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    VOLUMES 11-70





  • Printed for the Archaeological Institute of America

    by Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey


  • Foreword

    In preparing the Index of Volumes 11-70, 1907

    1966, the only practicable solution appeared to be a form that would enable users to locate all articles, notes, news items and papers first under the au

    thor's name, and second in an index of titles. In so doing it is obvious that many titles, if arranged

    alphabetically under the first word (always omit

    ting The or A[n]), would be unserviceable, and

    in a great many more cases the key word might be

    found some way along in the title. It was decided

    therefore to rearrange the titles so as to bring the

    key words to the front. Even so, a further arrange ment seemed desirable, namely insofar as possible to group titles under place or subject matter. The

    author's name always accompanies these entries, so

    that it is a simple matter to refer to the title in

    its published form. Book reviews, after careful

    consideration, have not been included, desirable as that might have been. The Supplement, section

    VII, lists the few archaeological articles printed in

    the Bulletin of the Archaeological Institute 1910


    The major part of the work of preparing the In

    dex was done by Marian Holland McAllister, who

    compiled all the entries, volume by volume, and

    Nancy Baldwin Smith, who edited and arranged the hundreds of slips into a form that could be

    given to the printer. Certain guide lines for the use of the Index are

    in order, and are given below. It would be over

    optimistic to hope that no errors will be found or

    omissions noted, and for these the editor craves

    a modicum of indulgence. Richaed Stillwell

    Guide to Use of the Index Authors: in the case of joint authors, full reference

    is given under the first name, with cross-reference

    under co-author.

    Corrections and additions are listed under orig inal entry whether by the same or another author.

    Additions are listed under the second author's name as well.

    When an author has articles listed under both

    maiden and married name, these appear under

    the married name with the maiden name in

    parenthesis; maiden names are also listed, with


    Titles: where the title gives no clue to the subject this has been supplied in parenthesis as the lead

    word. Those few titles in foreign languages in

    which the lead word is remote from the English

    equivalent have an English lead word supplied in parenthesis.

    Subject headings: if one is uncertain of the author

    of an article, e.g., on i) a Paestan vase, or 2) the

    Athenian Treasury at Delphi, they may readily be found under i) Vase, Paestan; 2) Sculpture,

    Delphi, Athenian Treasury, together with other

    articles on the same subjects and cross-references to related articles.

    Excavation reports: listed chronologically under

    author and site. Place name has been used unless

    obscure, when country has been given.

    Papers: asterisk * indicates no abstract published.

    News: entries are listed chronologically under au

    thor and under geographical area.

    Alternate spellings: Bassae, Bassai; Ceos, Kea;

    Cnossus, Knossos; crater, krater; cylix, kylix; Doura, Dura; Euboea, Euboia; griffin, griffon; Heracles, Herakles, Hercules; lecythi, lecythoi,

    lekythoi; May anee, Mayence; Mycenae, Mykenai;

    Mycenaean, Mycenean; Nicosthenes, Nikos

    thenes; oenochoe, oinochoe; Olynthos, Olynthus; Sardes, Sardis; stelae, stelai.


    American Journal of Archaeology


    A. L. Frothingham, Jr. i 885-1896


    John Henry Wright 1897-1905

    Harold North Fowler 1906-1916

    James Morton Paton 1917-1919

    William Nickerson Bates 1920-1924

    George W. Elderkin 1924-1931

    Mary Hamilton Swindler 1932-1946

    John Franklin Daniel 1946-1949

    Glanville Downey 1949-1952

    Ashton Sanborn i952"i953

    Richard Stillwell 1954

  • Contents

    Forcword iii

    Guide to use of the Index iii

    Editors of the American Journal of Archaeology iv

    I. Excavation sites in articles and papers i

    II. Authors of articles, archaeological notes, encomia, and abstracts of papers presented at the General Meetings of the Archaeological Institute of America i

    III. Titles of articles and archaeological notes

    i. Archaeological 67 2. Miscellaneous 99

    3. Technical 100

    IV. Titles of papers

    1. Archaeological 101

    2. Miscellaneous 135

    3. Technical 136

    V. News items

    1. Authors 137 2. Geographical area 138

    VI. Encomia 149

    VII. Supplement: articles of archaeological interest published in the Bulletin of the

    Archaeological Institute

    1. Authors 149 2. Titles 149

  • I. Excavation Sites in Articles and Papers Africa: Carthage; Cyrenaica, Apollonia; Cyrene;

    Libya, Apollonia; Memphis; Mendes; Nubia; Ptolemais

    America: Chaco Canyon; Guatemala; New Mex

    ico; Pecos; Peru; Yucatan

    Asia Minor: Antioch, Pisidian; Aphrodisias; Cili

    cia; Cnidus; Colophon; Gordion; Halicarnas

    sus; Lycia, Karata?-Semay?k; Mersin; Pitane;

    Sizma; Tarsus (G?zl? Kule); Troy; Turkey, Samosata; Sardes, Sardis; Turkey, Southwest

    ern, Suberde; Turkey, Cape Gelidonya; Tur

    key, Yassiada

    Central Asia and India: Altai; Balkh-Bactra;

