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Archives and Canons . Ashley Pea . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Archives and Canons

Ashley Pea Archives and Canons After spending much of the semester searching for blogs, digital literature, and looking on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube f0r other forms of digital text, I have come to the conclusion that digital culture has become very much embedded into that of traditional culture. This meaning that while I can still pick up a traditional piece of literature such as a newspaper or novel, I am likely to encounter at the end of a newspaper article a blurb that says visit our blog online for more information. Or at the end of a novel in the about the author section, it may say something about reading the authors blog for information about up and coming novels.Places Archives Were Found

Many of the examples of digital literature, blogs and other literary examples I have archived from this semester can be linked together via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google.For this project I have six different categories that I put my archives in. These categories are: Digital Poetry, Art, Literature/Informative, Authors found on Twitter, Authors, Books and Blogs, and lastly, cooking and food blogs.

Archive Categories Love Bomb:

Cracks in Memory(2009) Caterina Davinio:

Classic Poems Turn Lyrical on Natalie Merchants New Album

Free Verse-Beautiful

The Final Word Inspirational Kinetic Typography Animation

Her Waiting Face

Know Where to Go Crazy A Digital Poem by M. D. Friedman

Trifles Poetry, Siri Grunthaler-Alme / Photography, Tanja-Tatjana Krkljea

Digital Poetry Women in Film Furniture: SXSW 2010 Accepted Film

Illiterate Magazine

Trystan Photography

Lets Love Art

Witness This

New York Times Art Beat (Books)


This is very interactive website and blog that allows people to upload their art and literature and give people feedback on what they have posted on this website. Also several submissions are chosen to be published in the Illiterate Magazine and gallery.

Torch Literary Arts


New York Magazine

Poetry International

Poetry Foundation

The Daily Beast


This is an example from a website that has many different links to digital works of literature and poetry. I specifically put Shadows Never Sleep in the category of literature and informative because it seemed more fitting, because this example seems more like literature and different than what can be found on YouTube. Shadows Never Sleep by Aya Karpinska

Joanna Aislinn

Carleen Brice

Ann Charles

Tanya Anne Crosby

Jessica Park

Nicholas Kasunic

Authors Found on Twitter through profile, Books and Blogs

Cupcake Mafia

Cook The Books Club

Village Voice

Cooking and Food Blogs

Print culture has definitely changed in order to appeal and accommodate the ever expending realm of digital culture. Together both print and digital literature can be deemed as canonical because in many cases both print and digital literature intertwine in one way or another. As far as digital culture by itself being a canon that has yet to come, but I believe it will be seen as one in the future. Digital Literature as a Canon