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  • 09THE NAVHIND TIMESTuESDAY, AprIl 14, 2015DOLLAR 62.50POUND 91.54EURO 65.99YEN 0.51

    currency exchange The numbers SENSEx 29,044.44 NIFTY 8,659.90 DOW 18,057.65 FTSE 7,053.27

    bullion GOLD 26,575.00 SILVER 37,320.00

    Your moneY

    Please send your comments and queries to :

    Banking ombudsmanBY TENSING RODRIGUES

    Does Mapusa Urban Co-Operative Bank come under the purview of the Banking Om-budsman Scheme 2006. If yes, then kindly pro-vide the location of its office in Goa.

    Anil Naik

    Yes, Mapusa Urban Co-Operative Bank comes under the purview of the Banking Ombuds-man Scheme 2006. The section 3(5) of the Bank-ing Ombudsman Scheme 2006 as amended in 1907 and 1909, defines a bank as follows : a bank means a bank-ing company, a cor-responding new bank, a Regional Rural Bank, State Bank of India a Subsidiary Bank as de-fined in Section 5 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (Act 10 of 1949), or a Primary Co-operative Bank as defined in clause (c) of Section 56 of that Act and included in the Second Schedule of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 (Act 2 of 1934), having a place of business in India, whether such bank is incorporated in India or outside India. The Second Schedule of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 as on date includes Mapusa Urban Co-Operative Bank.

    Goa comes under the Mumbai office; the ad-dress is as follows : Smt. R. Sebastian, C/o Reserve Bank of India , Garment House, Third Floor, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai-400 018, STD Code: 022, Tel.No.24924607/24960893, Fax No. 24960912. You can send your complaint

    by mail Alternatively you can submit your complaints to the RBI Goa office (General Manager and Officer-in-Charge, 7th Floor, Gera Imperium-II, Patto, Panaji - 403 001) which will then forward the same to the ombudsman.

    The form for filing the complaint is given below:


    To:The Banking Om-

    budsmanPlace of BOs of-

    fice..Dear Sir,Sub: Complaint

    against (Name of the banks branch) of (Name of the Bank)

    Details of the com-plaint are as under:

    1. Name of the Com-plainant ..

    2. Full Address of the Complainant

    Pin Code .. Phone

    No/ Fax No. . Email .

    3. Complaint against (Name and full address of the branch/bank) .

    Pin Code . Phone No. / Fax No. .

    4. Particulars of Bank or Credit card Ac-count (If any)

    5. (a) Date of repre-sentation already made by the complainant to the bank

    (Please enclose a copy of the representa-tion)

    (b) Whether any reminder was sent by the complainant? YES/NO

    (Please enclose a copy of the reminder )

    6. Subject matter of the complaint (Please refer to Clause 8 of the Scheme)

    7. Details of the complaint:

    (If space is not sufficient, please enclose separate sheet)

    8. Whether any reply (Within a period of one

    month after the bank concerned

    received the repre-sentation) has been re-ceived from the bank? Yes/ No

    (if yes, please en-

    close a copy of the reply )

    9. Nature of Relief sought from the Banking Ombudsman

    (Please enclose a copy of documentary proof, if any, in support of your claim )

    10. Nature and extent of monetary loss, if any, claimed by the complainant by

    way of compensation (please refer to clauses 12 (5) & 12 (6) of the Scheme)

    `..11. List of documents

    enclosed: (Please enclose

    a copy of all the docu-ments)

    12. Declaration:

    (i) I/ We, the complainant/s herein declare that :a) the infor-mation furnished herein above is true and correct;

    and b) I/We have not concealed or misrepre-sented any fact statedin the above columns and in the documents submit-ted herewith.

    (ii) The complaint is filed before expiry of pe-riod of one year reckoned in accordance with the provisions of Clause 9(3)(a) and (b) of the Scheme.

    (iii) The subject matter of the present complaint has never been broughtbefore the Office of the Banking Ombuds-man by me/ us or by any of the parties concerned with the subject matter to the best of my/ our knowledge.

    (iv) The subject matter of the present complaint has not been decided by/pending with any forum/court/arbitra-tor.

    (v) I/We authorise the bank to disclose any such information/ docu-ments furnished by us to the Banking Ombudsman and disclosure whereof in the opinion of the Banking Ombudsman is necessary and is required for redressal of our com-plaint.

    (vi) I/We have noted the contents of the Bank-ing Ombudsman Scheme, 2006.

