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  • Bakewell Bulletin

    Newsletter Issue #214 February 2018

    Important Dates16 Feb Early Childhood Assembly23 Feb Primary Assembly28 Feb Progress Reports sent home2 Mar Early Childhood Assembly30 Mar Public Holiday - Good Friday2 Apr Public Holiday - Easter Monday6 & 7 Mar

    Student Led Conferences

    13 Apr End of Term 123 Apr Term 2 commences

    Dear Parents & Carers,

    As I drove to work this morning I reflected on various issues and agendas that I needed to work through and address, and that form a significant part of what are busy days at Bakewell School. As I pondered how best to approach and respond to these I noted that at the centre of each of the issues were people; the relationship. Sure, there were actions and tasks that needed to be completed, but in almost all cases at the core of the issue was the relationship.

    A relationship is defined as the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected. Of course, there are those relationships where we build rapport and establish connections quite easily and naturally. Then there are those relationships that require effort, time commitment, and that can at times be quite difficult. Nevertheless, relationships are fundamental to our existence, society, and our individual sense of being and belonging.

    The Bakewell Mantra, Positive Relationships and High Expectations places the notion of relationships up front. It recognises that without a positive, respectful and healthy relationship quality teaching, and therefore learning, does not occur. To learn, students need to be engaged. To be engaged, there needs to be a relationship and a connection.

    It is the same with teachers and parents, or school and community; the relationship is critical. Without a positive relationship the partnership can be difficult, and the opportunities for quality outcomes for our children may be potentially limited.

    A number of years ago I lived and worked in Seattle in the US. I had the opportunity to visit the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market. The Fish Market set out

    and strived to be world famous, and to be a successful business. Because of their very simple intention and approach they achieved this. In fact, a book and philosophy based on the Pike Place Fish Market was developed, and has since been applied to companies around the world.

    The FISH! Philosophy, was designed to improve organisational culture recognising that the culture of a workplace and organisation is a key factor in its success. This applies to Bakewell as a teaching and learning organisation. If Bakewell is to achieve excellence, then we must have a strong culture. And we recognise that at the heart of any organisation are relationships.

    The FISH! Philosophy contains 4 simple elements; Play, Make Their Day, Be There, and Choose Your Attitude. Each element is linked closely to the concept of relationship. Note that none of the elements refer to tasks or technical work requirements. The FISH! Philosophy elements are more about the how, the process and attitude, and most importantly it is about people. If we maintain strong and positive relationships and connections with people then this will in fact enable us to be more productive in the workplace which for us is Bakewell School.

    I intend to encourage our community throughout 2018 to focus on positive relationships between the school and home inclusive of students, parents, and our Bakewell Team.

    Thanks for your ongoing and positive partnership with Bakewell School.

    Have a great week!

    Kind regards,

    Paul NyhuisPrincipal

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  • Community News

    Wet weather procedures were sent home earlier this term. Please remember that the school will not automatically dismiss students at 2:30pm if there is an electrical storm or it is raining too heavily.

    Students will remain in classes under teacher supervision until we consider the weather okay for them to make their way home safely. Parents wishing to collect their children from the classroom may do so. Older siblings should not be sent to collect younger siblings.

    Please have a plan and make sure your child/ren know the plan.

    PO Box 1300 PALMERSTON NT 0831 Phone: (08) 8997 7400Email:

    Wet Weather Procedures

    Bakewell Primary School Attendance

    Bakewells target for 2018 is to maintain a student attendance average of 95% or above for the year. Education NTs Attendance strategy states Every Child, Every Day.

    Please remember to notify the school when your child is absent. This may be done by phoning the front office on 8997 7400, completing the form on the website or by emailing, or the class teacher or alternately you can send a note with your child on their return to school.

    Front Office HoursBakewell Primary School Office is open 7:30am until 4:00pm daily.

    Back to School PaymentIf you have not used your child/rens $150 Back to School Payment, please do so as soon as possible.

    These are available at the Front Office.

    Emailing NewsletterThe Newsletter is distributed electronically. Please check your email and contact the Front Office on or (08) 8997 7400 if you do not receive it.

    For up to date information please visit our website:

    Library bags on sale at the front office $10.00

    Front Office Notices

    Bakewell Supported Playgroup

    Ages 0-4 Years

    Thursdays and Fridays

    8:30am - 11:30amLocated at Bakewell Primary School (corner of

    Hutchinson Terrace and Forrest Parade)

    Please bring a piece of fruit to share

    For more information contact 8997 7400

    For all dental enquiries please phone 8922 6466

    Bakewell School Dental Clinic

    Book Club Issue # 1 is due back on Monday 19th February.

    Book Club

  • Community News

    Tip of the fortnight:Online ordering is available at our school canteen. Log onto and complete the registration form. The direct phone number for the Canteen is 8997 7447.

    Defence School News

    Week 3 - Early ChildhoodWeek 4 - Primary AssemblyWeek 5 - Early ChildhoodWeek 6 - Primary AssemblyWeek 7 - Whole School AssemblyWeek 8 - Primary AssemblyWeek 9 - Public Holiday Week 10 - Early ChildhoodWeek 11 - Primary Assembly

    Assembly Roster

    Drop-off group for pre-teens - Robertson Barracks Family Group

    Tuesday evenings from 5-7pm at the family centre on base. This group is run by a qualified youth worker and is suitable for children aged 8-12 years. Different activities will run each week. $3 per family. For more information or to register contact

    Workshop for Defence children

    February 23rd from 12-2pm in Marrara. This workshop will be run by Sue Hyde from Stop, Wait, Go and will address topics relevant to Defence children (e.g. moving schools, making friends, separation anxiety). For more info and to RSVP by February 16th contact

    Contact me on or through the school office.

    Melissa Bakhurst Defence School Transition Aide

    School Counsellor

    Dear Bakewell Students, Family and Community,

    I wanted to explore anxiety this week with a view to challenge some perspectives.

    Anxiety is a widely used term however it is often confused with Clinical Anxiety which is much more severe than normal everyday anxiety. Clinical Anxiety is ongoing excessive worry that the individual struggles to control; it causes significant impairment in daily function.

    Anxiety is that urgency blended with fear that creeps up when students may be approaching a due date for an assignment or before a test; and some psychologists believe that this may actually be good for students! Scientists and Psychologists believe there is an anxiety sweet spot where performance and alertness are optimised (see image below).

    Anxiety can be helpful as it alerts the mind to the risk and provides extra mental charge to think through choices. Its only when anxiety becomes excessive and out of control that it starts to harm performance. Feeling anxious in an appropriate situation (such as the first day of school or before a test), is our mind putting our bodies into ninja mode, speeding up our reflexes and making us more alert and placing us in the area of best performance.

    When anxiety overwhelms students or casts a shadow over their life, this is a serious problem and no one is denying that, but everyday anxiety we neednt see as our enemy, anxiety is an important emotion and can even be our friend!

    Annette Murphy




    Pressure HighLow

    Low Pressure Boredom

    Optimum Stress

    Area of Best


    High StressAnxiety


  • Name: Tracey Kensey

    What subject do you teach? I am the Special Education Teacher and Learning Support Senior Teacher

    How long have you been at Bakewell? 5 years

    What do you love about Bakewell? I love the positive relationships I have built with the students, families, teachers and support staff.

    What is your favourite program/ initiative that is run at Bakewell? Bakewell Reading Time

    Where is your favourite holiday destination? Anywhere near the ocean.

    If you could relive any day over again which would it be? My 50th birthday surprise party.

    What do you think is the best thing about living in the Territory? The relaxed lifestyle an