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Arts - School of Humanities - Engagement Week Data


<ul><li><p>Engagement Week Feedback Faculty of ArtsSchool of Humanities </p><p>Vice President of Academic Affairs Engagement Week Data Faculty of Arts School of Humanities Hi everyone, Weve been busy coding and analysing your comments from Engagement Week, now on a School by School basis. The sheer amount of data we have collected is amazing! From teaching to transport, assessment to accommodation and canteens to Camtasia you clearly have an opinion on all areas of academic life and are not scared to let us know about it. Demographics We collected qualitative feedback from 30 students across the School of Humanities. The majority of these students (70%) were from Falmer Campus and the rest were from Grand Parade (17%) and Moulsecoomb (3%). Respondents were mostly female 18, with 11 male respondents and one student choosing not to say. The majority of the respondents were in first year (43%) and third year (37%). This summary includes an overview of comments on the top six comment subject areas with comparison to the university comment trends. The full Keep, Start, Stop commentary from students in the School of Humanities is included at the end of the document. Thanks again for all of your feedbackwe look forward to closing the feedback loop and reporting the changes very soon! Amy Rutland | VP Academic Affairs E: Facebook: VP AcademicAffairs Brighton-su Twitter: bsuacademic Blog: Brighton SU Academic </p><p>I MY EDUCATION A Few Words on the Data Analysis </p><p> We have now coded the data under a number of categories coving academic issues, organisational issues an d other facilities and activities at the University of Brighton. We collected data from 1126 students and often each Keep, Stop and Start comment box had multiple comments addressing a number of areas of concern, delight and suggested improvements. Comments ranged from brief and specific to long and detailed and we would like to thank all students that took part for the consideration put into the responses given. This research now forms a rich database of student opinion across the university and will be a valuable source of input for not only the upcoming institutional review but also decision making process at the university. A detailed discourse analysis of the comments will be available soon with a school by school breakdown. Keep an eye on the new research area on the Students Union website for updates! </p></li><li><p>What have you said? </p><p>Most of your comments have been about Teaching and Learning, with a large amount indicating a positive experience with tutors. Following this are your comments on organisation about timetabling and class changes. Learning resources is another area of commentary where you are looking longer opening hours but commenting positively on student central. While you enjoy the catering and appreciate local sourcing of food there are some concerns over costs. You would also like to see less library fines and more texts available. </p><p>Overview </p></li><li><p>Teaching and Learning Positive feedback was received about the teaching staff and the individual support they provide and the enthusiasm they taught with keep comments were received from almost 40% of students. There were also positive comments on small seminar . However, some students felt that there could be better alignment of the expectations of tutors. </p><p>Organisation Positive comments were received on reading lists, organisation of the timetable to allow free days and the flexibility allowed to </p><p>working students. Criticisms were around room changes and late receipt of timetables. Suggestions for improvements were improved email communications with students. Suggestions for improvement focussed on cross course collaboration, cross disciplinary projects. There is a desire for an </p><p>increase in tutorial time to be built into courses and shorter, more frequent lessons. </p><p>Some more detail... </p><p>Learning Resources </p><p>Student central materials </p><p>and online resources were </p><p>commented upon </p><p>positively, however some </p><p>students felt that they </p><p>could be more user friendly. </p><p>There was also a desire for </p><p>longer university opening </p><p>hours. </p></li><li><p>Catering </p><p>Free water and health </p><p>canteen food were </p><p>commented on </p><p>positively, however, </p><p>there were a number </p><p>of comments on the </p><p>expense of the food </p><p>on sale. </p><p>Library Facilities Library services and online provision are valued by students. Library fines were seen as excessive by some students. In general there was a desire for longer library opening hours and greater availability of core texts. </p><p>Other Facilities Students gave comments on other elements of student life highlighting the usefulness of the shuttle bus, concerns over lights being left on and entrances being blocked and a desire for more cash machines on campus. </p></li><li><p>What Happens next with the Engagement Week Data This data is already being used in the university to inform decisions that they will be making to im-prove the student experience. Reports from the data will be fed into university committees and any changes made as a result of your comments will be fed straight back via course reps and the Stu-dents Union website. The data will also be feeding into the Student Written Submission which we are due to submit to the QAA as part