    Chanhu-Daro; Chinese Turkestan; Hasanlu;

    Kurdistan; Mohenjo-Daro; Persia

    Europe west of Greece: Alesia; Chiusi; Ci vita

    Lavinia; Cluny; Cosa; France, Solutre; Italy, Francolise and Maria SS di Altomare; Jugo slavia, Stobi; Lucania; Mallorca; Marseilles;

    Messenia; Morgantina; Roman Forum; Rome;

    Sardinia; Siena; Spain, Andalucia and

    Baleares; Sybaris Greece and the Aegean: Akropotamos; Argive

    Heraeum; Athenian Agora; Athens; Athens,

    Acropolis; Bamboula; Ceos, Keos; Coreyra;

    Corinth; Crete, Kato Zakro; Eleusis; Elis; En

    komi; Euboea, Xeropolis; Eutresis; Haghios Kosmas; Halae; Kenchreai; Kourion; Lerna;

    Mecyberna; Mochlos; Mount Hymettos; My cenae, Mykenai; Mykonos; Nemea; Olynthos; Phaleron; Phlius; Prosymna; Pylos; Samo

    thrace; Tzoungiza; Zygouries Near East, Middle East, USSR: Antioch on the

    Orontes; Ba'albek; Beth-zur; Dura; Ghassul;

    Gibeon; Hama; Hebron; Jerash; Jericho; Jeru

    salem; Megiddo; Negev; Nuzi (Kirkuk); Palestine; Petra; Samaria; Seleucia Pieria; Tell

    Beit Mirsim; Tell El-tfammeh; Tell El

    Kheleifeh; Tell Nagila; Tepe Gawra; Ukraine

    IL Authors volume page

    Absolon, K. Moravia in Palaeolithic Times 53 1949 19 - See also News

    Adams, F. W. Observations on the Consular Fasti in the Early Empire 55 1951 239 - Tabula Imperii Romani 58 1954 45 Agard, W. R. Date of the Metopes of the Athenian Treasury at Delphi 27 1923 174 -

    Dating and Aesthetic Interest of the Metopes of the Athenian Treasury at Delphi (paper) 27 1923 57 - The Metopes of the Athenian Treasury as Works of Art 27 1923 322 - Notes on the Siphnian Treasury Frieze 42 1938 237 - Theseus as a National Hero (paper) 32 1928 62

    Aitken, R. T. Porto Rican Burial Caves (paper) 20 1916 84 Akok, M. See Ko?ay, H. Z. 51 1947 152 Akurgal, E. Early Period and the Golden Age of Ionia 66 1962 369 - Excavations at Pitane (paper)* 66 1962 194 Albright, W. F. Anthropoid Clay Coffin from Sah?b in Trans Jordan 36 1932 295 - First Campaign of Excavation at Beth-zur (Palestine) (paper) 36 1932 40 - First Campaign of Tell Beit Mirsim in Judah (paper)* 31 1927 92 - Oriental Glosses on the Homeric Problem 54 1950 162 - Two Unpublished Phoenician "Thymiateria" and the Temple of

    Solomon (paper) 45 1941 87 - See also News

    Alexander, C. Abstract of the Articles on the Bacchic Inscription in the Metropolitan Museum 37 1933 264 - Antefix and Hekataion Recently Acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art 44 1940 293 - See Richter, G. M. A. 51 1947 221

    Alexander, J. Spectacle Fibulae of Southern Europe 69 1965 7 Alf?ldi, A. Diana Nemorensis 64 i960 137 - Hasta?Summa Imperii: Spear as Embodiment of Sovereignty in Rome 63 1959 1 - Portraits of Julianus Apostata 66 1962 403 Allen, G. H. European Origins of Early Pennsylvania Architecture (paper) 40 1936 126


    Allen, G. H. Excavations on the Site of the Gallo-Roman Town of Alesia (paper) -

    Megaron Type House in the Neolithic Period in Central Europe (paper) - Peculiarities of Theaters in Gaul (paper) - Problems of Inland Navigation in the Roman Empire (paper) - So-called Praetorium in the Roman Legionary Camp at Lambaesis (paper) -

    Vergil's "Tu Eris Marcellus" in Modern Painting (paper) - Whole-Timber Construction in Prehistoric Central Europe (paper) Allen, G. and Caskey, L. D. East Stoa in the Asclepieum at Athens - and Caskey, L. D. Restoration of the Stoa in the Asclepieum at Athens (paper) Allen, H. F. Inscribed Bronze Plaque from Coptos (paper)* -

    Mummy Label in the Carnegie Museum (paper) Allen, J. T. Odeum of Pericles and the Periclean Reconstruction of the Theater (paper) Alliot, H. Aspects of Neolithic Culture of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands,

    California (paper) Allyn, H. M. Excavations in Mugharet El Wad, Palestine, Under the Auspices of

    the British School of Archaeology and th