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<ul><li>1.Aviation RecruitingAviation Professionals Supporting Your Aviation Staffing Needs<br></li></ul><p>2. Outline<br>Mission Statement<br>Company Overview<br>Principal Biographies<br>Recruiting Services<br>Staffing Specialties<br>Global Recruitment<br>Our Process<br>Placement Guarantee <br>Summary<br>Conclusion<br>3. Mission Statement<br>To serve the employment needs of our candidates and clients with the same level of respect, dedication, and integrity we seek.<br>4. Company Overview<br>Aviation Professionals, Supporting your Aviation Staffing Needs<br>Aviation Recruiting is comprised of aviation professionals, with both military and commercial aviation experience. Thats what makes our recruiting firm different!<br>We are not recruiters supporting clients staffing needs with little-to-no industry knowledge. We are aviation professionals who have worked in the aviation industry as mechanics, engineers, and senior operational managers.<br>Certifications<br>SBA Women Owned Small Business (51%)<br>SBA Veteran Owned Small Business (100%)<br>SBA Vietnam Era Veteran Owned Small Business (49%)<br>WBENC Women Owned Small Business (51%)<br>5. Company Overview<br>Aviation Recruitings Key Personnel<br>Aviation Recruitings management team has extensive aviation and aerospace experience and can confidently provide the leadership necessary to manage all aspects of your exacting staffing efforts.<br>Our in-depth knowledge of the regulations, standards, technologies, and economics that influence the aviation industry enable us to provide you with talented professionals who integrate seamlessly into your organization.<br>From small recruiting efforts to high-volume staffing engagements, Aviation Recruiting will provide a dedicated team focused on providing the best customer service and staffing support in the industry.<br>6. Principal Biographies<br>Sharon Ballgae CEO<br>BS in Aeronautical Engineering - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.<br>MS in Mechanical Engineering - Florida State University. <br>Aircraft Maintenance Officer USAF<br>Extensive aviation maintenance/operations experience, focusing on <br>aircraft maintainability, logistics, and personnel management. <br>Aircraft Engine Customer Service Manager Aviall<br>Commercial aircraft engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul experience, focusing on FAA compliance and customer engine maintenance requirements. <br>Senior aircraft customer engineer/analyst - Boeing Aircraft Company<br>10+ years senior IT experience - Director, VP, CTO, Executive VP for prominent technology companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Corbis, etc.<br>7. Principal Biographies<br>Marc Ballgae Principal<br>30+ years military aircraft maintenance, operations, logistics, <br>and personnel management to include:<br>Flightline and support function operations management; Aircraft maintenance management<br>Ground handling and servicing; Aircraft flying schedules<br>Support equipment requirements, utilization and maintenance management<br>Manpower requirements and utilization; Personnel certification &amp; training<br>Budgets; Execution and management of Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) Contracts <br>Retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant / Senior level manager <br>F-22 Training Systems Manager - Boeing Aircraft Company (post military)<br>DoD Certified in Acquisition Logistics and Program Management <br>ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) expert - supporting military and commercial efforts. <br>In-depth experience with proposals, source selection, contracts, Statement Of Work(s), and Contractor Logistics Support. <br>Army Management Engineering College / Air Force Institute of Technology Graduate<br>8. Recruiting Services<br>Staffing Capabilities<br>Aviation Recruiting's recruitment team offers a full range of search services with unparalleled access to highly qualified aviation professionals. From individual requisitions to high volume recruitment, we can customize strategies to satisfy both your immediate hiring needs and your long-term goals.<br>Aviation Recruiting can help you at every stage of the hiring cycle. We deliver exceptional results, whether you need an aircraft engineer or a CEO.<br>Executive Search Capabilities<br>Corporate Personnel Recruitment<br>Engineering Staffing Services<br>Flightdeck Crew Recruitment <br>Aircraft Maintenance Recruiting<br>Defense Support Services<br>9. Recruiting Services<br>Executive Search Capabilities<br>Today our Aviation Recruiting professionals routinely conduct searches for senior-level aviation executives with top aviation companies worldwide. We thoroughly research candidates, looking beyond the resume, to determine their compatibility. We understand the importance of matching expertise, culture, and personality for our clients and the candidates we present.