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Annotating Texts. An essential skill for active readers. Before Reading. Examine the front and back covers (books ) Read the title and any subtitles Examine the illustrations Examine the print (bold, italics, etc. ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Annotating Texts

Annotating TextsAn essential skill for active readersBefore ReadingExamine the front and back covers (books)Read the title and any subtitlesExamine the illustrationsExamine the print (bold, italics, etc.)Examine the way the text is set up (book, short story, diary, dialogue, article, etc.)As you examine and read these, write questions, and make predictions and/or connections near these parts of the text.During ReadingMark in the text:

Characters descriptions, conflict, changes, thoughtsSetting imagery, description, relation to moodUnknown/unfamiliar vocabularyImportant information/quotesBig ideas (themes)Symbols, trends, motifsSimiles, metaphors, allusions

Write in the marginsSummarizeMake predictionsFormulate opinionsMake connectionsAsk questionsAnalyze the authors craftWrite reflections/reactions/commentsLook for patterns/repetitionAfter ReadingReread annotationsdraw conclusions Reread introduction and conclusiontry to figure out something newExamine patterns/repetitionsdetermine possible meaningsDetermine what the title might meanBasic Annotation Symbols? This is confusing! This is a surprise This is important This is an example of characterization, literary device, theme (must label what it is an example of) Box character names and write the name in the margin

YOU MUST ALSO ADD NOTES to your symbols. Symbols arent enough on their own.