ar pl TIP: GET STARTED Please use one of the other THE FIT The loop of the gel eartip tucks into the

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Text of ar pl TIP: GET STARTED Please use one of the other THE FIT The loop of the gel eartip tucks into the

  • 2014 Plantronics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use by Plantronics is under license. iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Patents: U.S. 5,712,453; 7,039,179; Patents pending.pn89801-06 01.14 MODEL ID: PITE14

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    *Support in English

    EEE Ynetmeliine Uygundur

    CHARGE It takes 90 minutes to fully charge the headset. The indicator

    light turns off once charging is complete.

    TIP: To reset the accuracy of the talk time prompt, deplete theheadset battery then charge fully.

    Designed in Santa Cruz, California



    This version of the wordmark can only be used at this size. It has a larger registration mark than the other size wordmarks.

    Please use one of the other sizes if you need a larger version.

    90 minutes =

    TIP: To check the headset battery status, tap the Call button while wearing your headset or tap the Voice button andsay check battery.

  • ADJUST THE FIT The loop of the gel eartip tucks into the back curve of your

    ear for a stable fit.

    1 With the headset powered off, replace the eartip with one of the two alternate sizes if it feels loose or tight in your ear.

    2 To adjust the fit, rotate the eartip on the headset or add the optional clip-on earloop.

    Congratulations! The product you have just purchased carries the TCO Certified Headsets 2 certification. This means this product is TCO certified and independently tested for great ergonomics, low emissions and minimal ecological impact.

    For more information visit and

    Made for iPhone (3G through 5C), and iPad (mini through 4th generation).



    Tap the Voice button , wait for a command request, then say a command. What can I say? tells you the full list of available commands.

    Disable the answer/ignore voice commands:

    1 Turn on the headset.

    2 Press and hold the Voice button until you hear voice answer off.

    3 Repeat to reactivate the voice answer commands.

    Play or pause streaming audio:

    A 2-second press of the Voice button will either pause or resume playback of streaming audio.

  • USE SMART SENSORS TIPS Smart sensors in this headset recognise if the headset is

    being worn and can perform time-saving functions.

    Putting on your headset will: Answeranincomingcall Transferanactivecallfromyourphone Resumestreamingaudio

    Taking off your headset will: Transferanactivecalltoyourphonehandset Pausestreamingaudio LocktheCallbuttontoavoidaccidentalcalls

    Reset sensors You may need to reset the senors periodically for optimal per-

    formance. To reset them, take the headset off, hold it by the boom, power it off for at least 3 seconds and power it on again.

    Disable sensors To disable the smart sensors, hold both the Voice and

    Call buttons for more than 6 seconds until the LED flashes purple then red. Repeat to reactivate; the LED flashes purple then blue.

    Go to and download the online user guide to learn how to:





    Get apps for your headset at

  • GET STARTED Mute During a conversation, press the

    Mute button until you hear mute on or mute off. An alert repeats every 15 minutes when mute is on.

    Answer a second call First, tap the Call button to

    end current call, then tap the Call button again to answer new call.

    Pair mode While wearing your headset,

    turn it on. Press and hold the Call button until you hear pairing.

    Answer a call Putontheheadsettoanswer

    call, or Sayansweraftercallis

    announced, or TaptheCallbutton (tap again

    to end a call)

    Reject a call Sayignoreaftercallis

    announced, or PressCallbutton for 2 sec Voice dial (phone feature) If your smartphone has a

    voice-enabled assistant, press the Call button for 2 seconds, wait for phone prompt.




    1 Wearing your headset, turn it on. You hear welcome in all supported languages, then pairing in the default language.

    2 Activate Bluetooth on your phone and set it to search for new devices. iPhone Settings > Bluetooth > On* Android Settings > Bluetooth: On > Scan for devices* *Menus may vary by device.

    3 Select PLT_Edge. If necessary, enter four zeros (0000) for the passcode or accept the connection. Once successfully paired, you hear pairing successful.

    NFC pairing (for phones that support Near Field Communication)1 Ensure NFC is on and your phones display is unlocked.2 Tap and hold the headset to the phones NFC tag location until NFC

    pairing completes. If necessary, accept the connection.

