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ote s Send us news of your accomplishments along with a photo. Items will appear in the magazine and on the SU web site. Send to: Alumni Editor, Alumni News; 820 Comstock Avenue, Room 308; Syracuse NV 13244-5040; fax 315-443-5425. ACCOMPLISHMENTS Charles E. Lamb Ill G' 51 (MAX) is principal of Security Dynamics Associates in Montgomer y Vi llage, Md. Warren B. Rudman '52 (MAN), for- mer U.S. senator and a pa rt ner in t he i ntern ational law f irm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garri son in Washington, D.C., was awarded the President ia l Citizen's and Nati onal Intelligence Di s ti nguished Service medals. wif e, M arga ret, joi ned a volunteer t ea m t hrough Global Volunteers and se rved as English t utors at a summer language camp in east- ern Poland. Alfred M. Zuck G'58 (MAX) is a prof essor at American Uni versi ty in Wa shi ngton, D.C. Consumer Product Safety Commiss ion and an int ern ational consulta nt on iss ues relat ed t o consumer safety, w as aw arded t he M arga ret Dana Award f rom t he America n Society for T esting and M aterials. John D. Watson ' 59 (A&S) is gener- al manager of L M. Scofield Co. in L os Angeles. RobertS. Koffler '6o ( VPA) of Chelt enham, P a., had two solo exhibit ions: Four De cades of S tudies at the Art Inst itute of Philadelphia, and Forty Years of Artistic Vision at Elizabethtown College in Penn sylva ni a. Lawrence C. Held ' 61 (A&S) mar- ried Susa n Johnson. Since ret iring f rom t he federal government in 1995, he has worked as an airport operations supervisor for United Airlines. James M. Lavery '61 (VPA), a retired minister w it h t he United Meth odist Church, res ides in Ba lls ton Spa, NY Peter D. Sal ins ' 61 ( ARC) of Port Wa shington, NY, vice chancel lor and provost for academic aff airs of th e St ate Universi ty of New York system, gave the commence- ment address at th e University of Buffalo School of Architect ure. Ann Smithwick Ferro ' 62 (A&S) of Marcellus, NY, ret ired f rom t each- ing and is development direct or of t he Sam aritan Ce nt er, a progra m fo r hungr y and homeless people in Syracuse. Ronald C. Bernard '64 (MAN) is chief executi ve office r of Sekani Inc., follow ing eight years wit h t he Nat ional Football League. Nancy Thoms on Trueblood '64 ( A&S) is direct or of development fo r t he Nati onal Lekot ek Ce nt er in Evanston, Il l., a nonprofit organiza- ti on promoting access t o play fo r ch ild re n with special needs. David H. Zucker G'64 (A&S) is pro- fessor of English at Quinnipi ac University in Ha mden, Conn., where he tea ch es Shakespeare and modern poet ry and publishes poetry and crit ica l ana lysis. Carleton H. Freedman ' 65 (A&S) of Brooklyn is a col umnist f or Newsmax. com and a regular social and polit ical com ment ator on the Barry F arber Show on the Talk Radio Netwo r k. Joanne Gerstel '65 (A&S) is di rector of design and graphi cs at Su llivan and Cromwe ll in New York City ' 65 (A&S) of Flushing, NY, ret ired fro m teaching afte r 30 years and is a profe ss ional poker playe r in L as Vegas. William Stein '65 (A& S) of Merrick, NY, reti red after 34 years as a high school t eacher in New York Cit y He is a fac ulty mem ber in th e foreign la nguage depart- ment at CW Post College. member of t he t own ship planni ng commis- sion and historic preservat ion com m ittee. maker who wo n e Internat ional Documentary As sociation's Distinguished Ac hievement aw ard fo r his film Paul R obe son: Here I Stand! Sheila Kassa Small '67 (EDU) of Bri stol, R.I., received t he Sa lesperson of the Yea r aw ard fro m Pa pal Giftware. Charlotte Zoe Walker G' 67 (A&S) is a professor ofEngl is h at SU NY Oneonta. She wrote two books on nat uralist John Burroug hs : Sharp Eyes: John Burroughs and American Nature Writing and The Art of S eeing Things: Ess ays by John Burroughs (SU Press). Joseph M. Rosenthal '68 (MAN) of West Ca ldwel l, N.J., is senior vice pres ident for Hilb, Rogal, and Hamilton Co. of New York. staying In Touch If you want information on: Alumni events The SU Alumni Online Community The SU alumni club in your area Visit the Office of Alumni Relations web site at www.syrocuse.edu/olumni and click on the appropriate link, or call1-8oo-SUALUMS (782-5867). SUMMER 20 01 37 1 et al.: Alumni News & Notes Published by SURFACE, 2001

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Alumni News & Notes: Class Notesotes Send us news of your accomplishments along with a photo. Items
will appear in the magazine and on the SU web site. Send to:
Alumni Editor, Alumni News; 820 Comstock Avenue, Room 308;
Syracuse NV 13244-5040; fax 315-443-5425.
principal of Security Dynamics
Warren B. Rudman '52 (MAN), for­
mer U.S. senator and a pa rt ner in t he international law f irm of Paul,
Weiss, Rifkind, Whart on &
Garri son in Washington, D.C., was awarded the Presidential Citizen's
and National Intelligence
Distingu ished Service medals.
wife, Marga ret, joined a volunteer t eam t hrough Global Volunteers
and served as English t utors at a
summer language camp in east ­ ern Poland.