<br>Below are just some of the executive-level positions Aviation Recruiting has placed for our esteemed clientele:<br>CEO / President<br>CFO / Corporate Controller<br>COO / General Manager<br>VP / Director Business Development<br>VP / Director Engineering<br>VP / Director Human Resources<br>VP / Director Maintenance<br>VP / Director Manufacturing<br>VP / Director Operations<br>VP / Director Quality Control<br>VP / Director Sales<br>10. Recruiting Services<br>Corporate Personnel Recruitment<br>Aviation Recruitings global reputation for excellence, combined with industry expertise, means that you can depend on us for providing the best candidates with the aviation background you require.<br>We have an extensive database and professional network of candidates in the following professions from leading airline, aviation, and aerospace companies worldwide.<br>Accounting <br>Administrative<br>Business Development<br>Contracts<br>Customer Service<br>Finance<br>Human Resources<br>Information Technology<br>Sales<br>Management<br>Manufacturing<br>Marketing <br>Logistics<br>Operations<br>Production<br>Procurement<br>Quality Control<br>Security<br>Supply Chain<br>Training<br>11. Recruiting Services<br>Engineering Staffing Services<br>Aviation Recruiting specializes in locating and placing technical personnel and qualified engineers. <br>We have a long and successful history of providing high value engineering professionals to aviation customers in the following disciplines:<br>Designated Engineers (DERs)<br>Engineering Manager / Supervisor<br>Electrical Engineer / Design<br>Mechanical Engineer / Design<br>Manufacturing Engineer / Industrial Engineer<br>Program / Project Engineer<br>Structural Engineer / Liaison / Design<br>Stress Engineer / Structural Analyst<br>Technical Writer / Illustrator<br>12. Recruiting Services<br>Flightdeck Crew Recruitment<br>We have extensive experience recruiting in all aspects of the aviation industry including scheduled or cargo airlines, corporate operations, fractional ownership and flight crew training.<br>Type Rated Pilots<br>Captain &amp; First Officer<br>Wide Body - Airbus, Boeing, <br>Regional Aircraft - Bombardier, Embraer, ...<br>Corporate Jets - Challenger, Hawker, Lear, ...<br>Flight Training Professionals<br>Flight Academy Management<br>Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)<br>Jet Simulator Instructor<br>Airport Operations<br>Station Manager<br>Safety &amp; Security Manager<br>Ramp Supervisor<br>Airport Duty Officer<br>Cargo Service Agent<br>Cabin Crew<br>Flight Attendant<br>Food &amp; Beverage Manager<br>13. Recruiting Services<br>Aircraft Maintenance Support<br>Aviation Recruiting has extensive experience providinghigh value maintenance technician professionals to aviation customers worldwide.<br>Our recruitment team effectively sources and mobilizes reliable, no-nonsense maintenance technician professionals in the following disciplines:<br>Aircraft Type Specific Mechanics<br>Quality Inspectors / Supervisors<br>Platform Specific Engine Rebuild Specialists<br>Aircraft Structure Repair / Modification Specialist<br>Avionics Modification / Installation Specialists<br>Aircraft Sheet Metal / Composite Fabricators<br>Aircraft Paint Technicians<br>Aircraft Interior Installers<br>14. Recruiting Services<br>Defense Support Services<br>Our staff has successfully sourced and placed highly qualified prior military candidates representing the full range of skill sets with aerospace companies worldwide.<br>Programs Supported:<br>UAE F-16 Program<br>Oman F-16 Program<br>F-15 Peace Sun Technical Support Program<br>AWACS Peace Sentinel Technical Support Program<br>RSAF F-15 Program Depot Maintenance (PDM) Program<br>RSAF B212 / 412 Helicopter Technical Support Program<br>RSLFAC UH-60 / AH-64 Mission Support Services Program<br>RSAF Tornado Program Depot Maintenance (PDM) Program<br>F100-PW-220 / 229 Engine Overhaul / Repair / Maintenance<br>RSAF F-15 Distributed Mission Training System (DMTS)<br>15. Staffing Specialties<br>Commercial &amp; Corporate Aviation<br>We can provide you with a full spectrum of employees including aircraft <br>maintenance technicians, corporate professionals, and senior level executives. <br>We understand FAA regulations and the importance of finding a qualified <br>professional.<br>MRO Facilities<br>Work with highly skilled personnel who understand the maintenance, repair, and overhaul industry with backgrounds to work in the commercial and military sector. Employees are updated in all certifications, whether you need someone with an A&amp;P license and a background in A, B, C, D checks, or an Engineer with specific airframe experience.<br>Manufacturing &amp; Completion Centers<br>Work with highly skilled individuals who understand the intricacies of regulated <br>aerospace manufacturing. We have an extensive database of engineering <br>professionals, to include FAA certified DERs and DARs.<br>Defense - Military Aircraft<br>We are experienced in the intricate parameters of aircraft maintenance and repair for the DoD and government settings. Over 80% of our employees began their career in the military and then transitioned to civilian employment.<br>16. Global Recruitment<br>International Aviation Recruiting Summary<br>Aviation Recruiting has been successful in placing thousands of aviation professionals with companies in the Middle East with concentration in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. <br>Saudi Arabia <br>Ongoing High-volume recruiting efforts placing both civilian and military skilled <br>aviation professionals (with companies such as Alsalam Aircraft Company, <br>Advanced Electronics Company, and Al-Raha Technologies).