APRIL Preparations for Easter at French, Katie McGarrigle, Taylor Rafferty, Richard Gatter, Jordan Bell, and Nathan Speed This photograph shows Pontius Pilate voting to ... Pilate

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    A passage to India -Rev Canon Dr Phil Hesketh speaksabout an enrichingCathedral link inChennai

    APRIL 2011

    Preparations for Easter at BORAAnyone who has ever done aschool assembly will know thatno matter how good theillustration, no matter how goodthe gimmick, nothing beats agood story! Halls full of pupils sittransfixed, entranced as theyfollow the narrative, waiting tofind out what happens, or how itends, or who wins!

    Luckily for us, one of the thingsChristianity has is good stories none moreshocking, more controversial, and more

    By Owen Smith, Chaplain

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    Standing in the corridor one morning one ofmy Year 8s pointed to the cross on the walland asked me, Whys it not got that blokeon it? It took me a moment to understandwhat he was asking but it soon struck methat somewhere along the line hed seen acrucifix and had assumed that all crosseslooked like that.

    I tried my best to explain that the crosswas empty as a reminder that Jesus rosefrom the dead that He is no longer on thecross. However, this answer clearly did notsatisfy him. My questioner was thenconfused about why Christians should placesuch importance on an empty cross onsomething where someone used to be. Ionce again tried to explain that Jesusabsence from the cross representedsomething very important to Christians buthe was not to be swayed. For him, thesymbol was only complete with Jesushanging upon it. And maybe, in many ways, Icould see what he meant.

    Perhaps a balance is needed, especiallyat Easter. We need to recognise that it wasour sins that placed Jesus on that cross that it was for us that he hung there. Yet weneed to remember that that was not wherethe story ended. We must not be too quickto take Jesus off the cross but we shouldalways be ready with an answer to thequestion Whys it not got that bloke on it?

    emotive than the story of the eventssurrounding Easter. The challenge forchurches is to find new opportunities to tellthis story to a generation who just dont know it.

    As part of our preparations for Easter at theBishop of Rochester Academy, we asked asmall group of Year 8 and 9 pupils to worktogether to think about how they might depictthe events of the Easter story a modern day12 Stations of the Cross. Here are some ofthe photographs they took.

    The photographers were Nadine Gordon,Des French, Katie McGarrigle, Taylor Rafferty,Richard Gatter, Jordan Bell, and NathanSpeed

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    Whats onAprilSaturday 2 AprilBROMLEY Stellar String Quartet play a programme ofworks by Haydn and Smetana at 1930 at St MarysChurch. Admission 6 on the door.

    Sunday 3 AprilROCHESTER Soup and line dancing at St PetersChurch 1830 2100 to raise funds for First Step Drop inCentre and Emmaus Medway. Bring own refreshments.

    Saturday 9 AprilROCHESTER Lost Voices: Transforming brokenrelationships through listening, healing and reconciliationled by Rev Dr Russ Parker at St Justus Church 0930 1600 Tickets 10 from Maggie Curtis 01634 400104.

    HAYES Hayes Philharmonic Choir will perform Bach,Handel and Boyce at 1945 at Hayes Free Church. Tickets10, concessions 8, children 2 from 020 8654 6712or on the door. www.hayeschoir.com.

    BROMLEY Singing workshop at St Marys Church1430 1730. Suitable for regular and new singers.Contact Peter Fall 020 8464 1239.

    Saturday 16 AprilKIPPINGTON Rochester WATCH sponsors asymposium at St Marys Church at 1030. Four couples willshare their experience of ordained ministry. Starting at0930 with a Eucharist.

    WELLING BCU Life Skills Centre 18th AnnualChurches Walk starting at 1000 at St Johns Church,Welling. Final refreshments at Pincott Hall. Lunchtime stopat Holy Redeemer, Sidcup. Contact George or RhetaBirchall 020 8303 8089.

    Palm Sunday 17 AprilROCHESTER Follow that Donkey a procession witha real donkey starting at St Margarets Church at 1020and finishing at St Peters Church. Contact 01634848900.

    GILLINGHAM Service of Penance and Reconciliation atSt Lukes Church at 1700. All welcome.

    Good Friday 22 AprilROCHESTER Family fun and crafts at Easter-Fest, St Margarets Church 1100 1300. Contact 01634848900.