Alfred M. Zuck G'58 (MAX) is a professor at American University
in Washington, D.C.
an int ernat ional consulta nt on
issues relat ed t o consumer safety, was awarded t he Margaret Dana
Award f rom t he America n Society
for Testing and Materials.
John D. Watson '59 (A&S) is gener­ al manager of LM. Scofield Co. in
Los Angeles.
Chelt enham, Pa., had two solo
exhibitions: Four Decades of Studies at the Art Inst itute of
Philadelph ia, and Forty Years of Artistic Vision at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylva nia.
Lawrence C. Held '61 (A&S) mar­
ried Susan Johnson. Since ret iring
f rom t he federal government in 1995, he has worked as an airport operations supervisor for United Airlines.
James M. Lavery '61 (VPA), a
retired minist er w it h t he United
Method ist Church, resides in
Ballston Spa, NY
Peter D. Sal ins '61 (ARC) of Port Washington, NY, vice chancel lor
and provost for academic affairs of the St ate University of New
York system, gave the commence­
ment add ress at the University of
Buffalo School of Architect ure.
Ann Smithwick Ferro '62 (A&S) of Marcellus, NY, ret ired f rom t each­
ing and is development di rect or of
t he Samaritan Cent er, a progra m
for hungry and homeless people
in Syracuse.
Ronald C. Bernard '64 (MAN) is chief executive officer of Sekani
Inc., follow ing eight years wit h t he Nat ional Football League.
Nancy Thomson Trueblood '64 (A&S) is direct or of development
for t he National Lekot ek Cent er in Evanst on, Il l., a nonprofit organiza-
tion promot ing access t o play for
ch ildren with special needs.
David H. Zucker G'64 (A&S) is pro­
fessor of English at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn.,
where he teaches Shakespeare
poetry and crit ica l ana lysis.
Carleton H. Freedman '65 (A&S) of
Brooklyn is a columnist for
Newsmax.com and a regular
social and political com ment ator on the Barry Farber Show on the
Talk Radio Network.
Joanne Gerstel '65 (A&S) is
di rector of design and graphics at Su ll ivan and Cromwell in New
York City
ret ired from
teaching after 30 years and is a profess iona l poker
player in Las Vegas.
William Stein '65 (A& S) of Merrick, NY, reti red after 34 years
as a high school t eacher in New York City He is a faculty mem ber
in the fore ign language depart ­ ment at CW Post College.
member of
maker who won
e Internat ional Documentary Association's
Distinguished Achievement award for his film Paul Robeson: Here I Stand!
Sheila Kassa Small '67 (EDU) of Bristol, R.I., received t he
Sa lesperson of the Yea r award from Papal Giftware.
Charlotte Zoe Walker G'67 (A&S)
is a professor ofEnglish at SU NY
Oneonta. She wrote t wo books on
naturalist John Burroughs: Sharp Eyes: John Burroughs and American Nature Writ ing and The Art of Seeing Things: Essays by John Burroughs (SU Press).
Joseph M. Rosenthal '68 (MAN) of
West Caldwell, N.J., is senior vice president for Hilb, Rogal, and Hamilt on Co. of New York.
• Alumni events
• The SU alumni club in your area
Visit the Office of Alumni Relations web site at www.syrocuse.edu/olumni
and click on the appropriate link, or call1-8oo-SUALUMS (782-5867).
SUMMER 2 0 01 37 1
et al.: Alumni News & Notes
Published by SURFACE, 2001
Shaker Heights, Ohio, is founder
and president of Mediation Inc., a
disput e resolution business.
Nancy A. Mattison '69 (A&S) is president and CEO of the Mattison Group in Princeton, N.J.
Carol E. Shanik '69 (NUR) is a clini ­
ca l research associat e with Kendle
International in Cranford, N.J.
Mark J. Adise '70 {VPA), coordina­
tor of mental health services for
Queens County, ret ired after 27
years with the New York City Department of Mental Hea lth.
Lawrence C. Gloeckler Jr. G'70 (EDU) of Glenmont, N.Y., deputy
comm issioner for the New York St ate Office of Vocational and
Education Services for Ind ividuals
with Disabilities, is president of
t he Nationa l Association of St ate Directors of Special Educat ion.
Mark S. Kassop G'70 (MAX) of
Allenda le, N.J., is a dist ance lea rn­ ing coordinator and professor of
sociology at Bergen Community College's division of business, mathematics, and social sciences. He is listed in Whos Who Among America's Teachers.
Donna E. Shalala G'70 (MAX), for­
mer secret ary of the U.S. Depart­ ment of Hea lt h and Human
Services, is president of the University of Miami and a mem­
ber of the Institute of Medicine.
Lauren Johnson Warwick '70 (A& SI NEW) is a customer service representative with Educational
Testing Service in Ewing, N.J.
Andrea Fox Chervin '71 (EDU) IS manag1ng
director of M indShare Atlanta, a media
investment management
Diane I. Hillmann '71 (SDA) is the
met a data specialist for Cornel l University's National Science Digital Library.
Eileen Wynne Ball '72 (EDU) of Providence, R.I., is an associate pro­
fessor at the Un iversity of
Karen Lipschultz DeC row G'72 (LAW) is an employment lawyer
based in Syracuse. She presented a
lecture, Gender Equality: The Unfinished Revolution, at Colgate University.
Judith Lipnick Moore '72 (A&S) of Durham, N.C., is an accounting supervisor at Duke University and
the lead singer in a dance band.