<br>United Arab Emirates<br>We have the recruiting resources and the aviation professional network to be <br>successful in placing all levels candidates in UAE.Partnered with Mubadala <br>Aerospace, Etihad Airways, and Royal Jet.<br>We are extremely knowledgeable in international recruiting efforts and can handle all your global staffing needs.<br>17. Our Process<br>Proven Process, Effective Recruiting<br>As the recruiting partner, it is our goal to expedite our client's search without sacrificing quality.Aviation Recruiting takes pride in the personalized service and professionalism our consultants provide for each of our clients.<br>We have established a uniform process that makes it easier for clients to do business with us. The result is a consistency of style that still allows for flexibility to meet each client's unique staffing needs. <br>18. Our Process<br>Aviation Recruitings Five-Step Recruiting Process<br>Step 1: Getting To Know You<br>Aviation Recruiting encourages each client to meet with one of our specialized recruiters to obtain a mutual understanding of the opportunity being presented, assist in personalizing the client's search, and learn about the corporate culture and working environment. Not only does this ensure we are able to target the right candidate, but with initial discussions it massively increases the chance of a successful placement in a timely manner.<br>19. Our Process<br>Aviation Recruitings Five-Step Recruiting Process<br>Step 2: The Search <br>Leave the legwork to us! We source from a large proprietary database of qualified candidates and utilize an extensive network of aviation professionals. Through an efficient and dynamic combination of search techniques, our skilled recruitment team will identify, recruit and pre-screen only the most highly qualified candidates.<br>20. Our Process<br>Aviation Recruitings Five-Step Recruiting Process<br>Step 3: Managing the Process <br>Managing the candidate throughout the client interview process is where we view the work of a search consultant as only just starting. Keeping the client aware of a candidate's views, assisting in scheduling interviews, dealing with misconceptions, ensuring the process keeps moving at a suitable pace and managing candidate expectations are all elements that must be taken care of.It is this attention to detail, which Aviation Recruiting believes can be the difference between success and failure in achieving a critical hire.<br>21. Our Process<br>Aviation Recruitings Five-Step Recruiting Process<br>Step 4: Presenting the Offer <br>A complete compensation package analysis will be presented to the candidate to reinforce the attractiveness of the company's offer. Expectations and understandings on both sides must constantly be checked, reviewed and challenged throughout the process. Again our experience of managing these situations time and again will be invaluable in maximizing the chance of getting the right candidate.<br>22. Our Process<br>Aviation Recruitings Five-Step Recruiting Process<br>Step 5: The Follow Up <br>We stay in close contact with both the client and new employee to ensure the success and longevity of each placement. Aviation Recruiting's proven process ensures candidates arrive <br>on-time, and ready to work.<br>23. Placement Guarantee<br>The Aviation Recruiting Guarantee<br>Aviation Recruiting knows that your companys staffing solutions must work the first time, every time. Were so confident in our recruiting and superior customer service that we back every candidate with the Aviation Recruiting: <br>90-day Placement Guarantee<br>We guarantee that every employee placed with your business will satisfactorily perform the services hired for or- your placement refilled at no additional cost.<br>24. Summary<br>Aviation Recruiting Key Strengths<br>The aviation industrys best. <br>Aviation Recruiting receives dozens of inquiries each day from around the world. We have earned the respect of aviation professionals who, when considering a career move put their trust and confidence in our ability. We have an extensive aviation professional network and we remain in contact with many aviation industry leaders. A large percentage of our placements come from networking and we frequently speak with them for referrals. <br>Specific knowledge.<br>Our staff is comprised of aviation professionals, with both military and commercial aviation experience. We are professionals, who have worked in the aviation industry as mechanics, engineers, senior operational managers, etc. Given our concentration and expertise in the aviation industry, we have an in-depth industry knowledge that few competitors can offer.<br>25. Summary<br>Aviation Recruitings Key Strengths<br>Rapid response times. <br>Aviation Recruitings predominate resource is our proprietary database, which currently holds over 100,000 aviation and aerospace professionals from all over the world. Our extensive database and the depth of our industry knowledge allow us to resource experienced candidates globally, ensuring an efficient and timely solution to your recruitment requirements.<br>Experience.<br>Our track record spans over nine years recruiting all levels of aviation professionals and we have successful p...</p>