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AVIAtIoN PRoDuCt CAtAlogue - Aircraft Spruce · PDF file The development of dynamic headphones and microphones are milestones in beyerdynamic’s history. Founded in Berlin in 1924,

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Text of AVIAtIoN PRoDuCt CAtAlogue - Aircraft Spruce · PDF file The development of dynamic headphones...

  • beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG Theresienstr. 8 74072 Heilbronn - Germany Phone +49 (0) 71 31 / 6 17 - 3 09 Fax +49 (0) 71 31 / 6 17 - 2 24 [email protected]

    beyerdynamic inc. USA 56 Central Ave. Farmingdale, nY 11735 Phone +1 (6 31) 2 93 - 32 00 Fax +1 (6 31) 2 93 - 32 88 [email protected]

    E | Aviation Product Catalogue (07.2010) | 721697 | non-contractual illustrations. Subject to change without notice.

    AVIAtIoN PRoDuCt CAtAlogue

  • 2 | 3About us

    1937 1939 1962 1963 1980 1997 1999

    DT 48 – the first dynamic headphone

    M 19 – development of dynamic studio microphones

    Start of production of the first “Transistophone” wireless micro- phone system

    Queen Elizabeth with the M 88 microphone

    DT 880 – dynamic headphone with electro statically playback quality

    MCD 100 – world‘s first digital studio microphone

    MCW Analogue – world‘s first wireless conference system


    MCW-D 50 – wireless, digital microphone unit with “Revoluto” line array microphone technology

    Our know-how gained from many years of experience and highest precision of manufacture is the basis for the world- wide popularity of our products. Our Aviation headsets are developed and produced mainly by hand. Thus each headset features a touch of passion and precision gained from more than 85 years of experience.


    The development of dynamic headphones and microphones are milestones in beyerdynamic’s history. Founded in Berlin in 1924, today the company, which is headquartered in Heilbronn, is one of the leading suppliers in the market for headphones, microphones, headsets and conference systems. Beyerdynamic develops and produces innovative solutions in Germany for an ever-growing clientele with a high quality requirement.


    Foundation of the company in Berlin

  • 4 | 5Hs 600 DANR

    The HS 600 DAnR with Digital Adaptive noise Reduction provides a perfect symbiosis of silence, comfort and design. This premium headset, which is handcrafted in Heilbronn, Germany, sets standards with microprocessor controlled noise attenuation. Enjoy your flights safely and without any stress. The comfortable flying, however, does not only include silence. This is the reason why a lot of attention was paid to the light weight and headband pressure when developing the HS 600 DAnR. Precious materials such as genuine leather headband pads and softskin ear seals with viscoelastic filling are standard. Treat yourself to music from your MP3 player or use the HS 600 DAnR as a mobile phone adapter. The soft touch-coated audio box of the HS 600 DAnR provides a mini jack socket (3.5 mm) as an audio interface. As soon as an intercom signal is received, the external music or telephone signal is gently reduced. By the way, this mute function can be turned off, for example, pas- sengers. The power supply of the HS 600 DAnR is flexible. it can be powered by two mignon batteries or rechargeable batteries or by an on-board power supply system. For this you can use the supplied cable, which is connected to the audio box. The appropriate 3-pin XLR socket for your aircraft is also supplied (version with double jack plugs). in addition to all properties, beyerdynamic’s experience of more than 85 years can be felt in each headset. The HS 600 DAnR shows the way into the future with digital noise attenuation.

    SiLEnCE GOES DiGiTAL. s Outstanding ambient noise cancelling due to Digital Adaptive noise Reduction (DAnR) s Audio box to connect mobile phones or music players (supplied with 2 connecting cables) and integrated volume control s Mono/Stereo selection switch s Automatic reduction of telephone and music volume (mute) when intercom signals are received (function can be switched off) s Powered by two mignon batteries / rechargeable batteries inside the audio box or via the on-board power supply system (12 - 36 V) with the supplied 3-pin male XLR cable – delivery includes 3-pin socket (version with double jack plugs) s Automatic switch-off function when not in use s Highest wearing comfort due to lightweight (approx. 325 g without cable) and moderate headband pressure (approx. 6.5 n) s Precious materials such as genuine leather headband pad and softskin ear seals with viscoelastic filling s Rugged headband design made of spring steel s noise-compensated microphone with adjustable gain, can be worn on the right or left hand side s Balanced sound with reproduction precision for best intelligibility of speech and excellent sound s Supplied with padded carrying case s Made in Germany with a five-year warranty

    HS 600 DAnR

    M A N U F A K T U R ®

    Mobile phone + music interface

    Build your own: Adaptive noise Reduction

    in addition to the standard version with two jack plugs for microphone and headphone, we provide the HS 600 DAnR Rotor for helicopters and the HS 600 DAnR 6pin with 6-pin Redel connector.