Michael J. Singletary '72 (VPA) of Mount Vernon, N.Y., was the featured
artist in an ex­
hibition, The Artist and the Legacy of Racial Violence, held at the
Joseph I. Lu bin House Ga llery in New York City.
Marsha Rome Basloe '73 (SDA/E DU) is executive director of
Beth David Congregation in
Howard F. Liebeskind '73 (A&S) of Calabasas, Calif., is t eam podiat rist for the USA Men's World Cup,
national soccer teams, and the Los
Angeles Galaxy.
Paula A. Marincola '73 (A&S) of Narbert h, Pa., is creator and direc­
tor of the Philadelphia Exhibitions
Initiative, an artistic development program of the Pew Charitable Trusts.
Mary L. McNabb '73 (A&S) is a financial consultant and owner of
LPL Financial Services in
Keith M. Bloomfield G'74 (NEW) of Scarsdale, N.Y., is vice
president of human resources at Performancebase Inc., a software
applications provider.
Roy H. Buchman '74 (VPA) teaches figure drawing at Pierce College in
Los Angeles. He
received a grant
Michael Davidson '74 (NEW) of Philadelphia is associate creative
director at FlashPoint-DBC, the
advertising division of Diccicco
Battista Communicat ions.
Kathryn J. Mcintyre '74 (A&S/NEW) is publishing direct or of Business Insurance, a publica ­ tion of Crain Commun ications Inc.
in Detroit.
president of Graphic Edge Professional Design, North Royalton, Ohio, was featured in an article titled "Making Money@
Home" in Family Money magazine.
Ruth L. Platner '74 (A&S), senior
programmer and analyst for the
Graduate School of Oceanography at t he University of Rhode Island
in Narragansett, was re-elected t o
a six-year term on the Charles­
town, R.I., planning commission.
Vithun Tulyanond G'74 (MAX) is
senior executive advisor to the Ministry of Commerce in Bangkok, Thailand.
Patricia Ryan Apelian '75 (HD) is assist ant development direct or for
Cardina l Gibbons High School in
Ra leigh, N.C.
Anthony H. Arnold '75 (A&S), a fami ly practice physician and a
colonel in the U.S. Air Force, is chief of the medical staff at
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz.
Eileen Antin Bassoff '75 (A&S) is a real estate agent for Houlihan
Lawrence in Scarsdale, N.Y.
Syracuse University Magazine, Vol. 18, Iss. 2 [2001], Art. 13
Alison Blackman Dunham '75 (A&S) of Brooklyn, N.Y., a relat ion­ ship and career expert and author
of the onl ine career advice column "Ask Ali son (Managing Your Life
and Career)" has published a
career guide in electronic format: You Are the Product-How to Sell Yourself to Employers {Piggle Press). She and her t w in sister,
Jessica Blackman Freedman '75 (A&S), are known as The Advice
Paul J. Gilson '75 (A&S) is a phys i­
cian w ith Jersey Shore Neurology Associates in Brick, N.J.
Joanne Mason Hambleton '75 {NUR) is direct or of nursing and
patient services at the Fox Chase
Cancer Cent er in Phi ladelphia.
Rhonda Erlanger Mitchell '75 {NEW) is creative director at New Image Advertising in Chicago.
Gerald von Gerichten '75 {NEW) is media director at Samsung Inc. in
Ridgefi eld Park, N.J.
James H. Alexander '76 (A&S) is vice president of advanced archi­
t ecture and development for On
Command Corp. in Denver.
Thomas A. Habib Jr. '76 (A&S) is
managing pa rt ner and fou nder of
Mission Psychologica l Consult ants in Sa n Juan Capistrano, Calif.
Raymond A. Lewandowski G'76 (EDU) of M orrisville, N.Y., executive
direct or of Madison County's
Association of Ret arded Chi ldren,
was awarded a John F. Marsellus
Sa bbat ica I Grant by t he Cent ra I New York Community Foundation.
Barry Mills G'76 (A&S) was elect ­
ed t he 14th president of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, M aine.
Jeanne A. Wagner '76 {HD) is a consulta nt for Dat atellnc. in
Fairfax, Va.
dent of industry relations for the Independent
Insurance Agents Associat ion of
New York, received t he Insurance Person of Dist inct ion Awa rd.
Mark C. Alba Ia '77 (A&S) is direc­
t or and chief t echnology officer for the business int elligence
service line of AnswerThink Inc. in
Iselin, N.J.
Sherwood T. Brooks '77 {NEW) of
Ocean City, M d., is an account executive for Veritech Corp.
======steven Neil Coren '77 (ARC) of Coral Springs, Fla., is a corpo­
rate vice presi­
dent at Royal Palm Divers if ied Real Est ate in
Boca Raton.
Associat es in
Clyde, N.Y., was
selected as Civil Engineer of t he
Yea r by the American Society of Civil Engineers' Rochest er section.
Judith Coughlin Gray '77 (EDU) is a teacher w ith the M analapan {N.J.)
Englishtow n Schools.
Stanley M. Greenblatt '77 {A&S) of Brick, N.J., is a com mercial pi lot who does aerial adverti sing over such venues as Giants St adium in
New Jersey.
MichaelS. Levy '77 {NEW), owner
of Nonprofit M anagement Specialist s in Phoenix, formed AZTechCares, a group of t echnolo­
gy professionals w ho apply their
expertise t o community proj ects.
William F. Matthews '77 {NEW) is
CEO and st at ion manager for pub­
lic t elevision st at ion KTEH in San Jose, Calif.
