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<ul><li><p>Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Study Abroad Programme / UCD.SA003</p><p>Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Study Abroad Programme / UCD.SA003</p><p>Subject ChoicesStudents must take a minimum of 20 ECTS credits (4 modules/classes) and may take up to 30 ECTS credits (6 modules/classes) per semester and are able to select modules from across the following disciplines:</p><p>Students may choose up to two electives from outside the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Study Abroad Programme. For example, their elective may be a module offered by the Science or Business Study Abroad Programmes. Please note that, in all of the above, choice is subject to timetable constraints and the availability of places within each school.</p><p> Archaeology</p><p> Art History</p><p> Celtic Civilisation</p><p> Classics</p><p> Creative Writing</p><p> Drama Studies</p><p> Economics</p><p> Early Irish</p><p> English Literature</p><p> Environmental Studies</p><p> Film Studies</p><p> French</p><p> Geography</p><p> German</p><p> Greek</p><p> History</p><p> Information Studies</p><p> International Relations</p><p> Irish Language</p><p> Irish Folklore</p><p> Irish Studies</p><p> Italian</p><p> Latin</p><p> Law</p><p> Linguistics</p><p> Mathematical Studies</p><p> Music</p><p> Philosophy</p><p> Politics</p><p> Psychology</p><p> Social Policy</p><p> Sociology</p><p> Spanish</p><p> Statistics</p><p> Urban Studies</p><p> Welsh</p><p>The Study Abroad Programme in the UCD Colleges of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences and Law was established in 1986. Study Abroad students attend the same modules and sit the same examinations as Irish students to ensure full cultural integration and maximum educational benefit for all students. Students are welcome to apply for a semester or for the full academic year.</p><p>Module Information and Assessment At UCD we call classes/courses modules. Details of modules are available to browse and explore on UCDs online course catalogue at www.</p><p>Study abroad students have access to a wide range of undergraduate modules available at UCD* (*subject to pre-requisites, capacity and timetabling). Study Abroad students will be sent a full list of modules available to them specifically for their semester at UCD. You must register the majority of your modules in your subject area and up to two modules from other Programme areas. You may also take all of your modules within your chosen subject area.*</p><p>Assessment is based on a combination of in-semester components such as projects, class based assignments and formal examinations which take place at the end of each semester ie in December and May. </p><p>University College Dublin</p><p>Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Study Abroad Programme</p><p>UCD STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMMES</p></li><li><p>Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Study Abroad Programme / UCD.SA003</p><p>EligibilityTHE MINIMUM GPA REQUIREMENT IS 3.00 (Bachelors degree) </p><p>Applications are made on-line</p><p>Meredith Taylor,Liberal Arts &amp; Humanities, Duquesne University, USA</p><p>Studying abroad in UCD is an amazing and life changing opportunity. Not only is Ireland breathtakingly beautiful, the people especially at UCD have made the entire experience unforgettable.</p><p>Student Testimonial</p><p>Credit TransferUCD will send an official transcript of exam results to your home institution. Your home institution decides on credits to be awarded for modules pursued at UCD. </p><p>For further information contact:Aoife Redmond</p><p>Arts Study Abroad Programme Manager</p><p>UCD Centre for Study Abroad, University </p><p>College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.</p><p>Ph: +353 1 716 8469</p><p>Fax: +353 1 716 1165</p><p>E-mail: </p><p></p><p>Web:</p><p>studyabroad</p><p>Application Deadlines:</p><p>Full year or first semester (fall) </p><p>Second semester (spring)</p><p>May 1st</p><p> October 25th </p></li></ul>