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  • Amadeus Multi channel distribution for hotels

    Distribution & Content

    Make the right moves & conquer new markets

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    Be where your customers book and buy The hospitality industry is booming. Occupation rates are up and profitability is rising in every market around the globe.

    At the same time, competition is intensifying. Unprecedented profits have spurred a hotel

    building boom, bringing thousands of new rooms onto the market. With the biggest ever

    increase in the global hotels inventory, hotels – whether individual properties or multinational

    groups - will find it harder to increase occupancy and optimise pricing and yield.

    The shape of the hotel industry is changing too as more customers turn to the Web to find

    accommodation. Shopping online, today’s discerning customers can easily compare

    prices to find the best deal. More of them are making last minute bookings, creating new

    opportunities to sell rooms. These customers are increasingly brand conscious, searching

    for names they know and trust - whether they are looking for low cost lodgings or a luxury

    boutique hotel.

    This is a great time to be in the hotel business. But to truly benefit, and protect margins in

    the future, hotels need their inventory to be available when and where lookers and bookers

    can find it. Globally. Online and offline. In both corporate and leisure markets.

    Manageable multi channel distribution - worldwide Amadeus makes it easy for hoteliers to

    distribute their rooms across multiple

    channels on a global scale. The more

    channels you use, the easier it is for

    customers to find and book your hotel.

    Whether you operate a single property or a

    chain, Amadeus distribution and content

    tools connect your customers with your


    > when they visit one of over 200,000

    travel agency sites using Amadeus,

    Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan

    > when they make a reservation direct

    on your own-branded website

    > when they use a travel portal such as, Orbitz or Travelocity

    Amadeus Multi Channel Distribution: more opportunities to capture your customer

    Amadeus Multi Channel Distribution platform

    Your hotel’s website

    200,000 + travel agencies

    Travel portals

    Your hotel inventory

    Working with Amadeus has proved extremely profitable and a pleasure for us. We generate significant extra revenues as a result of having global reach via the GDSs to agencies around the world, and to other new distribution channels. And in addition, Amadeus’ true partnership approach has meant

    we enjoy exemplary service.

    Philippe Marguet

    General Manager, INTER-HOTEL

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    Around the world, over 4,500 hotels – from chains such

    as Châteaux Hotels de France, Estelar Hotels or AtaHotels

    to sole independents such as Tranzit Hotel are using

    Amadeus solutions to show and sell their rooms.

    Whatever the size of your business, Amadeus has a tool that

    makes it simple for you to distribute your inventory across

    multiple channels, including all of the GDSs (with direct

    connections to Amadeus and Sabre), Pegasus and Opodo.

    The complete solution - from a technology partner you can trust

    All Amadeus tools are designed to make your life easier with intuitive interfaces that allow you to get up and running

    with a minimum of training.

    > complete flexibility over rates – an individual rate for each customer

    > one tool to manage across multiple channels

    > easy to learn, easy to use

    > no installation required, just an internet connection

    > no big investments

    > dual currency feature

    > Amadeus Hotel Master Web Planning – single tool to manage distribution across multiple hotels

    Amadeus Hotel Web Planning at a glance

    Amadeus Hotel Web Planning - one tool to manage all your distribution channels

    Designed for individual hotels, Amadeus

    Hotel Web Planning is all you need to

    distribute across multiple channels,

    enabling you to choose what rate to sell to

    different customers.

    Guests and agents can access your

    latest availabilities and rates and make

    reservations through any channel. Whether

    that is your hotel’s branded website, your

    contact centre or online and offline travel

    agencies. Amadeus Hotel Web Planning

    makes it easy. No installation is needed

    – you just log on via the Internet and you

    are ready to go. You only have to decide who

    you want to sell to and at what rate.

    For hotel chains, Amadeus Hotel Master

    Web Planning makes it simple to manage

    distribution across your entire portfolio of

    hotels. From a single point of management,

    you control who you sell to and at what rate.

    For high-volume content aggregators and

    hotel chains, an XML interface connects your

    inventory management to the Amadeus

    Multi Channel distribution platform.

    > a simple and seamless way to connect inventory systems to the Amadeus Hotel Multi Channel Distribution platform

    > OTA XML-compliant

    > easy to use and install

    > fast to implement

    XML interface at a glance

    XML interface - seamless connectivity with your channels



    Opodo Orbitz, etc


    Travel agencies

    Amadeus Sabre Galileo Amadeus Hotel

    Web Booking Engine

    Multi channel distribution platform

    Amadeus Hotel Web Planning / XML Interface

    Hotel websites

    The portfolio of solutions for connecting with your customers

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    Amadeus Services A solution is more than a piece of technology. A solution includes the expertise and

    support you need to get the most out of technology.

    Amadeus provides end-to-end customer support throughout the life cycle of your solution.

    Services include:

    > scalable and customised support ideal for your business > dedicated Account Management to ensure your critical business needs are addressed

    > world-class training programs, tools and resources –customised as needed

    > trainers to guide you through the “go-live” steps > multi-lingual support desk staff

    > post-installation and follow-up services

    Amadeus is the world’s leading provider of

    technology solutions to the travel industry,

    investing hundreds of million of Euros every

    year to enable our customers’ success.

    For nearly 20 years, Amadeus has served the

    global hospitality industry, addressing hotels

    evolving direct distribution and IT needs. Our

    hotels portfolio encompasses leading-edge

    distribution and IT solutions covering CRS,

    PMS and RMS for leading chains, representation

    companies and independent hotels.

    Amadeus combines global reach with local

    insight. We have 6000 people in over 200

    countries, with 400+ dedicated hotel

    specialists covering every aspect of the

    development, delivery and support of

    hospitality IT solutions.

    We work as a partner: delivering on the

    IT front and leaving you free to focus on

    competing and succeeding.

    Amadeus is ISO9001:2000 certified.

    Amadeus - a partner to the global hotel industry

    Amadeus Hotel Booking Engine makes it

    easy for you to advertise your availabilities

    and rates online and receive bookings.

    Amadeus Hotel Booking Engine makes life

    simple for your customers too. Booking is

    quick and easy and once completed, the

    system will automatically send a

    confirmation to your customer. At the same

    time, your inventory is updated.

    You can buy Amadeus Hotel Booking Engine

    off the shelf and customise it to fit your

    business or you can integrate an API version

    into your web site.

    > easy for your customers to book direct on your own website

    > multi-hotel search tool according to customer-requested criteria

    > instant booking confirmation to customer, and update of hotel inventory

    > two options: off-the-shelf and OTA XML

    Amadeus Hotel Booking Engine at a glance

    Amadeus Hotel Booking Engine - online booking with automatic customer confirmation

    Just a couple of months after installing Amadeus Hotel Multi Channel Distribution platform, we were already achieving record reservations as a result of being able to expand our distribution

    through online channels.

    Mr. Daniel Rubos

    General Manager

    4* Tranzit Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

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