Aspen v8 Tutorial - Flash Calculation - v8 Tutorial - Flash – Aspen’s’flash’unitoperaon’with’an’appropriate’rigorous’thermodynamic’ model.’ 5. ... Aspen v8 Tutorial - Flash Calculation

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  • 06-321 ChemE Thermodynamics

    Flash Calcula:on

    Bruno A. Calfa

    Last Update: August 27th, 2014


  • Basics of Flash Calcula:ons Important applica:on of VLE. Liquid at a pressure equal to or greater than its bubble point

    pressure flashes or par:ally evaporates when the pressure is reduced, producing a two-phase system of vapor and liquid in equilibrium.

    Consider a P-T flash, i.e., both pressure and temperature are specified as well as the inlet (overall) composi:on.

    2 [1]

  • Modeling (I/II) Total mole balance Component mole balance Phase-equilibrium ra:o In general, the K-values (Ki) depend on composi:on, T, and P.

    3 [2]

  • Modeling (II/II) Combining equa:ons and given that yields:

    This is a nonlinear algebraic equa:on. Note that only zi is specified. If the K-values are independent of

    composi:ons (e.g., Raoults Law assump:on), then a simple itera:ve solu:on approach can be used to solve for the ra:o V/F. Root-finding methods, such as Newton-Raphson and bisec:on, can be employed.

    A more convoluted itera:on procedure is needed if the K-values also depend on composi:ons (rigorous models).


  • Numerical Example Mixture: (1)methanol + (2)1-propanol + (3)acetone. P = 101.325 kPa, T = 343.15 K. z1 = 0.4, z2 = 0.2, z3 = 0.4. Approximate Method

    Assume Raoults Law applies (use Antoine equa:on to calculate satura:on pressures).

    Use MATLABs func:on fsolve.

    Rigorous Method Aspens flash unit opera:on with an appropriate rigorous thermodynamic



  • Approximate Method


    See MATLAB script M-file FlashExampleApproximate.m. Solu:on

    V/F = 0.656 f(V/F) = 2.583 108

    Component yi xi methanol 0.427 0.348

    1-propanol 0.116 0.360

    acetone 0.457 0.292

  • Rigorous Method Add components.


  • Rigorous Method Select thermodynamic model. Use Method Assistant. NRTL seems to be

    appropriate. Go to the subfolder Parameters under Methods to confirm that you will be using Aspens built-in binary interac:on parameters.


  • Rigorous Method Switch to Simula:on environment. Add flash unit opera:on (Flash2). You may rename the block (right click -> Rename Block).


  • Rigorous Method Click on Material. Red arrows are mandatory. Blue arrows are op:onal.


  • Rigorous Method Draw streams. You can rename streams (right click -> Rename Stream).


  • Rigorous Method Configure feed stream. Go to folder Streams, then 1 (feed stream). Use same

    condi:on of feed for this example.


  • Rigorous Method Configure flash unit. Go to folder Blocks, then B1.


  • Rigorous Method Run simula:on. Click on blue play bukon. It converged! We are not

    performing economic evalua:ons at this point, so click Close.


  • Rigorous Method Check results (Stream Summary).


  • Rigorous Method To see molar frac:ons, go to folder Setup -> Report Op:ons -> Streams.

    Check Mole for Frac:on basis.


  • Rigorous Method Rerun simula:on. View Streams (Custom). Remember that stream 2 is the

    vapor stream, and stream 3 is the liquid stream.


  • Summary: Approximate vs. Rigorous

    Approximate Rigorous

    0.656 0.756


    Component yi xi Approx. Rigorous Approx. Rigorous

    methanol 0.427 0.427 0.348 0.318

    1-propanol 0.116 0.128 0.360 0.422

    acetone 0.457 0.445 0.292 0.260


    More considerable devia:ons in the liquid stream composi:on. Ideal solu:on (Raoults Law) may not be a good assump:on for this system. Need rigorous ac:vity coefficients models.

    See file FlashExampleRigorous.apwz.

  • References [1] Green, D. W. (Editor). (2008). Perrys Chemical Engineers Handbook. McGraw-Hill Professional. New York, NY. USA. [2] Seader, J. D.; Henley, E. J.; & Roper, D. K. (2011). Separa:on Process Principles: Chemical and Biochemical Opera:ons. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Hoboken, NJ. USA.