As you move through the ages and stages of your life, ?· As you move through the ages and stages of…

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  • As you move through the ages and stages of your life,you will face different needs, changing concerns andever-new questions. In addition to routine moneymanagement responsibilities, there will be times whenpersonal financial matters loom large. Sometimesyoull need a little advice, sometimes a lot!

    While there is no shortage of information available,todays changing tax and investment landscape cancomplicate the decision-making process and makeyour head spin. Then there is always the question ofconflicting information and whom you can trust.Your life is busy enough, and it may be a chore todetermine just which piece of advice is right foryou and whos on the level.

    At some point in your life, youll wake up and say, Ineed a financial planner a professional I can trustto provide professional advice. Someone to help memake the best decisions.

    If you are seeking independent, objective advice orprofessional asset management, Retirement Plus,Inc. stands ready to be of service. We offer personal-ized, needs-based solutions from comprehensivefinancial plans to professionally managed invest-ment portfolios to help you reach your mostimportant life goals.

    Whether you are financially independent and in needof professional wealth management, working hard toaccumulate assets and build for a secure financialfuture, or just starting out on your financial journey,Retirement Plus, Inc. provides financial guidance forthe future you deserve.

  • Independent, Objective Financial Planning

    Financial planning is a long-term process of wisely man-aging your finances so that you can achieve your goals anddreams, while at the same time helping to negotiate theroad blocks that inevitably arise in every stage of life.

    Retirement Plus, Inc. offers individual, comprehensivefinancial planning services, including active asset man-agement for clients. We take a highly personalizedapproach; there are no cookie-cutter programs and one-size-fits-all solutions. Each plan is individually createdand professionally monitored.

    While we maintain and work in a professional atmos-phere, we take pride in building long-term affable rela-tionships with our clients. Our staff is competent, caringand dedicated to your success.

    At Retirement Plus, Inc. we will help you move with con-fidence to meet key milestones and strategic goals. Ourfive-step Invision Process is an all-encompassingsolutions-based program designed to dynamically blendmultiple planning strategies and investment methodolo-gies into a unified wealth accumulation, preservation anddistribution management system.

    Exploration Getting answers to key questions, settingrealistic expectations.

    Creation Designing a blueprint of comprehensive strate-gies for your immediate benefit and long-term success.

    Implementation Selecting and blending the rightsolutions for you.

    Observation Ongoing monitoring and review of thefinancial plans components.

    Evaluation Regular reports and analysis coupled withperiodic meetings to discuss your progress and ensureyou stay on track.

  • One of our primary aims is to help you look at the big pic-ture. Thats why we take a high-level approach. Financialplanning is more than just retirement planning, investingfor the future, obtaining the right insurance coverageand/or tax planning.Through ongoing counsel and com-munications, we will help you:

    Understand how various financial decisions impactother areas of your life

    Simplify record-keeping and the decision-makingprocess

    Analyze a multitude of future uncertainties, includingretirement scenarios

    Invest to meet personal wealth and income objectives

    Create a secure financial future

    Still, we know that your life is about more than justmoney. Building peace of mind is an important part ofwhat we do. Our blended approach of financial goalachievement coupled with the identification and accom-plishment of your most important life goals can producethe ultimate family and personal enrichment.

    Who We ServeOur clients are successful, busy people who appreciate thefiner things in life: family, friends, a good challenge and areward well earned. Some are retired and financially inde-pendent. Others are accomplished professionals with billsto pay, kids to raise, careers to build.

    We are proud to serve teachers, doctors, nurses, businessowners, attorneys, and other professionals. Whetheryoure a country club member who enjoys the good life orthe quintessential millionaire-next-door still driving thatten-year-old Ford, well roll out the red carpet for you.

    We also have special expertise in helping Federal employ-ees make the most of their benefits and plan for thefuture you can live well and retire rich with the rightguidance and advice! And if you are a millionaire in themaking wed be pleased to talk to you after all, finan-cial planning is not just for the wealthy. Well help you getstarted with the potential and money youve got.

