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January 07, 2016 edition of the Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal

Text of Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal, January 07, 2016

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    Property assessments rise

    Interest in local business

    Snow DaysJim Duncan and granddaughter Preslee, 5, clean up the latest deposit of snow on Tuesday morning at their Blue Sage bed and breakfast in Ashcroft.

    by Wendy CoomberThe 2015 property assessments

    have been released, and Ashcroft and Cache Creek have done well this year - better than the other mu-nicipalities in the region.

    Property assessments in Ash-croft and Cache Creek increased in 2015 from zero to 15 per cent, meaning that it may stay the same as last year or it may increase.

    The market value of all of the homes in Ashcroft increased to an average house price of $215,000 from $197,000, while Cache Creeks went to an average of $182,000 from $166,000.

    Lyttons assessment decreased from -5 to +15 per cent, while Clin-tons assessment decreased -10 to +15 per cent. The market value of

    Lyttons properties jumped to an average house price of $140,000 from $130,000, while Clinton rose to an average price of $106,000 from $102,000.

    Lillooets 2015 property as-sessment is in the -10 to + 10 per cent range, their market value ris-ing to an average price of $171,000 from $165,000. Logan Lakes as-sessments are in the -10 to + 5 per cent range, with their market value dropping to an average house price of $211,000 from $218,000.

    In the next few days, owners of properties throughout the Thomp-son area can expect to receive their 2016 assessment notices which re-flect market value as of July 1, 2015.

    by Wendy CoomberBusiness is looking up in the

    Ashcroft and Cache Creek area, with a record number of inquiries from potential business owners, ac-cording to Deb Arnott, manager of the Community Futures (CFDC) office in Ashcroft.

    As of April, honest to good-ness, Ive never seen it so busy, says Arnott. We met our targets the first quarter - that has never happened.

    CFDC is a federal program with 269 offices across Canada. Their mandate is to support small businesses in a variety of ways, in-cluding counselling and loans.

    Arnott says there were people walking into the office, phoning, people being referred.

    I talked to people and asked them How did you hear about us? It was word of mouth. Everybody said they heard of us through word of mouth. That took 25 years - and thats why I believe business strug-gles to much - thats how long it takes to get your name engrained

    in the region so that when sombody wants something, they think of you. I was actually quite stunned.

    A lot of it, she says, is people who come to town with their part-ner who has started a job here. They come with the skills to run a business but they dont know where to start.

    She says that when she meets with couples, often one of them has been working out of town, and they want to be that family unit again.

    They may have come from a community of 25,000, she says. I tell them to keep in mind this is a small community, keep in mind were right next to Kamloops.

    Im seeing some younger clientele, she says. Im seeing some clientele with families who are looking for a rural community so they can raise their kids in a safe place.

    They just want to know where to start, so Arnott walks them through the steps.

    I find that if I can keep encour-See CFDC on p. 10

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    Coming ComingEvents

    The Cache Creek Indoor Market is held the rst Saturday of the month over the winter, except for January.

    Community Vegetarian Potluck Desert Sands School every 2nd Tuesday of the month 6:00pm. Bring your favourite Vegetarian Dish and join the fellowship.

    Jan. 11: Village of Cache Creek Council meeting at 7 pm in the Village Of ce. Everyone welcome.

    Feb. 2: Alzheimer Society of BC - Understanding Dementia workshop 1:00-4:00pm at the Ashcroft HUB, 711 Hill St. (formerly Ashcroft Elementary). Cost: by donation. Pre-registration is required, call Tara Hildebrand 1-800-886-6946 or e-mail

    Feb. 6: Seedy Saturday at the Cache Creek Community Hall, 9am to 2 pm. Admission free.

    March 1: Alzheimer Society of BC - Understanding Dementia workshop 1:00-4:00pm at the Ashcroft HUB, 711 Hill St. (formerly Ashcroft Elementary). Cost: by donation. Pre-requisite for this workshop is the Understanding Dementia workshop. Pre-registration is required, call Tara Hildebrand 1-800-886-6946 or e-mail


    Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday 12 pm - 5 pm Thursday - Friday 12 pm - 11 pm

    Saturday 12 pm - 8 pm ~ Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm

    Ashcroft Legion General Meeting3rd Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

    (no meeting July and August)

    Euchre rst, second & third Sundays of every month1:00 to 4:00 pm, beginners welcome

    MEAT DRAWEvery Saturday ~ 3:00 pm

    FRIDAY, JAN. 8th6:30 - 7:15 pm

    BEEF STEW $10/plate Served with Salad, Buns & Dessert

    * Legion Crib Tournament last Sunday of the monthOpen 10 am starts 11 am sharp - 12 games * Free Pool Daily

    Crib every Thursday at 7:00 pmDarts every Thursday at 7:30 pm

    Soup & Bun $4.00 every Tuesday

    A 2 Thursday, January 7, 2016 The JournalCOMMUNITY

    Ashcroft rcMP DetAchMentPOLICE REPORT

    Wendy Coomber

    Concert Series offers The Nautical Miles

    Police Telephone #s

    Ashcroft: 250-453-2216Clinton: 250-459-2221Lytton: 250-455-2225

    Fresh from their successful presentation of My Fair Lady in November, the Winding Rivers Arts & Performance Society (WRAPS) is excit-ed to be moving on to its next event: its Win-ter/Spring 2016 concert series. It begins with a bang on Friday, Jan. 15 at 7pm, when Vancou-ver-based folk-rock band The Nautical Miles comes to the area.

    Members of WRAPS were able to see the group perform at last years Pacific Contact event in Vancouver, and were blown away by their mix of hold-your-breath ballads and elec-trifying showstoppers. The group - which will feature seven musicians at the concert - has roots in folk, rock, and music, but is equally at home performing with jazz musicians, blue-grass bands, and brass quintets. Audiences never know whats coming next when The Nautical Miles come to town.

    The Georgia Straight newspaper called The Nautical Miless sound a new kind of folk music, and the group has performed at festivals and venues around the world. They have three CDs to their name, all featuring ori-ginal music; the most recent, 2013s Ode to Joy, contains 12 songs that poured out of song-writer and guitarist Corbin Murdoch, who notes that he just wants to embrace music that makes people feel good.

    Although the Winter/Spring Concert Series is normally held in Ashcroft, this concert will take place at the Crossroads Pentecostal Church on Stage Rd. in Cache Creek. One of WRAPSs mandates is to bring the arts to the area, and they hope that staging this event in Cache Creek will enable more people to attend.

    Tickets are 25 per cent off if you buy them in advance, and are available at UniTea, Natures Gifts, Ashcroft Bakery, and the Jade Shop. They can also be purchased online at the WRAPS website at .

    Barbara Roden

    Noisy partyDec. 22 at 11:58 pm police were

    called to a residence on Parke Rd. in Cache Creek by neighbours complain-ing about the noise. Police spoke to the 26 year old homeowner who promised to tone down his party.

    Car damaged in hit and runDec. 23 police were advised of a hit

    and run in the Husky parking lot in the afternoon. The 83 year old Cache Creek driver and his wife were in the store at the time of the incident. A witness told them that a gray van hit their car, causing dam-age to the bumper.

    Accident leads to suspensionDec. 24 at 7 pm police attended a sin-

    gle vehicle accident on Hwy 97C in Ash-crof