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  • If your ambition is to explore the world of ideas, cultures and places in an environment where you’ll be inspired, supported and challenged, then Monash Arts is the place to be. We consistently rank in the top 1 per cent of universities worldwide for humanities and social sciences, so you’ll be graduating from a course recognised by employers as being exceptional.

    You’ll be learning from leading experts who are helping to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues from border control to international development. And while they may have international reputations, our academics are renowned for being approachable, friendly and keen for you to succeed.

    Flexibility and choice are also reasons students tell us they prefer Monash Arts. Flexible course structures mean you can make the most of the amazing opportunities on offer. You can complete a comprehensive degree with the Bachelor of Arts, allowing you to tailor your course to suit your own needs and interests as they develop. The outcome will be a degree that’s unique to you.

    Or you can select one of our specialist degrees, choosing from the Bachelor of Criminology, Bachelor of Global Studies, Bachelor of Media and Communication, or Bachelor of Music.

    Along the way you’ll shape your own future as you explore experiences such as studying overseas, internships, field trips, double degrees, 40 areas of study, leadership, career and volunteering programs.

    Why Monash Arts? The Global Immersion Guarantee As a student in the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Global Studies, you’ll have access to the Monash Arts Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) – a guaranteed*, funded overseas experience to India, Italy, Indonesia or Malaysia. A new benchmark in globally-focused education, you’ll have the opportunity to spend two weeks studying overseas, with airfares and accommodation all covered as part of the course.

    You can read all about the GIG and the exciting opportunities we offer in this brochure and online at

    If you have any questions you can contact us on 1800 MONASH. * Eligibility requirements apply. Once you’ve successfully completed one semester (24 credit points equivalent) of your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Global Studies single or double degree course (including a minimum 12 points in Arts), have passed all your Arts units, and are in good academic standing (minimum WAM of 50), you’ll be eligible to undertake the GIG unit. You must complete the GIG unit between year one and year two (or equivalent) of your studies.

  • Understanding the terminology Comprehensive degree In the Faculty of Arts this refers to the Bachelor of Arts. A comprehensive degree gives you choice and flexibility to select your units and normally requires you to complete 24 units (144 credit points), including specific requirements such as completing an Arts major and an Arts minor.

    Specialist degree In the Faculty of Arts this refers to the Bachelor of Criminology, Bachelor of Global Studies, Bachelor of Media and Communication, and Bachelor of Music. You need to complete 24 units (144 credit points), including specific requirements such as completing a specialisation. In a specialist degree you start studying your chosen area of study straight away.

    Units Sometimes called a subject, units are usually worth six credit points. Some second-year and third-year units are worth 12 credit points, and are counted as two units – these units have a higher workload.

    Areas of study An ‘area of study’ is a field of knowledge – for example, literary studies or sociology. Areas of study are sometimes called ‘disciplines’. See page 22.

    Major A major is eight units from the same area of study. In the Bachelor of Arts you can choose to study one or two majors and you don’t have to decide on your major straight away.

    Minor A minor is four units from the same area of study.

    Specialisation An Arts specialisation consists of 12 units (72 credit points) and is a requirement of any of the specialist degrees. A specialisation includes the requirement to complete four units (24 credit points) at third-year level.

    Elective There are 12 units of electives in your Arts course. Four of these must be taken from areas of study within Arts and the remaining eight free electives can be taken from Arts or another Monash course.

    The Monash Arts Experience Student life – Uni life 2

    Learning abroad 4

    Be career-ready 6

    Internships 7

    Our Courses Bachelor of Arts 8

    Bachelor of Arts double degrees 10

    Bachelor of Criminology 12

    Bachelor of Global Studies 14

    Bachelor of Media and Communication 16

    Bachelor of Music 20

    Areas of Study Areas of study descriptions 22

    Further Information Pathways into Monash Arts 43

    Academic prerequisites 44

    Domestic student entry requirements 45

    International student entry requirements 46

    How to apply 48




    Course information fast facts. Look for these icons for key information.

    NOTE: The entry requirements listed on the course pages are for domestic students only. International student entry requirements are located on pages 46–47.

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  • A new world of opportunity. University life is the start of an adventure, and with Monash Arts you’ll be inspired by the people you meet, the discoveries you’ll make and the places you can go.

    We want you to get the most out of your studies while enjoying everything university life has to offer, and there are many ways to get involved.

    For example, with more than 100 clubs and societies to choose from, there’s sure to be one that suits you. Get active with Monash Sport, work on your fire-twirling skills with the Juggling and Firetwirling Club, harvest your own fresh vegetables with the Monash Permaculture Society, or live out your Harry Potter dreams leading the Monash Muggles to victory in a game of Quidditch.

    Develop your leadership and interpersonal skills with Monash clubs and societies and be career-ready by the time you finish your course.

    Embrace Monash University’s vibrant campus culture with live music performances and the weekly campus market during semester. Late-night library hours and free inter-campus shuttle buses make it even easier to fit studying into your schedule.

    You can build a professional portfolio of published work in student magazines Lot’s Wife, Esperanto and Mojo to show potential employers.



  • Unique to the Faculty of Arts is the highly successful Peers, Ambassadors, Leaders program (PAL), which offers support and networking opportunities for students while building skills in peer support, mentoring, teamwork and leadership.

    For a quick look at what it’s like to study Arts at Monash, including places and spaces, go to


  • LEARNING ABROAD Amazing experiences beyond the classroom. Monash Arts has some of the most extensive overseas study opportunities of any university in Australia. Whether you go for two weeks or two semesters, there’s a program to suit your interests and needs.

    We have partnerships with more than 100 universities worldwide, a study centre in Prato, Italy, and campuses in Malaysia and South Africa.

    And if you’re a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Global Studies student, you’ll have access to the Global Immersion Guarantee.

    How studying overseas can give you an edge There are many benefits to studying overseas:

    Exposure. You’ll expand your worldview through experiencing different cultures and ways of doing things.

    Personal growth. You’ll build your self-confidence, be more adaptable and independent.

    Employability. You’ll develop skills in effective communication, collaboration and time management.

    Not everything you learn at university happens in the classroom Get out. Explore the world. Create change.

    The Monash Arts Global Immersion Guarantee is a ground-breaking initiative that will enable you to explore first-hand the relationships between society, technology and the environment.

    A two-week funded study trip for all first-year Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Global Studies students to four international destinations: India, Indonesia, Italy and Malaysia.

    Learn more at global-immersion-guarantee/


  • “My knowledge of the Holocaust in Europe became deeper and more nuanced as I experienced the subject first-hand, visiting sites in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Poland. I was personally moved by the sites of suffering and the stories of enduring strength and resilience that permeated these places. The trip motivated me to pursue social justice and human rights, particularly in the context of global conflict, and was a life-changing learning opportunity.”

    STEPHANIE SPROTT Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (2015)

    Where can I go? Arts study tours Programs vary in length from two to four weeks. They’re taught intensively so you can com