    Once paired, you can change the headset language. Press and hold the Volume up (+) and down () buttons together until you hear welcome. Instructions repeat in every supported language. Follow the voice-guided prompts to select the headset language.

    NOTE See For Your Safety booklet for important safety, charging, battery, and regulatory information before you use this headset. This headset has an embedded, non-replaceable battery. Full user guide: Register your headset:

    WARNING Always listen at moderate levels. See for more information on headsets and hearing.

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    POZNMKA Ped pouitm tto nhlavn soupravy si prostudujte dleit informace obezpenosti, nabjen, baterii a pouen o zkonnch opatench v samostatn broue Pro vae bezpe. Tato nhlavn souprava je vybavena vestavnou bateri bez monosti vmny. Kompletn nvod kobsluze: Zaregistrujte svoji nhlavn soupravu na adrese:

    VAROVN Pi poslechu vdy nastavte rozumnou hlasitost. Dal informace o nhlavnch soupravch a sluchu naleznete na webovch strnkch

    PROVN Ztien Bhem hovoru stisknte tlatko

    ztien , dokud neuslyte hlku mute on (ztien aktivovno) nebo mute off (ztien deaktivovno). Po dobu aktivace ztien zazn kadch 15minut vstraha.

    Pijet druhho hovoru Nejprve stisknutm tlatka hovor

    ukonete stvajc hovor, pot stisknutm tlatka hovor pijmte nov hovor.

    Reim provn Nasate si nhlavn soupravu

    azapnte ji. Podrte stisknut tlatko hovor , dokud neuslyte hlku pairing (provn).

    Pijet hovoru Nasatesinhlavnsoupravu

    apijmte hovor nebo Vyslovtepovelanswer(pijmout)

    po upozornn na hovor nebo Stiskntetlatkohovor (opt-

    ovnm stisknutm hovor ukonte)

    Odmtnut hovoru Vyslovtepovelignore(ignorovat)

    po upozornn na hovor nebo Stiskntetlatkohovor na 2s

    Hlasov vyten (funkce telefonu) Pokud mte usvho chytrho

    telefonu aktivovno hlasov ovldn, stisknte tlatko hovor

    na 2s apokejte na vzvu telefonu.


    1 Nasate si nhlavn soupravu azapnte ji. Ve vech podporovanch jazycch se ozve uvtac hlka apot hlka pairing (provn) ve vchozm jazyce.

    2 Aktivujte technologii Bluetooth na svm telefonu anechte jej vyhledat nov zazen.

    iPhone Nastaven > Bluetooth > Zap* Android Nastaven > Bluetooth: Zapnuto > Vyhledat zazen* *Nabdky se mohou liit vzvislosti na zazen.

    3 Vyberte poloku PLT_Edge. Vppad poteby zadejte jako heslo tyi nuly (0000) nebo pijmte pipojen. Po spnm sprovn uslyte oznmen pairing successful (provn bylo spn).

    Provn NFC (utelefon podporujcch komunikan technologii na krtkou vzdlenost NFC)

    1 Funkce NFC mus bt aktivovna aobrazovka telefonu mus bt odemknut.2 Namknte nhlavn soupravu na logo NFC na telefonu, a podrte ji zde,

    dokud se provn nedokon. Vppad poteby pijmte pipojen.

    Po sprovn mete zmnit jazyk nhlavn soupravy. Podrte souasn stisknut tlatko zven(+) asnen() hlasitosti, dokud nezazn hlka welcome (vtejte). Pokyny jsou zopakovny ve vech podporovanch jazycch. Postupujte dle hlasovch pokyn avyberte jazyk nhlavn soupravy.

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    HINWEIS Informieren Sie sich vor der Verwendung dieses Headsets in den Sicherheitsbestimmun-gen ber Sicherheit, Ladevorgang, Akku und gesetzliche Bestimmungen. Der Akku des Headsets kann nicht ausgetauscht werden. Die vollstndige Bedienungsanleitung finden Sie unter: Registrieren Sie Ihr Headset unter:

    WARNUNG Stellen Sie den Ton immer auf eine gemigte Lautstrke ein. Unter erhalten Sie weitere Informationen zum Thema Headsets und akustische Sicherheit