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October 29, 2015 edition of the Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal

Text of Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal, October 29, 2015

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    Last splash of colour for the yearPatsy Gessey discusses all of the wonderful ways to cook aubergines - aka eggplants - with Georgia Lesley at the last Farmers Market of the year in Lytton. Patsy raises fresh, organic produce, herbs and beautiful cut flowers in her garden plot along the Fraser River near Lytton. Photo: Bernie Fandrich

    by Wendy CoomberThe Village of Ashcroft is going ahead with

    borrowing nearly half a million dollars to buy a new fire truck after the Alternative Approval Process (AAP) failed to gather enough signa-tures by Oct. 13. Only 47 response forms were filled out: 148 were required to defeat the pro-posal.

    Im very happy we got that result, said Coun. Barb Roden.

    I think theres a number of people happy, added Mayor Jack Jeyes.

    That would be a big hit to the whole Vil-lage if we do not keep up our fire trucks, said Counc. Alf Trill. It would double the insurance rates.

    I agree completely, said Coun. Al Mer-tens. Some people feel its a waste of taxpay-ers money. I tell them its the cost of doing business. Every municipality knows theres a 20 year life on fire trucks. Keeping them up to date is the cheapest form of insurance anyone could have.

    Mayor Jeyes alluded to the fact that muni-cipalities are governed by rules to provide ad-equate services to taxpayers when he said, Its a decision that was out of our hands. He added, But with better equipment, we can be assured that our firefighters are going to come home.

    The job ws awarded to HUB Fire Engines and Equipment Ltd. of Abbotsford.

    The cost of the Fire Truck, including addi-tional fire hoses, comes to $393,979, said Vil-lage treasurer Yogi Bhalla. HUB has agreed to waive a downpayment and our payment will occur in two installments.

    The first installment will be when the chas-sis and pump are delivered in approximately five months, and the balance will be paid upon delivery of the completed truck in about 11 months.

    He said the method of payment significant-ly reduces our interest expenses in the first year. With taxes, the cost of the truck is $421,558.

    HUB was one of three companies who quot-ed on the truck.

    Im glad were able to go with HUB, said Roden.

    Even though the chassis is being built in the US, HUB is based in Abbotsford, So were providing jobs in BC, she said, even if they are in the Lower Mainland.

    by Wendy CoomberAshcroft Mayor Jack Jeyes was

    pleased to announce to Council that Interior Health had agreed to fund the community bus for a one a week trip to Lillooet so that local patients without a doctor could see one.

    The beauty of this, he said, is that patients will be seeing one of two doctors who will presumably be com-ing here in February, so they will be es-tablishing a relationship with their new doctor.

    He said he also liked the fact that

    it was putting their community bus to good use.

    The bus only operates three days weekly, Monday, Wednesday and Fri-day. Trips to Lillooet are scheduled every Thursday from now until Jan. 21, except for Dec. 24 and 31.

    Its a partial solution, said Coun. Barbara Roden. Its not perfect, but its a step in the right direction.

    She said their quick meeting with Ministry of Health officials at the Union of BC Municipalities conven-tion turned out beneficial, and having

    MLA Jackie Tegart there with them was very helpful.

    Cache Creek Council agreed to set up a bus stop of sorts for Cache Creek and area residents to catch the bus at the Community Hall be-fore it heads to Ashcroft.

    There may be a need at some point in the future for a room to be open in the hall for people who are waiting, said Mayor John Ranta.

    See story on p. 3 for more infor-mation about appointments.

    Borrowing for new fire truck passes

    Medical bussing to Lillooet begins today

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    Annual GeneralMeetingCache Creek

    Community HallBasement Meeting Room

    If you are interested in the survival of our golf course please attend this meeting or

    we wont have a golf course next year.

    Nov. 27 pm

    Semlin Valley Golf Club

    A 2 Thursday, October 29, 2015 The JournalCOMMUNITY

    Ashcroft rcMP DetAchMentPOLICE REPORT

    Wendy Coomber

    Winners of the blackpowder shoot

    The annual Thanksgiving Black Powder Shoot was held at the Ashcroft-Cache gun range on Oct. 10-11 and was once again a great suc-cess.

    The South Cariboo Sportsman Associa-tions Shoot drew shooters from every corner of the province with 35 people participating in the shoot this year. A lot of hard work and prepar-ation goes into the process of getting it ready, with most of the work done by a very few. Thanks to Ken and Betty Brown, Letty Hansen, Lorne Rourke and Jim Moon for making it hap-pen.

