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DESCRIPTION Voice NOVOED TEAM, mentor aly xomin and chair by chuck... VAS the android app


<ul><li><p>Inst</p><p>ruct</p><p>ion</p><p>al </p><p>Vid</p><p>eo</p><p>To t</p><p>he</p><p> TH</p><p>EV</p><p>OIC</p><p>E N</p><p>ov</p><p>oe</p><p>d g</p><p>rou</p><p>p m</p><p>em</p><p>be</p><p>rs</p><p>"Ho</p><p>w t</p><p>o c</p><p>on</p><p>du</p><p>ct I</p><p>nte</p><p>rvie</p><p>w E</p><p>ffe</p><p>ctiv</p><p>ely</p><p>"</p><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED TEAM</p><p>watch this video presentation on</p></li><li><p>Introduction</p><p> My Name is Nooruddin; i am your team leader as this is the VOICE our coach Chuck Essley turned the chair; now its our time to prove him how talented we are and welcome you all for joining me in the assignment where we are going to test our Value Preposition i.e Value Added Service for our The Voice Tel; We have assignment to complete on time and that is "to conduct interview and give a results". This is instruction video on how we are going to conduct interview</p><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED TEAM</p><p></p><p>eams/67775</p><p>watch this video presentation on</p><p></p></li><li><p>Wh</p><p>o is</p><p> ou</p><p>r va</p><p>lue</p><p>d c</p><p>ust</p><p>om</p><p>er</p><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED TEAM</p><p>watch this video presentation on</p></li><li><p>What we do with our valued client?</p><p> Simple ask them question in either structured manner or unstructured; the difference is that in structured we have to write it down question and hand over to our selected interviewee; in unstructured just ask what ever you find feasible; Making it simple we are going to use structured approach.</p><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED TEAM this video presentation on </p></li><li><p>Objectives</p><p> We are going to ask only 5 question; randomly; our objective is simple take the feedback for our VAS Service How they think about it; we have non -objectives also that we are not going to ask any thing extra apart from it.</p><p> I have planned 5 question. You can ask with any one and email it to me there feed back. We have short time so we will not be able to record video but we will combine those question and provide a summary and result it out either we are on the right part; Is our business case accepted</p><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED </p><p>TEAM</p><p></p><p>venture17/teams/67</p><p>775</p><p>watch this video pres</p><p>entation on </p><p></p><p>960676</p></li><li><p>Fo</p><p>r B</p><p>usi</p><p>ne</p><p>ss; </p><p>Stu</p><p>de</p><p>nts</p><p>; a</p><p>nd</p><p> Pu</p><p>blic</p><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED TEAM</p><p>watch this video presentation on</p></li><li><p>Fo</p><p>r S</p><p>take</p><p> Ho</p><p>lde</p><p>rs; </p><p>Inve</p><p>sto</p><p>rs</p><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED TEAM</p><p>watch this video presentation on</p></li><li><p>Fo</p><p>r IS</p><p>P's</p><p> an</p><p>d T</p><p>ele</p><p>com</p><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED TEAM</p><p>watch this video presentation on</p></li><li><p>How you will find interviewee..</p><p> For Audience Students; Business and Public You don't need to do any extra afforts; just go out and grab any one randomly </p><p>ask at least 25 people with minimum 20 in students; business and public</p><p> For Stake Holders; Investors; You can find them in stock market; and observe those individual who are </p><p>investing in Tech stocks;</p><p> You can contact to different vendors if they are interested in</p><p> At least 10 will do the trick</p><p> For ISP; </p><p> You can ask your internet service provider or cable operator;</p><p> At least 5 will be enough; go to their branch office and ask the manager</p><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED TEAM</p><p></p><p>watch this video presentation on </p><p></p></li><li><p>Remember one thing..</p><p> Is to test our business case; Is good; unique Value Added Service with features based on client preference worth. Can App (Android App as a Service) will take smart device to next level. </p><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED TEAM</p><p></p><p>ams/67775</p><p>watch this video presentation on </p><p></p></li><li><p>What Next</p><p> Based on the Result we are going to create a Summary what we have learnt from face to face customer interview</p><p> What problems we have faced during interview and how to interview based on our practical experience</p><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED TEAM</p><p></p><p>watch this video presentation on </p><p></p></li><li><p>THEVOICE -NOVOED TEAM</p><p>watch this video presentation on</p></li></ul>