of the Institutional Review in November 2012. The first draft of this document will be available late June for you to pass comment on. We will be passing reports to school reps and course reps to ensure they have evidence to help them make changes in their own areas. If you would like any further information please dont hesitate to get in touch: </p></li><li><p> Keep being supportive </p><p> Providing good courses and interesting lectures </p><p> Free bus from Cockcroft to Falmer </p><p> Putting things on Student Central. </p><p> Posting all of the lecture slides, notes and useful resources on StudentCentral. </p><p> Incredible support for lectures. </p><p> Keep being individual and friendly. </p><p> Appropriate reading lists. Regular Tutorials. </p><p> Variety of assessment methods. Keeps things interesting! </p><p> Keeping some days free on the timetable. </p><p> Having excellent lecturers, academics and library staff </p><p> the NUS card </p><p> Free Art Lectures - Particularly things like the Postmodernism lecture </p><p> good support from tutors good flexibility for working students </p><p> Good student Union </p><p> Providing the services they do.. student services. SU societies, etc </p><p> Keeping regular contact. </p><p> Free water Ample supplies of toilet paper. Shuttle bus </p><p> Free love hearts, water. Shuttle bus. </p><p> Good food at Westlain. </p><p> Supportive teachers. Career Advice, </p><p> Making me turn up. </p><p> Amazing lecturers. Keep the vibe! </p><p> Student central, journals and box of broadcasts. Keep the format of lecture / seminar groups, classes. Library </p><p>services. SU events. Midnight hand in for assignments. </p><p> Giving Readings. Giving support to individuals. </p><p> Small seminars (max 12) Full assessment timetable at the start of the year Maintain online provision (library, </p><p>journal, uni card) fair-trade </p><p> Providing cheap, healthy food in the canteen </p><p>Keep Comments </p></li><li><p>Stop Comments </p><p> Cutting funds. </p><p> sending ridiculous amounts of emails </p><p> Raising the price of food. </p><p> Anything SU related </p><p> Changing rooms. </p><p> using StudentCentral as the only means of communication. </p><p> On campus food is really expensive. </p><p> Food's too expensive! </p><p> Taking too long to sort the timetable out. </p><p> Replacing parts of its MA courses with unpaid internships which drive down wages, reduce the number of jobs </p><p>available to new graduates and reduce the value of the MA by reducing teaching time. </p><p> Early morning lectures - what's the point? </p><p> I am happy with most things! (except essay results could come back faster) </p><p> Far too expensive cafes and canteens </p><p> Blocking entrances Over pricing food. </p><p> Overpricing food. </p><p> Friendly atmosphere. </p><p> Moving rooms. </p><p> Printing should be free. We pay enough for studying here anyway. </p><p> Excessive library fines. Constant room changes. Don't give 4 assignment essays for 1 module, some </p><p>assignments too long. Too much weight on the 3rd year, more focus on 2nd year as well. </p><p> Worrying about people who don't do the readings (if they haven't done it, it's their own fault) </p><p> Stop thinking that a 'social zone' is adequate out of hours library provision Stop making primary reading when </p><p>there is only one copy in the library Supporting the governments attack on HE </p><p> Leaving the lights in Checkland on during daylight hours </p></li><li><p> Be more green. </p><p> better organisation </p><p> Bigger shuttle bus. </p><p> Careers events useful to my course. </p><p> Cheaper printing. </p><p> emailing important information to students, notifying them to changes on StudentCentral and timetables in </p><p>advance. </p><p> Free shuttle between Varley and Falmer to make getting to Uni easier and quicker. </p><p> Get rid of the SU or at least sort out the rubbish </p><p> Giving better feedback. </p><p> Have 24h library at Falmer. </p><p> Huge revamp of student central. Needs clearer organization. </p><p> Installing more cash machines as there is only one and it always breaks. </p><p> Invest in more in the libraries so students don't need to fight over the one copy of a book in the library! </p><p> Late morning lectures. </p><p> Library open more at the weekend </p><p> Library open more hours at weekends (St. Pauls) More alignment on expectations across tutors (for ex. on </p><p>essays) set expectations of time taken to provide essay results </p><p> Longer opening hours </p><p> Make course reps more involved esp in History of Art and Design courses There should be more opportuni-</p><p>ties to talk to peers and hear feedback </p><p> Making student central more user friendly. Arranging more events similar to fresher's. </p><p> Media and Eng.Lit societies and socials Music events Dramatic arts society </p><p> more music events. </p><p> Music events, uni bands etc. I would be interested in helping begin this </p><p> One to one student-teacher feedback on assignments. </p><p> Parking. </p><p> Please, please, please introduce some cheaper food! </p><p> Provide printer credits for assignments. More books in library for texts used by everyone. Open SU bar on </p><p>campus. </p><p> Provide reading lists earlier. </p><p> Putting a date on the Uni Card so that it can be used for discount - not all of us are NUS 24hr library opening </p><p>hours - social zone is not a library </p><p> Running the minibus to Varley Halls. </p><p>Start Comments </p></li></ul>