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  • Alfalfa is a 7,000ha property owned by the van der Merwe family with 410 ha dedicated to 19 grape

    varieties. Chenin Blanc and Pinotage are specialities.

    The farm is in the Breede River Valley, near Worcester, WC, South Africa.

    Alvi's Drift winery takes its name from of the low water bridge crossing the Breede River on Alfalfa.

    Built by Albertus Viljoen (Alvi) van der Merwe (the 1st) in 1928 to allow access to the family

    property, the drift became known locally as Alvi's Drift.

    From humble beginnings, the property and cellar were built up substantially over time by Alvi's son

    Bertie. Latterly the running was taken over by Berties sons Alvi and Johan who have continued to grow the business built up by their father.

    Alfalfa has extensive and diverse business interests, including a dairy with cheese making facility

    managed by Johan. The success of the dairy lead to the creation of the Alvis Drift brand as a vehicle to market the family's wine production.

    Alvi manages the vineyards, citrus, stone fruit, fodder and of course, the winery. It was a natural

    progression to produce wine under the brand Alvi's Drift.

    The winemaking team of Alvi van der Merwe and Henk Swart bottled the maiden vintage of Alvi's

    Drift in 2004. Linley Schultz joined the team in late 2009 and together they manage the farm's

    6,000 tonne winery.

    The property includes a game reserve with eland, springbok, ostriches and gemsbok among others.

  • Photo of Vineyard or region from Website

    named after the low

    water bridge spanning

    the Breede River built

    by Alvis Grandfather.

  • Linley Schultz is the Alvis Drift winemaker with 30 years experience in the international wine industry. He works closely with Alvi to bring a raft of experience

    to the property

    Linley honed his winemaking skills within the Penfolds Wine Group. He extended his experience by studying French production of full bodied white wine styles, Spanish wine in Valencia and consulting to wineries in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Argentina

    In 1998 Linley returned to Australia to take up the post of Winemaker/Manager of Renmano, a 25,000 tonne winery in Renmark, South Australia, then part of the BRL Hardy group.

    In 2001 Linley was approached to head up the winemaking department of the then newly formed Distell of South Africa, a complex alcoholic beverages company with wine production of 21 million 9 litre cases p.a..

    Pursuing new challenges and having a desire to be in business for himself, Linley has now partnered with the Avli's Drift family to produce a range of exciting wines for the South African and international markets.

  • The market and indeed consumers and sommeliers have always sought a combination of creativity, scale and a place of reference a home where their wine is made

    Alvis Drift has filled this gap with high quality premium wines, modern classic packaging and an exciting combination of varietal wines at competitive prices

    Over the last 20 years South Africa has seen many concept brands created which have been successful, but have lacked provenance and consistency of wine style

    At the same time the old established and traditional premium wineries have not innovated into modern styles but have flourished with their Classic styles

  • Alvis Drift Signature range.

    Chenin Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc




    Cabernet Sauvignon

  • The Alvis Drift Premium range

    Drift Fusion-Cabernet Pinotage

    CVC ( Chenin Blanc, Viognier, Chardonnay)


    Sauvignon Blanc

    SVC ( Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Chenin Blanc)

  • Firstly, wines that over deliver in quality terms

    In addition there are a number of creative styles such as CVC and Drift Fusion to make a point of difference

    All wines are made with innovative and modern winemaking techniques, by a team dedicated to the pursuit of excellence

    The South African Signature grapes of Chenin Blanc and Pinotage are a benchmark for others to refer to, they are excellence in a sea of mediocrity

    Packaging reflects a combination of European background with Authentic South African legend and prestige in design

    Pricing is extremely competitive

    Alvis Drift are wines you would be happy to take to any occasion

  • Alvis Drift brings a fresh approach to South Africa

    From a property that is real and with an ambition to innovate

    A two tier range for retail, specialist and HORECA

    Interesting and classic varietals in one range

    Packaging that takes the old and blends into the contemporary

    Clearly South African in look and feel


  • Contact : -


    Wendy Williams

    Fruit Driven Wine Ltd.

    Telephone +44 1743 761052

    E-mail [email protected]

    For Sales Contact

    Darryll, Richard and Peter

    Web site

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