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Always Connected Safe and Secure

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by Bob Aloisio

Text of Always Connected Safe and Secure

  • Extensive GPS and Telecommunications experience

    Specialized Offender Electronic Monitoring Division

    Unique Personal Tracking Monitoring Division

    100% Canadian owned and operated

    Integration of EM equipment on multiple levels

    Tailor made solutions to address specific requirements

  • Cutting Edge EM hardware

    Easy to use Web Based application

    24x7x365 Canadian Monitoring Center

    Software & Data fully stored in Canada

    Key Features

  • Integrated 2/3 Way live voice communication

    Integrated Vibration Feature

    Integrated 95 db Audio Alert and Siren

    30+ Hours of Operation on a Single Charge

    Steel reinforced SecureCuff for Maximum Security

    Up to One minute GPS location intervals

    Hypoallergenic, Waterproof, Tamper Resistant

    Key Features

  • * With adequate GPS/Cellular reception

    SOS/Panic Button dials pre-programmed phone numbers

    with Built-In 2-Way Voice Communication

    Create Safety Zones which sends a notification upon

    Entering or Exiting these Electronically

    Controlled Areas

    Lockable Wristband features Tamper Alert which

    sends a notification if the device is trying to be removed


  • ULC Certified Alarm Monitoring Center

    One of North Americas Largest 911 National transfer centers

    Specializing in Electronic Monitoring Response Procedures

    Redundant off site back up facility

    100 % Canadian Owned and Operated

    Northern 911 Alarm Monitoring

  • The ONLY complete Stand Alone EM

    Solution located in Canada

    Triple operational redundancies

    Application, Data and Servers

    No data transfer out of Canada.

    Continuous software enhancements


  • Carry the Personal ST- 200 Safety Device

    1 minute GPS locations sent automatically

    In an Emergency push the Integrated SOS button

    Automatically connects hands free to the STGPS Monitoring

    Center and treated as a 911 call.

    Police, Fire or Ambulance dispatched to location

    Important information specific to the user are stored and

    used in the event of an SOS emergency.