Thomas F. Procopio G'77 (MAX), an associate at Mult isyst em s Inc. in
Cambridge, M ass., married Nancy
president and CEO of Sheldon
Good and Co., an
===::~ internationa l rea l
est at e auct ion firm in Chicago.
Jay M. Haverson '7S {ARC) and Carolyn Weinberg-Haverson '7S (HD), partners in Haverson
Archit ect ure and Design in Greenwich, Conn., w ere awarded
t he 2000 Gold Key Award for
excellence in hospit ality design for their design of a fast service rest aurant.
Lloyd A. Johnson '7S {ECS) is vice
president and chief operating offi­ cer for Kionix Inc. in It haca, N.Y.
Daniel Roth Levene '7S (A&S) is vice president and branch manag­
er of Deut sche Bane Alex Brown in
Palm Beach, Fla.
Deborah A. Raines '7S {NUR), associate professor of nursing at
Florida Atlant ic University in Boca Raton, received the Award for
Excellence in Education at t he
national convention of the
Associat ion of Women's Health,
Obst etrics, and Neonatal Nursing.
Gail E. Tregea '7S {NEW) is associ­ ate media director of Arnold
Worldw ide in Rochest er, N.Y.
Steven A. Zedeck '7S {ECS) of Nashua, N.H., is direct or of diag­
nost ics engineering at Son us Networks in Westford, Mass.
Wendy Hickox Johnson '79 (ESF) is
a senior engineer at Calient
Opt ica l Component s in Ithaca, N.Y.
n~~:~kowsky LaVoie '79 {NEW)
"" is a member of
the boa rd of
directors of the Los Angeles unit of Record ing for
the Blind and Dyslexic.
Patricia J. Sheridan G'79 {LAW) of Alexandria, Va., is an administra­
tive judge on the Department of Vet erans Affairs' Board of Cont ract
Jopie B. Soenjoto G'79 {ECS), pro­ fessor of st at istics and head of t he st at ist ica l educat ion and t raining
cent er for t he Cent ral Bu rea u of
St atistics in Jakarta, Indonesia,
received t he New Century Awa rd
f rom The Asia soo.
Heidi Freundlich Gilles 'So {HD) is
a designer at Chapeauxies in
M ontrose, Calif.
Bruce L. Hillsberg 'So {ECS) is
director of engineering at IBM Global Small Business in Fost er
City, Ca lif.
Audrey McKibbin Moran 'So {NEW) is chief of staff for M ayor John Delaney in Jacksonville, Fla.,
secretary of
education, is running for mayor of Cleveland.
Mark T. Stauffer 'So (MAN) of Greensboro, N.C., is director of
supply chain at ConvaTec, a divi­
sion of Bristol Myers Squ ibb Co.
Lauren C. Tancona 'So {NUR) of
Phoenix is chief of commissioned
personnel for the Indian Health Service. She received the
Outstand ing Service Meda l for career achievement in nursing
and the Surgeon General's
Exemplary Service Medal.
Steven B. Glazier 'S1 {A&S) and w ife Paula, of Melrose Park, Pa.,
announce the birth of t riplets, Ari,
Eve, and Max. St even is a licensed
psychologist in privat e practice.
Dennis M. Hesse 'S1 {ECS) is a U.S.
Ai r Force major working as an operations/ f ighter officer at t he
Northeast Air Defense Sector in
Rome, N.Y.
principa l at Casman and Katz
Int egrat ed Communicat ions in Glastonbury, Conn.
Richard J. Lyke 'S1 {NEW) of Clifton Park, N.Y., is a senior partner at Eric
Mower and Associates.
Andrew C. Noone G'S1 (A&S) is a music t eacher at Forest Grove
M idd le School in Worceste r, Mass.
Richard F. Romar 'S1 (MAN) is chief
fi nancia l officer of Collaborex Inc.
in Fairfax, Va.
Sydney Slavin Rubin 'S1 {NEW) of Cast le Rock, Colo., is co-owner of Harvest M oon Publishing.
Jerri Starks Williams G'S1 {EDU), principal of Chase Street Element ary School in Athens, Ga.,
is complet ing a superintendent
professional development pro­
gram and working on a doctoral degree in education adm inist ra­ t ion at t he University of Ill inois.
James J. Booth 'S2 (A&S) is a
sen ior loan officer for HCI in
S U M M E R 2 0 0 I 39 3
et al.: Alumni News & Notes
Published by SURFACE, 2001
Sherijo Damico '82 (HD/MAN) of
Sherman Oaks, Calif , is di rector of sales and affiliate marketing for the western region pay TV division
of Playboy Entert ainment Group.
Reza Gorji '82 (A&S) is an assis­ tant professor at SUNY Upst at e
Medica l University in Syracuse.
Claude J. Hribal G'82 (A&S), asso­ ciate professor of English at
Marquette University in Milwau­
kee, won t he AWP Awa rd for Short
Fiction for his latest collection, The Clouds in Memphis (University of
Massachusetts Press). [I]Steven R. Keeler G'82 (NEW), pro­
fessor of te le­
N.Y., was named National Educator
of the Year by t he Society of
Broadcast Engineers and received t he SUNY Chancellor's Awa rd for
Fran Lepper Lawless '82 (N EW) is an att orney w ith Kagan Lubic and
Lepper in New York City.
Amy Levine (Lyndon) '82 (VPA), an act ress and producer w it h Dream Big Product ions in Studio City, Ca lif, sta rs as "Mavis" in t he feature f ilm Cursed Part Ill. She
also plays the voice of"LuLu" on
the Fox Family cartoon Da Mob.
