Amateur Radio in Bedford

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Amateur Radio in Bedford. Bedford Town Council Meeting June 8, 2011. Agenda. Who we are … What we do … Come see us in action! Questions?. Who we are …. Granite State Amateur Radio Association Based in Bedford with 62 members from surrounding communities Monthly meetings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Amateur Radio in Bedford

Amateur Radio in BedfordBedford Town Council MeetingJune 8, 2011

AgendaWho we are

What we do

Come see us in action!

Questions?June 8, 20112Who we are Granite State Amateur Radio AssociationBased in Bedford with 62 members from surrounding communitiesMonthly meetingsRadio exam sessionsMentoring on radios, operation, Annual Field Day exercise

June 8, 20113Who we are Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)National organization founded in 1950 by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)Organized by State (and then typically by County)

Greater Manchester ARESServes Bedford, Manchester, Goffstown, HooksettInterfaces with State EOC via NH ARES team in ConcordWeekly training callsRegular emergency drillsState-wide, American Red Cross, CMC, Elliott, June 8, 20114June 8, 20115

Japan EarthquakeJune 8, 20116

Joplin TornadoJune 8, 20117

Springfield TornadoJune 8, 20118

NH Ice Storm

June 8, 20119What we do Backup emergency communication support NH Department of Safetys Office of Homeland Security and Emergency ManagementNH Hospital AssociationNational Weather Service (SKYWARN)American Red Cross

Amateur radio operators provide communications in support of public eventsBedfords Pre-Memorial Day raceArea road races

June 8, 201110Come see us in action!GSARA is part of the nationwide exercise calledField DayPractice emergency response capabilitiesJune 25 @ 2PM thru June 26 @ 2PM (continuous 24 hour operation)Earl Legacy Park Log Cabin

Setup includes multipleTemporary antennasTypes of radiosModes: voice, Morse code, digitalSpecial radio reserved to help unlicensed attendees experience the original social media!June 8, 201111

Questions and Follow-upGranite State Amateur Radio AssociationStan Popielarz, camelot70@comcast.net603.472.6609 (H), 603.582.6610 (C)

Martin Koechel, 603.471.3938 (H), 603.714.5490 (C)

NH ARES (state-wide)Al Shuman, 603.487.2727 (H), 603.487.3333 (C)

Greater Manchester ARESMartin Koechel, 603.471.3938 (H), 603.714.5490 (C)

June 8, 201112Thank you for your time!

Please come see us in action at Earl Legacy Park

June 25 (2pm) thru June 26 (2pm)