Amber Wilburn Photography Wedding Approach

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<ol><li> 1. c reative wedding </li><li> 2. Telling Your StoryThe photographs taken at your wedding are one of the best ways to perserve yourmemories and events of the day. Chances are you will look over the photos many timesthrough out your life time. They will be photos you share with your children andgrandchildren. Its no wonder that a wedding album becomes a family tresasure. Wedding Photography is an investment and should comprise 7-10 percent of your wedding budget.Amber Wilburn Photography specializes in creative wedding reportage. Blendingboth traditional and unique perspectives to tell your story. My approach to you laughing, smiling, always be attentive todress, cake, flowers wedding photography is &amp; interacting. Wedding what is happening and &amp; venue. I want to 85% reportageReporage isnt about to be in the right placeperserve those details. wedding photography, staging or excessive at the right time.I also employ the use of also known aslighting but the realblack and whites when I wedding photojournal-story of how the day I also use traditionalfeel the emotion would ism or documentary unfolds in a story photography with groupbe best expressed in wedding photography. format but in images as&amp; family portraits as that really happens. well as posed shots This style of photog- with the sentimentalI have a detailed shot raphy focuses on the In a non-obtrusive way,and decorative pieces list and I will work with emotion &amp; feelings I photograph the day asin your wedding and you very closely to of the wedding day it unfolds, with minimal formal portraits. ensure what you want captured on camera.intervention. I observeis captured to the best Capturing the people and photograph whatYou have worked hardof my ability. who matter most to I see. I work hard toto select just the right- </li><li> 3. What all do you want capatured? How you want to perserve the memories of the events, like engagement photos, rehearsal &amp; rehearsal dinner, leading up to your wedding as well as the actually wedding day? Considering those questions is something you should consider in selecting a wedding package. Do you want engagements photos? Do you want professional photos of your rehearsal &amp; reherasal dinner? capture the bride getting ready? The groom? Or is that not important to you ? Would you rather just cover the ceremony and the reception?Considering what aspects you wantphotographed leading up to and onyour wedding day will help you selectthe package that best suits yourindividual needs. Amber Wilburn Photography doesnt have ready made packages. I feel it is best to work with what you would like and custom tailor my services to fit your individual needs.</li></ol>