    Yours faithfully,Name of the


    Since the complaint form draws your atten-tion to several sections of the Scheme, I would sug-gest you go through the text of the scheme before you file the complaint. You can download the full text of the scheme from:

    A farmer dries maize following unseasonal overnight rains in Thoopran Mandal in Medak District, some 55 kms from Hyderabad on Monday. Three people were killed as heavy rains caused widespread damage to standing crops in several parts of the southern Indian state of Telangana. AFP

    Sensex, Nifty at over one-month highPTI

    MUMBAI: The benchmark BSE Sensex on Monday regained the 29,000-lev-el to settle at over one-month high of 29,044.44 by rising 165.06 points, whereas NSE Nifty rose for the seventh straight session as investor senti-ment got a boost from bet-ter-than-expected factory output.

    The Index of Indus-trial Production (IIP) grew at a nine-month high of 5 per cent in February on improved mining and manufacturing activity.

    Mondays closings of both the indices are their highest since March 5.

    Markets opened for the day slightly higher than Friday close and re-mained sideways with mild bullish tone for the day, Rakesh Goyal, senior vice-president, Bonanza Portfolio.

    In volatile move-ments, the 30-share Sensex opened firm at 28,955.13 and quickly re-gained the 29,000-mark on sustained buying activity. But, on emer-gence of profit-booking it slipped into negative zone to touch days low of 28,843.94.

    However, it staged a strong comeback at the fag-end to hit the days high of 29,072.51, before settling 165.06 points or

    0.57 per cent higher at 29,044.44.

    Shares of L&T saw brisk buying and gained 2.30 per cent on the Sensex after it signed an agreement with Frances Areva for manufacturing of nuclear plant equip-ment.

    The 50-share NSE Nifty ended above the 8,800-level by rising 53.65 points or 0.61 per cent to 8,834.00 after shuttling between 8,841.65 and 8,762.10 intra-day.

    On BSE, besides auto and realty indices, rest 10 others finished with gains with consumer du-rable, healthcare, capital goods, power and re-finery segments at the forefront.

    The fourth quarter earning numbers to be announced by key compa-nies this week will decide the future course of ac-tion, they said.

    9 12 13 1610 11 14 159 12 13 1610 11 14 15

    High: 29,072.51 Low: 28,843.94

    Intra-day on April 13, 2015 Intra-day on April 13, 2015NSE NIFTY

    High: 8,841.65 Low: 8,762.10








    Previous close:8,780.35

    Previous close:28,879.38

    Retail inflation drops to 3-month low of 5.17% in MarchPTI

    NEW DELHI: Easing of food prices, mainly milk and vegetables, pulled down the March retail in-flation to 3-month low of 5.17 per cent.

    The retail inflation as measured by Consumer Price Index was 5.37 per cent in February, and 5.19 per cent in January. It was 8.25 per cent in March last year. The easing prices of milk, vegetables and fruits brought down the overall food inflation to 6.14 per cent in March, from 6.79 per cent recorded in Feb-ruary.

    Inflation declined for cereals and products, although it was up in the case of protein rich items like meat and fish, as per the government data re-leased on Monday.

    The rate of price rise in the food and beverages segment as a whole was 6.2 per cent in March, lower than 6.76 per cent in the previous month. The CPI-based retail inflation has been calculated with a new base year of 2012.

    Inflation in the fuel and light segment was 5.07 per cent last month, up from 4.72 per cent in Feb-ruary. In the housing seg-ment, inflation was 4.77 per cent last month, as compared to 4.98 per cent.


    HYDERABAD: Aiming to bring electronics manu-facturing to Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu be-gan his second day in Bei-jing by meeting executives from Chinese low-cost smart phone maker Xiao-mi and electronics manu-facturer Foxconn today.

    During the meeting, Naidu informed the com-pany executives about the advantages of Andhra Pradesh, the availability of abundant water and pow-er, the Chief Ministers Of-fice said in a statement.

    We have a 21-day clearance mechanism for industries. We have a deemed clause and are working with Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Poli-cy in Singapore on the ease of doing business, he said.

    Lauding Chinese manufacturers for their speed and scale of busi-ness, the Chief Minister said he wants to deliver all services through mobile.

    We are looking at mobile applications in our digital literacy campaign, he added.

    Stating that Andhra Pradesh will be an inno-vator and has been using technology for govern-ance, Naidu said the state could emerge as an elec-tronics hub.

    Xiaomi India head Manu Jain during a pres-entation, said it works with Foxconn in China, Brazil and India.

    Xiaomi represented by the companys Presi-dent Bin Lin and Vice-President Hugo Barra in

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