August Kidney Catch Up August 2013 edition

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  • Kidney Health Australia at YirrkalaKidney Health Australia was proud to be invited to celebrate the 50th year anniversary of the signing of the bark petitions in Yirrkala, Northern Territory last month, which was attended by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The historic petitions were the first traditional documents to be recognised by federal Parliament and paved the way for recognition and land rights for Indigenous peoples.

    The Yirrkalla Aboriginal health service, Miwatj Health, expressed interest in partnering with Kidney Health Australia to hold a festival in 2014 to highlight the links between kidney health, heart health and diabetes. Our funds for next year will be allocated to bring this to fruition.

    Thank you again for your help, from Kidney Health Australia CEO Anne Wilson Kidney Health Australia is one of the main non-government supporters of kidney and urinary tract biomedical research in Australia. With your help, our Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee awarded eighteen separate grants and scholarships to kidney related research projects in university departments, medical research institutes and hospitals throughout Australia in 2013 to the value of $491,000.

    kidney catch upAUGUST 2013

    Escape in the car of your dreamsBe rewarded for helping fund much needed services, programs and research and help us promote good kidney health and reduce the incidence of kidney disease in the Australian community. Become a Kidney Star by committing to 4 lottery entries across the year, and you will be entitled to an additional draw or $750 a month, and $5000 every quarter! Find out more visit

    Were walking for NikMy husband Nik was diagnosed with stage four kidney failure two weeks before our wedding. The morning after his bucks night, he was vomiting and dizzy, which we suspected was from a fall. Blood and urine tests showed that his kidneys were failing, with only 20 per cent function remaining, despite showing no symptoms. Luckily he was released from hospital in time for our big day! We now practice a healthy lifestyle and diet, and soon Niks father will be tested to see if hes a match for a kidney transplant. And were enjoying our first year of marriage, determined not to let the disease change our lives!

    For this years Big Red Kidney Walk, 20 members from our families are coming together to fundraise and participate this September in Sydney. We want to make a difference in the lives of those affected by kidney disease, like Nik, and you can too. To find out more and register for the Big Red Kidney Walk, go to

    Join the Big Red Kidney WalkOur friends are walking again this year for this special event. You can join us in Adelaide, Launceston, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney on September 2 (Fathers Day), and Toowoomba on September 8. You can also bring your community together for your own event. Just get in touch with us at For more information and registration, head to

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