Baroque Composer Webquest. The Baroque Era The Baroque Era spanned the 150 years from ______ to _________. The Baroque Era spanned the 150 years from

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  • Baroque Composer Webquest

  • The Baroque EraThe Baroque Era spanned the 150 years from ______ to _________.

  • Johann Sebastian BachJohann Sebastian Bach is considered by many music historians to be the most influential musical figure of the Baroque Era, and one of the most influential musical figures of all time. So important he was to the Baroque Era, that the year of his death (1750) marks the end of the entire era!

  • Facts about J.S. BachQUESTION 2 How many children did Bach have?QUESTION 3 What are Bachs birth and death dates?QUESTION 4 Why did Bach spend time in jail?QUESTION 5 What country was Bach from?QUESTION 6 Was Bachs musical genius recognized when he was living?QUESTION 7 How old did Bach live to be?

  • George Frederic HandelThe famous Hallelujah Chorus, from The Messiah is often what this composer is most well known for.

  • HandelQUESTION 8 Why did Handel have to play his spinet in the attic?QUESTION 9 What is a barber surgeon, and who in Georges life chose this profession?QUESTION 10 Before becoming a professional musician, what did Handel study at college?

  • George Frederic Handel, cont.QUESTION 11 What is the tradition response from the audience during the playing of the Hallelujah Chorus and who began this tradition?QUESTION 12 How old did Handel live to be?QUESTION 13 Given the number of people in attendance at his funeral, would you assume that Handels musical gifts were recognized and appreciated during his lifetime?