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Attendee Introductions. 4 th NARCCAP Users Workshop NCAR Boulder, CO April 10-11, 2012. Introductions. After your introduction, please tell us your: Institutional affiliation Position title A sentence on what you would like to gain from the workshop. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Attendee Introductions

    4th NARCCAP Users WorkshopNCAR Boulder, CO April 10-11, 2012

  • Introductions

    After your introduction, please tell us your:

    Institutional affiliationPosition titleA sentence on what you would like to gain from the workshop

  • Miguel Arango - Application of biogeochemical models for predicting greenhouse gases emissions from agricultural soils

    Marc Baldo - Application of climate data to rainfall/runoff models for water supply planning

    Carlos Carrillo - Climate variability of the North American Monsoon rainfall regimen

  • Soyee Chiu - Analyzing climate model data to make long-term climate projections that are specifically designed to be utilized within climate change adaptation strategies in the urban and agricultural sectors Jorge Gonzalez -Climate and energy nexus, analysis and modeling of urban climate and weather, environmental sustainability

    Tamara Greasby statistical downscaling

  • Jennifer Jacobs - Infrastructure and riverine systems performance under a nonstationarity climate

    Jinwon Kim - Regional climate modeling, model evaluation, link of regional climate model data to impact assessment models, with particular emphasis on streamflow, water resources, and agriculture and ecosystems

  • Leslie Lyons Duncan - The interactions between subsurface, surface, and meteoric water at multiple spatial and temporal scales

    Debra Perrone - Spatio-temporal dimensions of U.S. water, energy, and food resources

  • Patrick Lynch - Mechanistic models of fish population dynamics that incorporate environmental conditions and can make projections using downscaled climate models

    Kelly Mahoney - Dynamical downscaling of warm season extreme precipitation events in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and applications-oriented approaches to better understanding the potential for changing extremes in future climates.

  • Guilong Li Using statistical methods to estimate high resolution extreme temperature and precipitation changes and uncertainties over North America

    Yongqiang Liu - Projecting future changes in U.S. forest fuel and fire conditions using NARCCAP regional climate change scenarios and their adverse environmental impacts

  • Ruben Picon - Climate modeling, numerical methods and environmental sustainability

    Ping Yang - Using NARCCAP data on Meso-scale Regional Earth System Model project to forecast U.S. Northeast region carbon emission, energy use and water management in 21 century

    John Mejia - Regional climate modeling and applications to create the framework, explore, and explain future climate change signals in Nevada and Southwestern U.S. intermountain region

  • Mohammad Reza Najafi - Climate change impact on hydrologic extremes such as floods in the Pacific Northwest

    Shimelis G. Setegn - Distributed watershed hydrologic modeling and uncertainty analysis, impact of climate and land use changes on water resources variability, and modeling for better prediction of lake hydrodynamic and water quality

  • Darrin Sharp - The development of information systems used for ecological and environmental research

    Stephen Sobie - Evaluating statistical downscaling techniques and providing an analysis of projected climate impacts on communities in the Pacific and Yukon region using a variety of future climate scenarios.

  • Venkat Sridhar - Climate change impacts on hydrology and water resources

    Grant Weller - Extreme value theory with a particular interest in modeling climate extremes

    Hua Zhang - Impacts of climate change on hydrology, water quality, and water resources management

  • Thank you all for being here!