    HS 600 DAnR HS 600 DAnR Rotor HS 600 DAnR 6pin

  • 6 | 7AVIAtIoN PRoDuCts

    Make your headset stand out: On the Design page you can select the look and impression of your headset. instead of the standard carbon design you can select ear cups in high gloss black or in a precious burl wood design for the HS 600 DAnR. We will be happy to anodise the metal parts in discreet colors such as “champagne” or glossy such as “pink”. For the HS 400 Signum there are gel-filled or leather ear pads in different colors available. Let your creativity run free!

    BUiLD YOUR OWn BEYERDYnAMiC HEADSET AnD MAKE iT UniQUE! At you can build your own HS 600 DAnR and HS 400 Signum according to your desires and requirements. Colors, materials and technical features can be combined in numerous variants. Personal laser engraving is also available. After placing your order in the beyerdynamic shop, your headset will be manufactured by hand – a real unique item “Made in Germany”.

    Different aircrafts require various headset connectors. On the Technology page of the Aviation MAnUFAKTUR you can simply select the requested version. For the HS 600 DAnR, for example, the practical 6-pin Redel connector or a helicopter connector is available. You can also decide if your HS 400 Signum should include an audio box or not.

    The personalisation makes your headset absolutely unique. A two-lined text can be laser engraved into the holding clip of the headband. By the way the MAnUFAKTUR headsets are a great value – just have a look at .

    M A N U F A K T U R ®


    WHAT iS ACTiVE nOiSE REDUCTiOn? noise affects the ability to concentrate and the consciousness of situations which are important for your safety when flying! Permanent noise can even damage your hearing. A close fitting headset, which absorbs sound waves, is referred to as passive. Passive hearing protection attenuates the noise especially in the mid and high frequency range.

    The function of the active noise reduction is based on the principle of the phase inverse sound. in standard analogue AnR headsets, small microphones in the ear cups receive the noise and an analogue filter circuit (nC filter) produces an audio signal with inverse wave shape - phase inverse. The original noise is superimposed by the phase inverse audio signal and reduced: The eardrum receives less noise.

    The active noise reduction is especially effective in the deep frequency range (25 to 500 Hz). With higher frequencies it is less effective. This is the reason why a headset often provides a combination of active and passive hearing protection.

    WHY DiGiTAL? Active noise reduction on an analogue basis has existed for more than 20 years. A headset with analogue active noise reduction starts working after switching it on. The properties of the analogue filter always remain the same independent on the acoustic surrounding. Therefore, an analogue active headset cannot adapt to modified acoustic situations in the cockpit. This applies the advantages of the digital signal processing. The nC filter has been programmed as a software algorithm and processes digitalised audio signals on a microprocessor. in addition to a more precise result, the main advantage is, that it intelligently reacts to various acoustic surroundings. This includes an automatic activation when the engine is started and an adaptation to peaks, which are typical for engine noise. An analogue nC filter cannot differ between very loud and quiet frequencies. Whether telephone, TV or control technology, advanced digital technology replaces obsolete analogue systems in all industries! With DAnR Digital Adaptive noise Reduction in beyerdynamic Aviation headsets, pilots can now also enjoy precise, noiseless and comfortable silence while flying. They arrive safely and relaxed at their destination.

    Digital Adaptive noise Reduction

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  • EVERYTHinG A HEADSET nEEDS. The HS 200 sets standards regarding all properties you can expect from a headset with passive noise attenuation. Only high-quality materials for long- term use and high comfort are used for this handcrafted quality headset. s Ambient noise attenuation of approx. 30 dB s noise-cancelling microphone with adjustable gain s Balanced sound with high reproduction precision to ensure excellent speech intelligibility and sound s integrated volume control s Maximum comfort due to moderate headband pr

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