    The Outstanding Frontier People this year were Judy Marshall (Top Mountain Woman) from Chilliwack and Taylor Sapergia (Top Mountain Man) from Prince George. Congratu-lations to both.

    Events over the two days included Rifle (trail), Smooth Bore (trail), Pistol, Shotgun, Archery, Tomahawk (hawk), Knife, Cartridge and a Quigley shoot.

    Contestants were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for each event. The Top Moun-tain Man and Woman were awarded etched glass take-home trophies and their names will be added to the permanent trophy at the club-house.

    The winners in each event are as follows:Trail Rifle, Ladies

    Candace Gregovich of Prince George (Gold), Irene Roggensack of Kelowna (Silver) and Judy Marshall of Chilliwack (Bronze).

    Trail Rifle, MenSteve Chatt of Maple Ridge (Gold), Justin

    of Fort St. John (Silver) and Kerry Nielsen of Surrey (Bronze).

    Trail Smoothbore, MenIan Marshall of Chilliwack (Gold), Justin

    of Fort St. John (Silver) and Vance of Kelow-na (Bronze).

    Pistol, LadiesJudy Marshall of Chilliwack (Gold), Y-

    Vonne Clarke of Chilliwack (Silver) and Wendy of Chilliwack (Bronze).

    Pistol, MenNeil Hunter of Prince George (Gold), Tay-

    lor Sapergia of Surrey (Silver) and Stete Chatt of Prince George (Bronze).

    Shotgun, LadiesJudy Marshall of Chilliwack, Gold and Y-

    Vonne Clarke of Chilliwack (Silver).Shotgun, MenNeil Hunter of Prince George (Gold), Tex

    Mahler of Surrey (Silver) and Taylor Sapergia of Prince George (Bronze).

    Archery, Jr.Daniel Gregovich, 8, of Prince George

    (Gold) and Kade, 8, of Prince George (Silver).Archery, LadiesIris Robinson of Clinton (Gold), Y-Vonne

    Clarke of Chilliwack (Silver) and Candice Gregovich of Prince George (Bronze).

    Archery, MenTaylor Sapergia of Prince George (Gold),

    David Jensen of Chilliwack (Silver) and Chico of 58 Mile.

    Hawk, Jr.Daniel Gregovich of Prince George (Gold)

    and Kade of Prince George.Hawk, LadiesIrene Roggensack of Kelowna (Gold), Iris

    Robinson of Clinton (Silver) and Nicky Bundus of Cache Creek (Bronze).

    Hawk, MenTaylor Sapergia of Prince George (Gold),

    Dave Ford of Prince George (Silver) and Ziggy of Chilliwack (Bronze).

    Knife, LadiesIrene Roggensack of Kelowna (Gold), Judy

    Marshall of Chilliwack (Silver) and Y-Vonne Clarke of Chilliwack (Bronze).

    Knife, MenDave Ford of Kelowna (Gold), Mike Bennie

    of Nanaimo (Silver) and Paroggie (Bronze).Cartridge, MenVance of Kelowna (Gold).There was no winner of the Quigley Shoot.A special thank you to all those who partici-

    patedk in the Black Powder Shoot this year and a big thank you to all who took part in our Pot-luck Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday night.

    Multi-car accident narrowly avoidedOct. 20 at 4:20 pm police attended a single vehicle

    accident on Hwy 1 east of Cache Creek. Witnesses re-port watching the 2014 Honda sedan drift into the on-coming lane, nearly colliding with three oncoming ve-hicles, before it went into the ditch. The driver, a 72 year old Clinton woman, did not appear to be injured but seemed to be confused and disoriented. She was treat-ed by ambulance attendants before being transported to Kamloops hospital for further examination. The cause of the accident is unknown.

    Drugs seized from carOct. 22 at 11 am Traffic Services officers stopped a

    vehicle on Hwy 99 by Historic Hat Creek Ranch and no-ticed a strong odour of marijuana inside the car. Police

    seized two grams of ma-rijuana and two grams of hash. There was no sign of the driver, a 72 year old Ashcroft man, being under the influence. The driver and his two passengers were al-lowed to carry on.

    Impaired driver stoppedOct. 22 at 11:20 am Traffic Services officers stopped

    a Ford F-350 on Hwy 11 near Historic Hat Creek Ranch. Alcohol was noted on the drivers breath and he was given two