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Purchase Rewards Certification

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1. Welcome!

1.1 Welcome!

1.2 Which Course?

1.3 Learning Objectives


By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

Explain how Purchase Rewards gives your users money back

Manage Purchase Rewards users & merchants

Create reports to track your Purchase Rewards program

2. Concept

2.1 Concept

2.2 What is Purchase Rewards?


Basically, think of Purchase Rewards functioning like digital rebates.

The concept is simple. When your users log into OLB, theyll see offers from merchants. These offers are relevant because theyre targeted to an individuals purchases.

The user clicks to accept an offer, then they shop at that merchant using the debit card tied to that account.

These merchants are both local and nationwide, so your users have a wide choice of where to shop.

Once theyve shopped, theyll get money back in their account at the end of the following month. Again, think digital rebate because the moneys coming from the merchant at a later date, not at the point of sale.

2.3 Groups Involved

(Drag and Drop, 10 points, 2 attempts permitted)

Drag Item

Drop Target

No cost

Increased user loyalty and retention

Drives use of website and debit card

Drop 2

Significant rewards of $50-$100/year or more

Highly relevant offers

Redeemed in-store and online

Minimal action required

Completely FREE

Drop 1

Access to massive new advertising channel = online banking

Precisely target new and prospective customers

Drop 3

Digital Insight's partner in bringing you Purchase Rewards

Partner with nationwide merchants, and well as merchants in your community

to present offers to your users

Drop 4

2.4 FI Benefits


*Delight your users by putting real money back in their pockets with this free program. This can equal an average of $50-100 in annual money back per user, and there is no upper limit.

*Drive higher debit card use, and therefore potentially higher revenue from interchange fees

*Position your financial institution as an innovator in the market by offering this cutting-edge solution

*Provide value-added services to users to promote loyalty, increase active use, and drive retention

*Deepen relationships with local business clients by giving them a new venue to grow their business

2.5 Add Merchants

2.6 Marketing PR

3. User Experience

3.1 User Experience

3.2 How It Works

3.3 Privacy

3.4 PR Tour - Home Page

New Offer (Slide Layer)

Offer Ready (Slide Layer)

Cash Back Earned (Slide Layer)

3.5 Process Flow steps 1-2


Ready to Use (Slide Layer)

3.6 Process Flow Steps 3-5


Step 4: View your rewards. Rewards will typically appear on the Summary page and the Purchase Rewards widget within 2-3 days after the transaction hard posts to the account. Even if a transaction doesnt appear until after the offer period, it will still redeem because the redemption is based on the day the transaction occurred, not the day the transaction appeared on the Summary page.

Step 5: Receive the cash. Rewards are credited at the end of the next month. E.g. if the offer is redeemed in September, the reward will be deposited at the end of October. Because we dont share users private information, we are unable to credit the account immediately. The reward posts as "Monthly Rewards: Cash Back" (this is not customizable).

3.7 Process Notes

3.8 PR Tour - HP Widget

3.9 Rewards Summary Tour


Available Deals (Slide Layer)

Earned (Slide Layer)

Expired Offers (Slide Layer)

Preferences (Slide Layer)

3.10 Opt Out & Opt In

3.11 Opt Out Overview

3.12 By Account

3.13 Widgets - Opted Out

3.14 Inline Deals Opt Out

3.17 Knowledge Check 1

(Matching Drag-and-Drop, 10 points, 1 attempt permitted)



Conquesting Offer

You shop at one merchant, the offer is from a competing merchant.

Loyalty Offer

The offer is from the same merchant you just shopped at.

3.18 Knowledge Check 2

(Sequence Drag-and-Drop, 10 points, 2 attempts permitted)

Correct Order

Activate the offer

Redeem the offer

Get the reward

3.19 Knowledge Check 3

(Multiple Response, 10 points, 2 attempts permitted)




A reward amount

A coupon to print the award


A promotional period


A condition to quality for the award

3.20 Mobile Purchase Rewards

3.21 Mobile: Overview

3.22 Mobile: Offer List Pg 1

3.23 Mobile: Offer List Pg 2

3.24 Mobile: Other Offers Screens

3.25 Mobile: Offer Details

iPhone (Slide Layer)

Android (Slide Layer)

3.26 Mobile: Offer Details - Link

iPhone (Slide Layer)

Android (Slide Layer)

3.27 Mobile: Redemption List

4. Manage Individual Users

4.1 Managing Users


4.2 Managing Overview

4.3 Admin Platform Overview

4.4 Managing Individual Users

4.5 User Search: User Details


4.6 Account Maintenance


4.7 Acct Maint: Change Status

4.8 Acct Maint: Status Details

4.9 Knowledge Check 1

(True/False, 10 points, 1 attempt permitted)






You must have the Purchase Reward Master role or the PR update permission to change a user's status.

4.10 Knowledge Check 2

(True/False, 10 points, 1 attempt permitted)






Feedback when incorrect:

The account status must first be updated from Disabled to Enabled. After the nightly batch process has completed, the account can be updated real-time from Enabled to Opted Out.

5. Manage a Group of Users

5.1 Managing Groups

5.2 Group Status File Upload

5.3 File Format

Group Load (Slide Layer)

sample (Slide Layer)

5.4 Upload and Results

Results (Slide Layer)

5.5 Accounts Not Uploaded

Not Found (Slide Layer)

5.6 Allowed File Types

5.7 Knowledge Check 1

(True/False, 10 points, 1 attempt permitted)






Feedback when incorrect:

Upload results and the "accounts not found" file are only available immediately following upload. Once you end your Admin Platform session, the results are no longer available.

5.8 Knowledge Check 2

(True/False, 10 points, 1 attempt permitted)






Feedback when incorrect:

Its formatted for your financial institution.

6. Reporting

6.1 Reporting


6.2 Reports Overview

User Details (Slide Layer)

Redemption (Slide Layer)

6.3 Create a Report

6.4 Reports Overview

User Details (Slide Layer)

Redemption (Slide Layer)

6.5 Knowledge Check 1

(Matching Drop-down, 10 points, 2 attempts permitted)



Manage ACH exceptions

Redemption Payment

Find number of offers activated for an individual user

User Detail

Find the number of redemptions

User Detail

Look up accounts paid

Redemption Payment

7. Log Viewer

7.1 Log Viewer

7.2 Overview

7.3 Search User

7.4 Account Update

7.5 Groups Status Update

7.6 Roles & Permissions

Values (Slide Layer)

8. Next Steps

8.1 Next Steps

8.2 Knowledge Base


8.3 Next Steps

Updated April 2017

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