    FARNBOROUGH - Performance of Faure Requiem at St Giles' Church at 1930.

    BROMLEY St Marys Festival Singers perform ArthurSomervells The Passion of Christ at 1930 at St MarysChurch. Admission is free.

    Wednesday 27 AprilANERLEY Behold the Man a challenging series ofteachings on Jesus over 12 sessions consisting of a 40minute DVD by the late Dr Pryor on Wednesday evenings1945 2145 at Christ Church. To book contact TeresaCottrell 020 8680 9282.

    Saturday 30 AprilBROMLEY Lewisham Concert Band present Y VivaEspana at 1930 at St Marys Church. Programme ofSpanish and Iberian music. Admission 6 on the door.

    WATERINGBURY Grand Annual Plant Sale and a craftstall at the Church of St John the Baptist 1000 1600.Contact 01622 813032.

    The Bishop of Rochester,The Rt Rev James Langstaff

    Fri 1 & Sat 2 Deanery Visit: ErithSunday 3 AM Mothering Sunday Service: CrayfordMonday 4 All Day National meeting with Roman Catholic

    BishopsTuesday 5 AM Meeting Bexley Borough CouncilWednesday 6 All Day Bishops Staff MeetingThursday 7 AM Employed Youth & Childrens Workers

    CommissioningSunday 10 AM Confirmation: St John, HildenboroughTuesday 12 PM Bishops CouncilThurs 14 & Fri 15 Deanery Visit: RochesterSunday 17 AM Preside & Preach: St Peter & St Paul,

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    St Luke, GillinghamThursday 21 AM Maundy Thursday Service: Rochester

    CathedralFriday 22 PM Good Friday Liturgy: St John,

    SevenoaksSunday 24 AM Easter Vigil (and Baptism), Confirmation

    and Eucharist: Rochester CathedralPM Preside & Preach: Borstal

    Tuesday 26 AM Meeting the Chaplaincy Team at HMYOI Rochester

    Weds 27 & Thurs 28 Deanery Visit: Sevenoaks

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    Churches launch website Three churches in Blue Bell Hill, Walderslade andLordswood have launched a new websitewww.importantinformation.info to assist residents in thearea, as part of their service to the local community.Useful information about schools, travel, doctors,police, community and much more has been collectedand is presented in an easy-to-use way.

    Art and Christian SpiritualityOn Saturday 4 June at Christ Church Orpington 10am 1pm poet Sarah Fordham will share how she hasexperienced art and spirituality as companions alongthe way of her own life. The talk will be followed by apractical poetry and art workshop with Sarah and artistSue Orange. For bookings contact 01634 560000 oremail training@rochester.anglican.org.

    VariousROCHESTER Annual Exhibition by local residents ofmemories of this corner of England. St Margarets Churchfrom 30 April 2 May 1000 1700. Admission 1.

    BECKENHAM The Experience at St Johns Churchfrom 19 April 22 April. A unique way to experiencepeace, calm and stillness. 1000 2200. www.sjep.org.

    WATERINGBURY Lunches for Lent at the Church of St John the Baptist on Wednesdays 6, 13 April 1230 1400. Soup, sandwiches and drinks available. Contact01622 813032.

    MEOPHAM A Meditation Service at 1330 on GoodFriday, an Easter Sunday Dawn Service plus HolyCommunion at 1130 followed by an Open Day tocelebrate Holy Week at St Mildreds Church. On EasterMonday the church is open 1100 - 1500 for quiet prayerand reflection.

    SEVENOAKS - Lunchtime Recitals at St Luke's ChurchWednesdays at 1230 - retiring collection6 Poetry and Music for Lent 13 Emilie Capulet - Piano20 New Benedict Singers - a programme for Lent27 Dave & Gay Rae, aka Galliard Acoustic Jazz

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    MaySaturday 14 MayKEMSING St Marys Church challenge walk in theNorth Downs. Walk 11, 15 or 20 miles. Entry is 12adults, 5 under 18s including light refreshments and asandwich at the finish. Closing date for entries: 24 April.Contact Mike Cursons 01959 523135.

    ORPINGTON - Fatal Embrace a conference exploringthe role of Christians in pursuing peace in the Holy Landat Christ Church 0930 - 1530. Cost 15, closing date 1May. Contact the training department on 01634 560000or training@rochester.angli