Aviation English Courses aviation safety. The current ICAO English language requirements came about

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Text of Aviation English Courses aviation safety. The current ICAO English language requirements came about

  • Aviation English Courses For Pilots and ATC | Online Courses | Voice Recognition System | ICAO Levels II-VI

  • Who are we? AviationShake and Sky Aviation Academy are a cross-atlantic partnership with in-depth experience training Aviation Professionals worldwide. We’ve partnered with the goal of delivering class-leading online aviation English courses worldwide.

    The Courses Our Aviation English courses are used by airlines including EVA Air and Flight Training Organisations across the globe.

    The course content is based directly on the ICAO requirements for each Level and was developed in conjunction with EVA Flight Training Academy. Students practise aviation English in day-to-day flying, training and common situations with examples from real life scenarios both on the ground and in the air.

    We are able to tailor courses to your organisation’s specific needs, and deliver white-label hosting.

    1. Aviation English Placement Test

    2. Aviation ESL - ICAO Levels II and III

    3. Aviation English - ICAO Level IV

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  • The Benefits Our Online Aviation English Courses use the latest voice recognition software - providing unrivalled instant feedback for students and allowing them to learn in their own time, on any device.

    This provides the following benefits:

    - Reduce instructor time

    - Proven training gets students proficient quicker

    - Individual progress tracking

    - Instructor support provided

    - Improve communication in high-workload situations

    - Practise Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking

    - Learn with real scenarios and actual ATC recordings

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    Level VI Expert Level V Extended Level IV Operational Level III Pre-operational Level II Elementary Level I Pre-elementary

    ICAO English Clear communication in English is critical to aviation safety. The current ICAO English language requirements came about as a result of a study showing that 75% of all aviation incidents and accidents worldwide included a language-related element: either a misunderstanding between the controller and a pilot or between two pilots.

  • Our unique speech recognition technology allows students to record and get immediate feedback on the quality of their speech.

    The system works by utilising the microphone on the device to record a sample of speech from the student. These are then processed and immedi- ate feedback on the quality of speech and pronunciation is provided.

    Feedback is accurate and constructive - giving Syllable and Phenome level results - allowing the student to rapidly improve their spoken English.

    The system works on PC, Tablet and Phone devices - allowing students to learn and practise on the go and at their own pace.

    Voice Recognition Software

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  • 2. Aviation English as a Second Language

    Which ICAO Level is right for you? This timed test allows accurate remote assessment of a student’s current English language ability. With both instructor-graded and automatically assessed exercises, the Aviation English Placement Test gives accurate feedback on grammar, reading, comprehension and writing ability.

    Timed Assessment (1.5 - 2 Hrs) including:

    - Reading Comprehension - Writing - Pronunciation - Grammar - Vocabulary

    ICAO Levels II and III This interactive course is tailored for Aviation Careers. It is recommended as the first aviation course for students who have just started learning to communicate in English, offering an essential step on the way to professional English for aviators.

    Over 40 hours of training, including:

    - Aviation Alphabets & Zulu Time

    - Describing Weather

    - Airport Announcements

    - Preflight & Safety Briefings

    - Captain's Announcements

    1. Aviation English Placement Test

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  • Listening Comprehension of language used throughout aviation, with scenarios based on listening to ATC and responding correctly.

    Speaking Students record and review their responses with instant feedback and grading from our unique speech recognition system.

    Reading Engaging exercises accompanied by interactive quizzes, focused on aviation specific terms and concepts.

    3. Aviation English Aviation English - ICAO Level IV

    Offering over 120 hours of aviation English practise. Aviation English is designed for Pilots, ATCOs and Flight Schools to reach ICAO language proficiency Level IV (Operational). The course has been designed for European and international students.

    This course covers: - Radiotelephony - Surface operations - Standard words and phrases - Airport signs, markings and hazards - ATC requests - Emergencies - Take Off and Landing - Weather and NOTAMs - Navigation & much more

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  • 4. ATC2Pilot Aviation English - ICAO Levels V and VI

    Our most advanced Aviation English course - designed with extensive real-life examples to strengthen students’ speaking, listening and comprehension in everyday, non-normal and emergency events.

    Covered in this course:

    - Ground Control, Departure Control, Runway

    - Approach, Taxiways, En-route

    - Turbulence, Windshear, Traffic, Flight Conditions

    - ATC, Taxi Route, Altitude, Icing, Runway Change

    - Birdstrike, Engine Failure, Low Fuel, Emergencies

    - Refusal, Abort, Communication Breakdown

    - Engine Fire, Emergency, Low Fuel, Evacuation

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    White-labelled hosting for your courses

    We can provide complete white-labelled courses, with your own subdomain, logo and colours. Please get in touch for more information, we have a team of experienced aviation professionals eager to assist you.

    Large and Bulk orders

    If you’re considering providing Online English Language courses for your staff, customers or clients, then please get in touch to discuss discounted rates for bulk customers. We can get you up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

    Online English Courses - the smart way

    Whether you’re a flight school looking to attract more international students or an airline with English language training needs, our online English language courses can reduce training costs and provide proven, expert tuition at all levels of competency.

    Our courses are accessible anywhere and from nearly any device, so candidates can learn at their own pace, in their own time. With individual progress tracking and bookable instructor-led webinars, you can be sure of the highest quality of English language training at a fraction of the cost of instructor-led classroom sessions.

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