    Wherever you are on your financial journey,Retirement Plus Inc. welcomes you.

  • Fee-BasedInvestment Management

    Successful investing is achieved by combining focusand discipline with patience and commitment. Unfortu-nately, most investors allow isolated short-term events,misguided media-driven hype, and personal fears andgreed to influence their investment decisions allwithout regard to the big picture impact.

    At Retirement Plus Inc., we do not allow such diversionsto dictate investment strategies. Instead we use a moreobjective, institutionalized approach when devisingstrategies to achieve clients long-term objectives withintheir specified parameters. We utilize an integrated invest-ment system that includes sophisticated asset allocationprograms, computer modeling and various other ancillaryservices that assist in developing and managing your port-folios many components.

    Our mission is to help you reduce your financial dan-gers, focus on your opportunities, and then provide aclear path to help you achieve your goals. We do this bybuilding upon your strengths, employing our profession-al acumen, and then taking steps to increase the certain-ty that the job gets done right and on time. Peace of mindand a sense of surety are the most essential part of whatwe deliver through the financial planning and asset man-agement process.

    All services are provided on an independent, objectivebasis. In addition to discussing our fee structure with youduring our initial meeting, we will provide you with acopy of our disclosure document. Form ADV, Part IIwill detail our fees, services, background, qualifications,regulatory history, andmuch more. Please take thetime to read it and ask anyquestions you may have. Besure you request a copy ofForm ADV, Part II from anyand all financial advisorsyou interview.

  • Our InvestmentApproach

    Your financial plan which hinges on your goals, needsand personal objectives will drive our investment deci-sions. Through the Invision Process youll experiencea dynamic cycle of exploration, creation, implementation,observation and evaluation. You will always be informedand in touch with your larger life-and-money goals.

    Your investment strategy will include selection and blend-ing of the appropriate:

    Investment platforms Traditional (mutual funds; annuities fixed,

    variable, immediate) Institutional (Separately Managed Accounts,

    Multi-Strategy Accounts, Exchanged TradedFunds and Leveraged / Hedge Funds)

    Portfolio allocation and diversification methodologies Strategic and tactical asset management

    Quantitative indexing Actively managed positioning

    Income producing strategies Systematic withdrawal; interest and dividends;


    Tax management strategies Taxable, tax-deferred, tax-free, tax-credit

    Estate Management Tools Wills; Trusts; Durable Power of Attorney; Health

    Care Powers

    Unlike other firms where your options are focused on theproduct djour, Retirement Plus, Inc. offers you a universeof choice. Your personalized portfolio will be uniquely andprofessionally designed through a coordinated approach. Itwill be comprised of the appropriate blend of traditionaland institutional platforms and methodologies while utiliz-ing cost-efficient investment techniques and strategiesfashioned by ongoing advances in modern technologiesand cutting-edge innovations. In the past, many of theseinvestment strategies and platforms were typically avail-able only to the ultra-wealthy. Retirement Plus, Inc. isproud to offer these higher-level money management solu-tions to its clientele all aimed at achieving your statedgoals and objectives.

  • Randall P. Hallier, CFPPresident and Founder Randy Hallier has been in the financial planning andinvestment management business for over 25 years. ACERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional,Randy maintains a rigorous schedule of continuing edu-cation to maintain his certification through the CFPBoard of Standards. He completed his professional edu-cation through the UMKC School of Business. Afterpassing the rigorous 2-Day certification examination andproving that he had met the CFP Boards specific experi-ence requirements, Randy received the right to use theCFP marks of distinction.

    Randy is the host of The Bottom Line, a weekly radioshow on KMBZ 980 AM and KXTR 1660 AM. Hes beenquoted in the Kansas City Star, College Boulevard Newsand Sun Publications. He has also been a guest on publicradios Walt Bodine and Peter Newmans Moneylineshows, and has been profiled on prolific writer, Randys thoughts on retirement readi-ness were published by Research magazine in a feature-length article.

    He is a member of the Financial Planning Association,the largest organization of professionals dedicated tochampioning


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