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2. What is ART? Latin word ARS meaning ARRANGEMENT Forms Visual Performing Language Culinary Physical Many more SPM Oct 2009 3. Visual ARTS Painting Photography Printmaking Filmmaking Plastic Arts Sculpture ArchitectureSPM Oct 2009 4. Performing ARTS Artists body, face & presence as medium Music Dance Theatre SPM Oct 2009 5. Language ARTS Novels Poetry Songs SPM Oct 2009 6. Culinary & Physical ARTS Culinary ART of Cooking Physical Sports SPM Oct 2009 7. Appreciating ARTS Visual Visual Elements: Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Colour & Space Design Principles: Harmony, Variety & Contrast, Balance, Movement, Dominance Artistic Styles: Realism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surre alism Performing & Language Does it move you? Do you get the message from the artist(s)? SPM Oct 2009 8. Appreciating ARTS SPM Oct 2009 9. Movement & Illusion SPM Oct 2009 10. Realism SPM Oct 2009 11. Impressionism SPM Oct 2009Claude Monet, 1872, Impression -Sunrise 12. ExpressionismThe Scream by Edward Munch, 1893 SPM Oct 2009 13. Surrealism SPM Oct 2009 14. Appreciating ARTS Culinary Colour, Smell, Taste, Theme Physical Do you enjoy the game? SPM Oct 2009 15. Appreciating ARTS Who Well-off Educated Old Why Heighten Awareness Boredom Exposure Peer Pressure/Social ClassSPM Oct 2009 16. Appreciating ARTS Barriers Exclusivity Difficult to Comprehend Expensive SPM Oct 2009 17. Appreciating ARTS in SPore SPM Oct 2009 18. Appreciating ARTS in SPore SPM Oct 2009 19. Appreciating ARTS in SPore SPM Oct 2009 20. Appreciating ARTS in SPore SPM Oct 2009 21. ARTS Supply Artists Commercial Subsidized (e.g. SAF Music & Dance Company) Venues Commercial or Subsidized Receiving or Producing Oct 2009 22. What is ENTERTAINMENT? Event, Performance or Activity designed to give PLEASURE or RELAXATION Active or Passive Participation SPM Oct 2009 23. ART versus ENTERTAINMENT What is ART? Act or Product? 3 Schools of Thought SPM Oct 2009 24. ART versus ENTERTAINMENT 1st School: All ART is entertaining but not all ENTERTAINMENT is ARTENTERTAINMENTART But not all art entertains, what one finds enjoyable may seem boring to anotherSPM Oct 2009 25. ART versus ENTERTAINMENT 2nd School: ART & ENTERTAINMENT are not mutually exclusive ENTERTAINMENT ART Area of overlap pertains to PERFORMING ARTSSPM Oct 2009 26. ART versus ENTERTAINMENT 3RD School: ART & ENTERTAINMENT are mutually exclusiveENTERTAINMENT ARTEnjoyment RefinementPublic TastesNovelPredictable StimulationShort-Term ImpactInspirationalAudience Driven SPM Oct 2009 Artist DrivenCommercialisation Enlightenment 27. Resources & Reading List Howard Hughes (2000). Arts, Entertainment and Tourism. Chapter 1&2. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann. Mark Getlein (2002). Gilberts Living with Art. Chapter 4&5. Boston: McGraw-Hill. Howell Jr.,W.J. (1973). Art Versus Entertainment in the Mass Media: (A Model for Classroom Discussion). Education, 94(2), 177-181 National Arts Council. (2008). Arts Statistics. Retrieved October 18, 2008, from National Arts Council Website: Wikipedia. (2007). The Arts. Retrieved October 2, 2007 from Wikipedia Website: SPM Oct 2009 28. Tutorial (Oct 26 to 30) In groups of no more than 4: Attend a current visual art exhibition. Share with the class your understanding of the artist, the visual elements, design principles and artistic styles he/she has adopted in the exhibition. Do load up pictures/videos (if permitted) with short reflections on Facebook tutorial groups prior to tutorial class; and Research on the arts venue available locally and classify them into commercial, subsidized, receiving and/or producing venues. SPM Oct 2009