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America’s Choice. The 25 Book Campaign 1 MILLION words. What equals a Book?. Celebrating Books. Road Map. Reading Interest Inventory Target Words How to Choose a Book. Reading Interest Inventory. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Americas ChoiceThe 25 Book Campaign 1 MILLION words1What equals a Book?TextExplanationHow often can I count them toward my 25 books?125 Pages of a fiction or a nonfiction bookIf you read a book with 80 pages and then read 45 of another that counts as one book.

Read as many as you want5 magazinesany 5 magazines of your choiceOnly once per semester15 newspaper articlesAny 15 newspaper articles including the ones you read in your classesRead as many as you want50 pgs of a text bookAny 50 pages from your textbooksRead as many as you want2 graphic novels or comic booksany 2 graphic novels or comic booksOnly once per semester2Celebrating Books


Reading Interest InventoryTarget WordsHow to Choose a Book

Road Map4Reading Interest InventoryComplete your Reading Interest Inventory take your time and really think through your answers.Open your ELA notebook to your Reading section C My Responses/Thoughts. In this section reflect on your answers to the Reading Interest Inventory questions and write down any trends, thoughts, or new discoveries youve noticed.Turn in your Reading Interest Inventory in your class turn-in drawer keep your notebook with you.5Target WordsBlurbFictionNonfictionGenre

6TermMeaningblurbn. the description of a book that appears on the inside front cover or the back of the bookfictionn. works that present events or content that are imaginarynonfictionn. works that present events or content that are based on factgenren. a type of writing that shares common characteristics7Readers Workshop

Explore ReadingMake Information Your OwnLive through a fictional character, experience a life quite different from your ownChoose Reading Material that YOU likeLearn methods to Read Efficiently and EffectivelyIn our Readers Workshop time together we will:8

How Should We Choose Books??9Look at the cover; read the blurbChoose books by authors that you have read before and enjoyedRead the same books as friends are readingHear a presentation from a classmate, the librarian, a teacher, a friend, a podcastCheck websites that suggest booksChoose a genre that you already likeWays to Choose a Book...10Read a series Twilight, Harry Potter, Bluford, etc.Choose a book that has received an awardRead the beginningRead a book after (or before!) you have seen the movieReread a book youve already readWays to Choose a Book...11Look at the coverRead the blurb aloudPreview the book by looking insideRead the first pageApply the 5-Finger Rule

Interviewing a Book12

Choose a book and read the first page or two.Put one finger up for every word you dont know. If five fingers go up while reading, choose another book.If only two or three fingers go up, youve found a just right book for you.



Interview three people (at least two must be adults) asking them the following questions:

How do they choose material to read?What do they like to read? Examples: types of material (books, magazines, newspaper, and what genres they like).What do they do if they discover they dont like the material they chose to read?How often do they read? Where do you read?What is the best advice they could give you about choosing something to read or their best advice about reading in general.Homework15