Gary A. Toth '82 (MAN) is a sen ior
coordinator with John Hancock Inc. in Boston.
Marc D. Weiner '82 (A&S) is a
research fellow at the Eagleton
Institute of Politics and a doctora l candidat e in political science at
Rutgers University in New Brunsw ick, N.J.
Eric W. Weinhold G'82 (MAX) is
associate direct or of admissions at
Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., w here he recruits int ernation­
al students.
Peter W. Wilson '82 (A&S) heads
t he globa l specia lity underwriting group for CNA Agency Partners.
Phyllis A. Harbinger '83 (A&S) is principal and owner of Design
Concepts/Interiors in Croton-on­ Hudson, N.Y.
Dwight K. Mason '83 (A&S) and
wife Rosi na announce t he birt h of
a daughter, Brooke Ann, who joins
big sister Laurel. Mason is con­ trol ler at DMOC Law Firm in
St amford, Conn.
of Mark Russell
t or of M RA Design in Syracuse,
was named one of Central New
York's "40 Under 40" in a program
that recognizes business profes­
have shown ext raordinary
achievement in business and com munity service.
P. Douglas Schneider '83 (NEW), a polit ical report er for the
Binghamton (N.Y.) Press & Sun­ Bulletin, was honored by the New
York Newspaper Publishers Association w ith f irst-place
aw ards for investigative reporting,
spot news reporting, featu re writ­
ing, business reporting, and state
government reporting for work done at The Palladium-Times in
managing attorney for Cushing & Dolan in Norwood, Mass.
Joel P. Thierstein '83 (NEW), pro­
fessor and acting director of t he t elecommunications division in the communication studies
department at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, is co-editor of
Religion, Law and Freedom: A Global Perspective (Greenwood
Publishing Group).
V. Miguel Aristizabal Tobon '83 (ECS) is head of internat ional
t rade and government affa irs at
Enka de Colombia S.A., a leading
synthetic fibers manufacturing organization in Medellin, Colombia.
Joanne M. Walker G'83 (LAW/MAX) of LaFayette Hil l, Pa.,
j oined two partners t o form the
law f irm of McKenna, Wa lker, and Capriotti. An advocat e for mental
heath issues, she was elected
Mem bers of th e Japan Alumni Associat ion recently gath ered in Tokyo for th ei r annu al m eet ing. The group, which is led by Aki ra Ohtomo '52, called the get -together i ts "last reunion of the 2oth century."
chair of the board of di rect ors for
the Menta l Hea lth Association of Southeast ern Pennsylvania.
Jon F. Adelman '84 (NEW) of Ossining, N.Y., is director of opera­
tions for Nutmeg Recording, an
audio post -production facility in
New York City.
Rumford, R.I., and husband Mark
announce the birth of a daughter,
Emma, w ho joins two st epbroth­
ers, Sam and Henry.
S. Andrew Baumbach '84 (NEW) is director of development at Villanova University in
tive director of Person t o Person:
Cit izen Advocacy Inc. in Syracuse, was awarded a John F. Marsel lus Sabbatical Grant by the Central
New York Community Foundation.
Thomas W. Christopher G'84 (NEW) is an attorney w ith the
Christopher Law Offices in
married Victoria Dol l.
Linda G. Ford G'84 (MAX) of Northa mpton, Mass., author of Iron Jawed Angels (University Press
of America), has written Lady Hoopsters: A History of Women's Basketball in America (Half Moon
Thomas T.lizuka '84 (MAN/ARC) is product manager for Cygnifi in New York City.
<=====:=.oCorp. in Syracuse,
women in the utility industry. She
is also a founding boa rd member of NYS Women in Commun­
ications and Energy.
broadcast design
Syracuse University Magazine, Vol. 18, Iss. 2 [2001], Art. 13
Ashley McGraw Architects in
Syracuse, presented an overview of t he st ate education depart­
ment's comprehensive public
school bu ilding safety program at t he New York St at e School Boa rd
Association conference in
Rochest er, N.Y.
Mark T. Shay '84 (ECS), president
of Educat iona l Di rect ories Unlimited, t he online service
provider of Gradschools.com and
Studyabroad.com, has relaunched
t he domain GradSchoo/Fairs.com, wh ich brings recruit ers and prospective students t oget her in
an online forum.
Cheryl McCambridge Skovran '84 (A&S) and husband Nicholas of Waterbury, Conn., announce t he birth of a son, Nicholas Ill, w ho j oins big sist ers Alexandra and
Debbie announce t he birth of a
son, David. Trink is wireless prod­
uct manager for Norte I Networks in Richardson, Texas. He received
his second U.S. patent for a
process for provisioning resou rces in a radio te lephone net work.
(wwwquantum­ redhead.com), a web development
f irm that specializes in st rategic
assessment, pre-production,
Int ernet design, and web imple­ mentation for small and m id­
sized businesses.
Laura Cedo Bona '85 (NEW/ HD) is a direct or and
Consumer Reports Online,
t he web site of Consumer Reports magazine, in Nort h Yonkers, N.Y.
Glenn A. Farrell '85 (MAN), senior
trial attorney with the law fi rm of DeVeaux & Seidman in Rutherford, N.J., is a mem ber of
t he New Jersey St at e Board of
Medica l Examiners.
t ion t echnology manager fo r Electronic Data Systems.
