Ascending With Gaia — Why Words Won't Work

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  • 8/9/2019 Ascending With Gaia Why Words Won't Work


    9:49 am, Sunday, 9/6/2009, 11 Edznab/Flint


    Lovely, cloudy morning; thunder rumbles, now and then, in the background. Coolenough that the windows are open, allowing in the bird and nature sounds.Ah...lovely.

    In an interesting, rather pensive, meditative state. Began this entry while in the midst of morningdevotions. Was again true, with the reading in No More Secrets No More Lies, that only asmall section of text could be taken in. It all contains so very much, toward theend of the book, especially on the journey toward the full 12 stranding of ourDNA. That was the section, this morning, on the final triangulation, the 10th,11th, and 12th strands coming in.

    It took us, as well, through the birthing process with Gaia, the full ascensionwith our dear earth and solar system. In the reading of these things, these days,I am in both places at once. Intriguing, how that happens. Will not try to explainthe unexplainable, for the mind is simply not equipped. It is experienceable, butnot explainable.

    And I came across the best and simplest explanation, ho ho, of this in the I AM THAT morningreading (for yes, that is currently a permanent part, and the first one, of morningreadings). Sri Nis(argadatta) explained that all words are of the mind,mental. Yes, that simple. Words, then, being mental, cannot go beyond mind.

    But ah, they can, in a way, a transcendent way. How is that? By the radiation they carry.All words contain and convey the energy of their writer/speaker. In this way canwords act as the carrier for a much higher -- or lower -- energy. The AscendedMasters have long said this, through their various messengers, down through thecenturies. And now I find, experientially, that it is true, even with my own words.

    Before, I knew it to be true only with the words of the Masters, for I felt theradiation, their energy, come through the words of their dictations through theMessengers. That was when, however, the chakras and sensitivities were prettyblocked off, due largely to the various manifestations of fear.* Thus, it was onlythe powerful wallop of light, shining through the Masters words, that made itperceivable to me. In lesser intensities it was largely invisible.

    Oh, how times and things have changed, have accelerated! Like practically everyone else, I haveaccelerated, or been accelerated...for one is largely danced, after all. These days it is easy toperceive the energy coming through, riding in on almost anyones words, particularly otherlight bearers. It is just that clear and perceptible...and amazing.

  • 8/9/2019 Ascending With Gaia Why Words Won't Work


    So, no, it is not the words that bring any kind of an enlightenment, for theycannot. No, but the light they carry, interacting with the light that is you,triggers your understanding, your awakening to this or that, for we all knoweverything, within. It is wise to look to the within, always, as we have long beentold...for all is within.

    Only thus does one (who knows this) consent to use words in the transmission of a message. One KNOWS that the words do not , cannot contain nor transmit what they do notcontain. It is also why many Masters, down through the millennia, have goneinto the silence. What they find there cannot be conveyed by any words. In thesilence one becomes what one then conveys by simply being , by ones verybeing. It can then be picked-up in direct transmission; and for this words areuseless.

    So, since it is a given that words can neither contain nor convey truth, one canonly tune-in to the heart, wherein the light of this and all such messages isreceived. Eckhart Tolle calls it opening to the inner body. We can then rise intothe higher vibratory aspects of being and take our seat and presence, therewhere true communion begins.

    From the outset, and throughout, I assert that I am no better, no wiser, nosmarter, no holier than anyone, or even anything else is. In our ultimate onenessall is, all are, truly equal. No thing, no person, no being is more important thananother, for this is an impossibility. How could this be, in true union, in ourOneness? There simply is no other, no separation of any kind, here. (BurtHardings There Is Only YOU is a fantastic short presentation of this reality.)

    This writing, these words, are to perform but a temporary task, since before too long, once all areawake and united and One, no such words will be either necessary or desired. All, there, areawake and alive to All, and know all. Meanwhile, while some of us yet linger here in 3D, givingattention to the seeming outer, to the non-existent other, these words can beuseful.

