a Sarabande, 14b Gavotte 15a Bouree, 15b Menuet 16a Gigue, 16b-17a Allemande du comte Bergen 17b-18a Courante 18a Menuet, 18b La Tournere 19a Gigue, 19b Menuet du Prince Lobkowitz 20a Allemande du Prince Lobkowitz, 20b Courante 21a Rondeau, 21b Bouree

22a 2 Menuet, 22b-23a Gigue 23b Allemande du Comte Bergen 24a Courante, 24b Fantasie 25a Gigue, 25b Menuet 26a Menuet, 26b-27a Allemande de Borsilli (sic) 27a-27b Courante 28a Sarabande, 28b Menuet 29a Gigue, 29b Entree 30a-30b Allemande 31a Menuet, 31b-32a Bouree 32b-33a Allegro 33b-34a Aria: Sono amante e sono figlia 34b-35a Allemande. Silvius Leopoldus Weiss 35b-36a Courante 36b-37a Bouree 37b Sarabande 38a Menuet, 38b-40a Gigue 40b-41a Prelude 41b-42a Paisane (sic) Pavane? 42b-43a Menuet Mad. la grondeuse XVII. Jh., 43 Bl.

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