Gretchen Huber-Warren '85 (VPA)
of Newt on, Mass., won a nat ional compet ition sponsored by Artist magazine, w hich featured her
paint ing Tortoise Soup in it s December 2000 issue.
James A. Newandee G'85 (ECS) is direct or of adva nced research and
development at Leviton Telcom in Bothell, Wash.
William A. Seery '85 (A&S) is a
safety manager for Seaman's
Furniture in Woodbury, N.Y.
and Child: Helpful Answers and Advice for Parents (Berkley). Her
next book, A Survival Guide for Expectant Women on Bed Rest, w il l
be released this summer.
City, N.Y., is a graphic design man­ ager for Nabisco.
Trisha Gillespie Kelts '86 (VPA) and Peter J. Kelts '89 (NEW)
announce t he birth of thei r son,
Grayson Art hu r, w ho j oins big sist er Brianna and big brother Alexa nder.
Robert H. Hagle '86 (VPA), manager of Art SalesOnline.com,
has a virtua l ga llery on his w eb
site featuring 150 works of art by
established artists.
Michael E. Higgins '86 (ECS) is
lead engineer for Lockheed Martin Aeronaut ica l in Marietta, Ga.
Christopher L. Mossman '86 (MAN/ NEW) is nat ional sa les manager ofWCTV 6 in
Tallahassee, Fla.
Scott H. Russell '86 (A&S) is presi­ dent of M RA At lanta.
Sheila Doody Bishop '87 (A&S/ NEW) is sen ior attorney and in­
house corporate counsel for the
Fairbanks, Alaska, business unit of Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.
Suzanne J. Cohen '87 (NEW) is
deputy direct or of the Nat ional
Neurofibromatosis Foundat ion, a
New York City.
filmmaker and owner of Spot Film
Works in M adison, Wis.
Stefanie J. Kahn '87 (HD) is retail manager for Elizabeth Arden in
New York City.
Michele Mitcheii-Biigen '87 (A&S) is a registered nurse at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York
RichardT. Parks '87 (A& S) is vice president of American Safety
Financial Corporation Group in Atlanta.
Daniel A. Sandiford '87 (A& S) is a
consultant and officer w ith Fi rst Union National Bank's Direct Bank
Division in Richmond, Va.
video production instructor at
Carol Hebert Cady '88 (NEW) and
Arthur Jay Cady '87 (NEW) announce the birt h of a daughter,
Em ma Ca mille, who joins big brother Jack. Arthur is deputy director of public affairs for the
International Fund for Animal Welfare.
Debra Noble Clark '88 (HD) is a senior recruiting specialist at
Telepacif ic Comm unications in Los Angeles.
Sean M. Coulthard '88 (NEW) of
Butler, N.J., is t he te levision announcer "Michael Cole" for t he
World Wrest li ng Federat ion. He is also host of Sunday Night Heat on MTV, Smackdown on UPN, and
Raw Is War on TNN.
John E. Decker '88 (A& S) of
Attleboro, Mass., is vice president
for business banking at Firstfed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Valeska McDonald Munoz '88 (EDU) of Weston, Fla., and hus­
band Ef rain announce t he birth of a son, Sebast ian Arturo, w ho joins
big brothers Nicolas and
!!!!!!~=!I Pa., received an
Em my Award for outst and ing weat hercast er for the second yea r in a row.
Stephen R. Beckman '89 (MAN) is t he founder and president of Beckman HCC Inc., a hea lt h ca re indust ry market ing and communications compa ny in
Downingtow n, Pa.
husband Bruce Macl augh lin
announce the birth of a daughter, Delia Aileen. Dana is director of
development for the College of
Human ities at Ohio State
University in Columbus.
David B. Bruckman G'8g (LAW) of
Rye Brook, N.Y., is executive vice president of Professional Financia l
Services Inc.
Freeman Pictures ~=====.~i n Chicago, is
president of the Association of
Independent Commercial
Producers M idwest.
Miguel A. Gonzalez G'8g (MAN) is a program manager w ith IBM in White Plains, N.Y.
Lauren Kolevzon Jordahl '89 (VPA)
and Thomas E. Jordahl '88 (ECS) of
Arlington, Mass., announce the birth of a daught er, Jennifer Lissa,
w ho joins big sist er Alison.
Debra Shandler Kovacs '89 (VPA)
and husband Joseph announce
All ison Tara and Melanie
Elizabet h. Debra owns DK Design, a graphic design firm in
Mana lapan, N.J.
senior producer and Asia bureau
ch ief for Sport s News Te levision in
Robert E. Peloquin '89 (ECS) of Cambridge, Mass., married Susan
Krause. He is a voice product engi­ neer for Analog Devices Inc.
Sharon Piper '89 (A&S) is an att or­ ney w ith Rawle & Henderson in
David E. Platt G'8g (MAN) is direc­ tor of t he Cent er for International
Business Educat ion and Research
at the McCom bs School of
Business at t he Un iversity ofTexas
at Austin.
Melissa A. Richards '89 (NEW) of Orlando, Fla., is manager of field
S UMM ER 2 001 41 5
et al.: Alumni News & Notes
Published by SURFACE, 2001
marketing for t he Orlando, Da llas, and Los Angeles divisions of Olive Garden Restaurants.
Sean R. Rosebrugh '8g (ARC) is a
sen ior associat e for Lucas Assoc­
iates Architects in Ruxton, Md.
Steven F. Schulman '8g (A&S) is head men's basketba ll coach at
Lehman College in the Bronx.
Beth J. Shuter '8g (A&S), assistant human resources director at Save­
A-Lot Food Stores in Earth City,
Mo., married Greg Herbster.