    Their usefulness resides within the reader, though. All actually resides in self, as we are comingawake to realize. Still, many of us are into habit, as we sometimes point the finger, whether of blame or of praise, at another. It does not suffice to be mentally awake to these things.No, one must truly awake, experientially, in the fullest, deepest sense. So, evenif you know these things, brother/sister wo/man, perhaps you will join with me,unto a fuller awakening into them.

    Then too, you may know far more, or far better than I do. Again and again I will say, I am nobetter than you. Sometimes one believes it, one knows it, but sometimes one forgets. (Intent ispowerful. It could be useful to set an intent, here and now, to remember.) One cannot possiblyrecognize any light, wisdom, or knowledge in another that does not, first, exist within oneself .It is not possible. That is why all the speaker, any speaker, can be is a re-minder; one who helps one re-cognize (re-know) that which is within the self, theSelf.

  • 8/9/2019 Ascending With Gaia Why Words Won't Work


    So, as these words flow, one could go within, and take up ones seat and station there, listeningfrom the heart, grand trysting place with light. One might even listen with the inner ear, hearing,as it were, the voice of ones own Self doing the speaking. This self may use these humble words,yet often your Self will speak to you in other words; words that may require you tostop taking in these words, for a bit, to listen.

    What is received here, or in any transmission from any being of light, is light.The light comes in as vibration. Higher frequencies are more light. Lowerfrequencies are the limiting, the closing off of the spigot of light. If this blogsucceeds, it will be based on the light it conveys. Interestingly enough, light,itself, is also information. Yes, pure, plain light is information.

    Are you open, dear friend, to receive? Can you shift your awareness sufficiently,so as to hear your own Self speaking? Can you listen from within? It is a fineexercise, helping one set the mental minds chatter aside. One simply removesattention from it, and places attention within.

    [Ah, something comes to me. I am learning, throughout, also, so you will oftensee me pause, and speak with my self. Please have patience with that. If itbores, perhaps one could use that time to re-center in the heart. So, what comesto me? Something from the past, now relevant.

    It is this: I have been told I have a nice voice; perhaps something about thetimbre and tone of it; dunno. What comes, though, is that voice is probably thebest way to share this heart. A simple remembrance, but relevant, when one isnewly considering how best to blog.]

    Always, too, the speaker of words of light is also the listener, is also learning; for with light comesboth wisdom and humility. The masters and sages down through the ages have told us that they,too, are listeners. Gibran in The Prophet captures it, perfectly.

    One just knows that none but God is good, and that one is blessed to be a conduit, the pipelinethrough which such goodness can flow. A worthy pipeline, hopefully, but just a pipeline,nonetheless. And, if God is the speaker, then should not all be listeners?

    We are all in process of remembering, whether consciously or not, that we are made to behappy ; that our native state is pure bliss. This we have forgotten, in the hurly-burly of living, here in 3D. We are aided in the recall by our movement into 4D,into 5D, as we transition with Gaia, and with Ra, the radiant one, as thefrequencies rise. Our whole solar system is in process of ascension, not just the(ready and willing) people.

    Accept that or not; it doesnt matter. It is certainly one way of looking at things, at currentchanges, everywhere visible. Old beliefs get in the way, and we are in the process of removingthem, of slipping the surly bonds of earth and taking flight, in vibration, into the beyond. Ha, of slipping the surly bonds of earth with earth, for she rises, too.

  • 8/9/2019 Ascending With Gaia Why Words Won't Work


    She is a being, you know. We have named her, often call her Gaia, but howmany have realized that she is a real being, with a real conscious awareness?Yes, and she communicates, when she will.

    What does one find when one communicates with Gaia? I dont know what youwill find, but what I have found is oneness. It is quite surprising to discover

    oneself as a cell in the body of the planet. Amazing, actually. Oh, and she isvery loving. Many know this, already, of course, and respond.

    A rock is conscious too. So is a bug. So is an electron, as quantum physics, giftof the gods (or gift of God, as you will), has shown. So are each and every one of our 50 trillion plus cells. Everything, the whole shootin match, is conscious andaware, in its own way. All participate in divinity, as well. All rise, with us, inconscious awareness. Understanding this makes life a rather differentproposition, doesnt it? One steps more carefully.

    One walks with more Presence