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  • Aquafadasin a nutshell

    - French Startup (2006)- Tool makers :

    - Digital Comic Book Store (> 2500 books)- Digital Publishing Solution : from authoring (ID and Quark) to cloud-based-distribution and app building - Designed a very rich, fixed layout format : AVE- epub3 friendly : FL and reflow export from InDesign CS5+


    ... in a nutshellVideo/Animationsoftwarehtml5authoringdigital comicsauthoring +platformdigital publishing

  • Aquafadas

    ... customers


    today, 6/7/2012- member of IDPF for a few weeks only, but...

    Delighted to be able to share our experience,maybe even inspire youand help working on the epub3standard...and beyond

  • Format

    AVE FormatWhy ??

    AVE Format Back in 2007, no standard Fixed Layout, Image-friendly format Experiment with immersive reading UI Experiment with resolution/screen independant solutions Control the reader UI Propose Reading Cinematics Support enrichment layers, including enrichments by the community

    AVE Format - the origins Layers root layer = original doc each layer describes a processing on the root layer, or additional content to composite rendering by a dedicated reader

    AVE FormatOriginal content (en)iPad cinematics by AquafadasiPhone cinematics by AquafadasLocalization (jp)Interactivity /multimedia enrichments

    AVE FormatiPad cinematics by BobLocalization by Bill(fr)

    AVE Format - the visionCollaborative authoringCommunity buildingNew artistic expressionNo copyright/rights infringementNew economy

    Reading ComicsWho wants to pinch, pan and zoom ?????

    Animated reading (small screens)Scenes : to extract images Shots : to animate paths transitions : to animate paths

    Page reading The standard approach : panel Views (Comixology, Amazon)

    AVE Comics - Page reading (1) Aquafadas approach : Scenes, shots and ideal_text_zoom Scenes : represent an area of the page that needs to be displayed at least once as a single entity. Can be polylines Shots : represent linked zones (progression) of the page that need to be displayed in sequence when the scene is not entirely visible or when zoom factor < ideal_text_zoom

    AVE Comics - Page reading (2) Dynamic reading path : on-the-fly adjustment when user zooms Scenes : the viewer will attempt to show as many scenes as possible that fit in the viewport given the zoom factor Shots : the viewer will zoom into a scene to view shots when the current viewport means that the current zoom < ideal_text_zoom

  • DemosComics

    Improving readibility for Table Books PDF background Enrichments in overlays Guided reading Reflow User chooses the zoom factor > accessibility

    Redon - AppStore - (c) RMN - Grand Palais

  • DemosGuided Reading

  • The crazy stuff ! Advanced FL

  • All content in the following demos has been created by designers and does not involve any hand-written code

    Use Case 1 : Controlling the readerImageAnimationButtonButtonButtonButtonButtonButton Control the UI Control the Navigation Make document hierachical

    2Use Case 2 : Non linear books122.12.22.33 Has become a fairly standard in the magazine world

    StoryV1StoryV2CreditsRemove the navigation between pagesAdd buttons from the 1st page to launch different versions of the book

    Mix styles in a single document : Magazines/Books Open a different reader inside a reader

    Fixed Layout Epubs : challenges handling animations in spreads

    handling sound effects in spreads


  • Conclusion

    ConclusionAdaptative Guided Reading is a great way to improve readability of books, including comics, as well as a way to improve acessibility of FL bookseBooks can be more than books...without requiring any coding. Designers/Publishers/Individuals can great content.

    Aquafadas wants to contribute extending the possibilities of FL epub3 when it comes to comics, table books, children booksAquafadas continuously improving epub3 support in its tools. Aquafadas will soon introduce Aquafadas Digital Factory, an easy to use workflow portal for epub3, digital comics creation from images, PDFs,...

    AquafadasContact - Matthieu Kopp -

    Crazy stuff lastFrench company...English audience must have noticed...I wonder if the translator did convey my lovely french accent to japanese

    Own format > well talk about that in a minute

    But we are not badies : epub3 friendly- 1/ Seoul District + language

    - 2/ Carthago : page viewingDemo le petit chaperon rougeDemo BayardDemo AveMag