Craig Stevens G'8g (EDU) of Brentwood, N.H., and w ife
Elizabeth announce t he birth of a
son, Lyle Walter, who joins big sis­
ters Meghan and Kaleigh. Craig,
owner of Craig Stevens Music
BMI, released the CD Peanut Funker and Jam (Rhino and
Rounder Records).
is associate director for Fox Sports
Network in Los Angeles.
Cincinnati and husband Rob announce the birth of a daughter,
Sydney Elyse.
Robert Allen Beeler Jr. 'go (NEW/A&S) and wife Nancy
announce the birth of a son,
Nathaniel Robert. Beeler is vice president and executive producer
of Red Shirt Interactive in
Neptune, N.J.
senior entertainment editor at
A&E Biography Magazine.
Laura Eppinger Brown 'go (EDU) is
a t eacher at the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford,
Elizabeth Sticht Case 'go (A&S)
and Daniel B. Case 'go (A&S) announce the adoption of a son, Anguel, from Burgas, Bu lga ria.
Elizabet h is a corrections officer for the New York Stat e correction­
al services department at Shawangunk, a maximum securi­
ty facility in Wall kil l, N.Y. Daniel
works for t he Black Press in
New burgh, N.Y.
Carrie Miklovich Colby 'go (VPA)
and husband Eric announce t he birth of a son, Blake Adams. Carrie
is owner of Adworks, a marketing
and advertising f irm in W indham,
Ma ine.
Debra Bonsel Denton 'go (VPA)
began a graph ic design business, 2Design St ud io, in Tampa, Fla.
Jill D. Kalish 'go (NEW) of New
York City is an art director for HCC.
Daniel N. Lukaszewicz 'go (ECS) is
a sen ior mechanical engineer at
Teng & Associates in Glen Allen, Va.
Tracy A. MacKinstry 'go (A&S) is a financia l consultant and owner of
MacKinstry Financial in Clinton,
para lega l at t he law f irm of
Jorden, Burt , Boros, Cicchetti,
Washington, D.C.
Jill M. Raponi 'go (A&S) is a buyer for Hecht's in Arlingt on, Va.
Sarah Gillen Redmore 'go (VPA) of
Syracuse joined t he professiona l
staff of Perceptions Interior
King Architects.
Kerry Jacobson Schachter 'go (MAN) is a human resources busi­
ness consultant at KPMG in
Kimberly Simmons Schulman 'go (A&S/NEW) is grant coordinator for Lehman College in the Bronx.
Jamie Hofflich Shapiro 'go (VPA) is
executive t exti le designer at
Stan ley King Studio in New York
Kevin D. Sheldon G'go (LAW) is counsel for the national law firm
of Alston & Bird in At lant a, w here
he focuses on electronic com­
merce and t ech no logy.
Jason L. Simon 'go (A&S) of
Yard ley, Pa., runs the east ern regional sa les division for
M essageMedia, which specia lizes
42 S Y R A C U S E U N I V E R S I T Y M A G A Z I N E
in e-mai l del ivery systems and
onl ine surveys.
Stephen R. Smith 'go (A&S) is senior vice president of Sabre Inc.
in Fort Worth, Texas.
ity series, Survivor, as well as sever­
al other shows.
Matthew A. Tynan G'go (EDU) of Cami llus, N.Y., is vice president of t he New York St at e AFL-CIO, and
serves as chairman of the organi­ zation's committee of police and
law enforcement officers.
Enrique J. Aguila 'g1 (ARC) of M iami is project manager for
American Airlines Corporate Real Estate Division, where he man­
ages the development of the Miami Internationa l Airport
expansion. He married Andreina
Richmond, Va., is
an interior design manager
at Virginia Correctional Enterprises, w hich makes office f urniture in Virginia
prisons for state agencies and un i­
versities. She is the Virginia chap­
ter president of the American
Society of Interior Designers.
Emaad S. Burki 'g1 (A&S) of Ga ithersburg, Md., is CEO of Altvia
Technologies, a software and
senior knowledge m anagement consult ant for Gweb e-Business
Corp. in Ta ipei, Ta iwan.
Martin L. Deull 'g1 (VPA) is assis­
tant chief photographer w ith
WHBQ-Fox 13 in Memphis, Tenn.
Gordon K. Dyer G'g1 (MAN) of Toronto is vice president of
Telet ech Canada.
al vice president within the pri­
vate cl ient group of PaineWebber Inc. in New York City.
Marian Arceo Garcia 'g1 (A& SINEW) of Fort Bragg, N.C.,
and husband Emanuel announce the birth of a daughter, Jayna Gloria, who joins big brothers
Jared and Jaden.
of East Longmeadow, M ass., is an
attorney with t he law offices of Anthony J. Sici liano.
Katharine E. Gill 'g1 (EDU) is exec­
utive director of equ ity research
for CIBC World Markets in New
York City.
Todd W. Ginder 'g1 (ARC) and w ife Patricia announce the birth of a
son, Stephen Todd. Ginder is a
drafting instructor at Wilkes-Barre
Area Vocational Technical School
in Pennsylvania.
Ryan D. Johnson 'g1 (A&S) is a brewer with Anheuser Busch in
Baldwinsville, N.Y.
dent of information technology for M.W. Sama ra in Hawthorne,
West Orange, N.J., and husband
Jason announce the birth of a son,
Benjamin Michae l.
