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Associative movement

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Creating & mangae the association master & control its project

Text of Associative movement

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    HAMDOUNE AbdelkaderMars 25th 2011

  • Creating the association

    Associative problemsHome


    Manage the association

    Associative project

  • Introduction

    An association is a group of people who worktogether in a single organization for a particularpropose.

    Project associative is a planned work or an


    Project associative is a planned work or anactivity which is finished with a period of timeand intended to achieve a particular aim.

    So how can we manage and control anassociation after create it? And whats the betterway to master and control its projects?

  • Associative problems

    Creating the association :

    o Give up the young people to take put in theassociation.

    o Absence of volunteering culture.


    o Absence of volunteering culture.o Poor financemento Getting a local.o State doesnt support the associative activity.

  • Creating the association :

    Goal of the association must be charitable non-political.

    Sensitize objectives association and its

    Associative problems04

    Sensitize objectives association and itsprincipal.


    Select the members who can do the things rightand do the right things.

  • Manage the association :

    o Have no expertise.

    o Conflict in team working.

    Associative problems05

    o Conflict in team working.

    o Communication.

    o Lack of implementation of program adopted.

  • Manage the association Knowledge is the bridge between information and action. Searching for the best information and not for easiest

    information to find. Work in team gives evolution.

    Associative problems06

    Work in team gives evolution. Do what you say and say what you do. Flexibility. Divide the association to the committees. Friction associations and communicate with each other

    for a higher goal. Doing training sessions for capacity development and

    discovery of skills.

  • Project associative :

    o Dont finish the project in appropriate time

    Associative problems07

    o Unsatisfactory results

  • Project associative :

    o Communicate with business and economico Executive leadership that actually understands

    all work to do.

    Associative problems08

    all work to do.o The leadership must be responsible for making

    certain decisions putting into action.o Identify the project timetable and the actual

    study by giving consideration to the possibilitiesavailable.

    o Make the internal controls project a success.

  • BeginningWith


    Willpower To do all what you want to doTo do all what you want to do

    YouYou justjust have to havehave to have

    Associative problems09


    Part to theresponsibility


    and reaction

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