Tonia O'Connor Mayes 'g1 (NEW)
is vice president of sales strategy for Gemstar-TV Guide Inc. in
Radnor, Pa.
an environmenta l scientist for
M arin Environmenta l Inc. in
Haddam, Conn.
Stacy H. Small 'g1 (NEW) of
M arina Del Rey, Ca lif., is founder, president, and chief content
provider ofTheWriteCrowd.com, a
custom original content company. n vanessa L. Smith G'g1 (LAW) is an
associat e with
executive producer for
Elizabeth A. Zogby G 'g1 (NEW) is
assist ant direct or of the Harvard Business School Fund in Boston.
Syracuse University Magazine, Vol. 18, Iss. 2 [2001], Art. 13
Claiborne '92 (A&S) is an ass is­ tant professor of
English and
African American
Kelly A. Clark G'92 {NEW) mar­ ried Ed mund C.
Humiston. She is
an editor at
META Group Inc.,
resea rch and consulting f irm in St amford, Conn.
Scott E. Delea '92 (A&S) is east ern
regional sa les manager for Virtual Growth Inc. in New York City.
Daniel V. Eastmond G'92 {EDU) is
director of lea rning resources at West ern Governors University in
Salt Lake City.
associate at t he Baltimore-based
archit ectural firm of GWWO Inc.,
where he serves as a proj ect manager.
Mark A. LaPointe '92 (ARC) is a senior associat e of t he architec­
tural firm of GWWO Inc. in
Baltimore, w here he serves as a
project manager.
director of sa les and business
development at SpeedGreet ings in Bethesda, Md.
Bradley M. Schaffel '92 {NEW) is a
technology coord inat or at Skadden, Arps, Slat e, M eagher &
Flom in New York City.
Roy E. Seidenberg '92 (A&S) is
president and co-founder of
Bost on Rent al Exchange, a rea l estate fi rm in Cambridge, Mass.
Alana Gentle Suko '92 {NEW) is vice president ofThe Webber
Group, a global technology public relations f irm in Cam bridge, M ass.
Francis Tsai G'92 {ECS) is president
of Venus M icro Inc. in Walnut Ca lif. His company was ranked
among the t op 100 fast est grow ­ ing small businesses by
Entrepreneur M agazine.

Natalie Waring Bernecker '93 {A&S/EDU) is a member of t he
law office of
Howard & Howard in Kalamazoo, M ich.
Adam M. Bernstein '93 (VPA) of Conshohocken, Pa., is a profession­ al musician known as Adam
Berenson. He received a grant
f rom the Pennsylvania Council on
the Arts to prod uce his f ifth CD.
Essie J. Chambers '93 (A& SINEW)
of New York City is d irector of development fo r Noggin, t he chil­ dren's television network.
Robin l. Ferber '93 (A&S) is assis­
tant dean of students at Berkeley
College in West Pat erson, N.J.
Glen 0. Garvin '93 (MAN) is gener­ al manager of Roll ing Maronie in Jacksonvil le, Fla., a division of
Trader Pu blicat ions.
Mark D. Harf G'93 (MAN) is human resources partner for IBM
in New York City.
Robert M. Kizik '92 (MAN) Christ ine is a
subst ance abuse counselor at t he Wayside Yout h and Family
Net work in Framingham, M ass., and Robert is an invest or research
analyst for Fleet Investments in
Bost on.
Amy Ras John '93 {A&S) is assis­ t ant vice president of Bank of
America in Charlotte, N.C.
ject coordinator at SSOE Inc.,
archit ect /engineers in Nashville, Tenn.
Yibai Lu G'93 {VPA) w orks w it h t he Georgia Bui lding Aut horit y in
Bradford J. Miller G'93 (MAX) of Charlotte, N.C., is manager of
operat ions for t he City of Charlotte Pu blic Transportation
project manager for Qwest Interactive in Alpharetta, Ga.
James Orlando '93 {NEW/A&S) married Marilyn Abreu. He is
an account
supervisor w it h the public relations f irm TSI Com­
munications Worldwide in New
York City.
Jane Park '93 {H D) is a producer for GEN.com in New York City.
Stephanie May Pittman '93 (A&S) and husband Robert announce the
birth of a son, Robert W il l.
Stephanie is human resources manager for Community
Newsdealers Inc. in Waltham, Mass.
Steven M. Toole '93 (MAN) of
Chicago is a manager at Box USA
Darren D. Weiss '93 (MAN) of
Eaglevi l le, Pa., is a senior fi nancial ana lyst at M cNeil Consumer Hea lth care.
Michelle l. Wysong '93 {A&S/ EDU) is an instruct or at Kw ansei Gakuin
University in Nishinom iya, Hyogo,
Kathryn Haines Allyn '94 (A& SI NEW) is director of onl ine advice development for
Morningst ar Inc. in Chicago.
Peter M. Berg '94 (A&S) married
Heather Dera. He is a branch
rent al manager for Enterprise Rent -A-Ca r in Syracuse.
Sheryl MacArt Bowman '94 (MAN) and David M. Bowman '93 {VPA) of Baldwinsvil le, N.Y.,
The SU football team will meet Georgia Tech at 2 p.m. on Sunday, August 26, at Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands, East Ruther­ ford, New Jersey.
The Office of Alumni Rela­ tions and the Orange Pack will host a pregame gathering in Paddock Park at the racetrack, across from the stadium, beginning at 11 a.m.
Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 1-8oo­ SU ALUMS {782-5867) or vi­ sit www.syracuse.edu/ alumni.
Published by SURFACE, 2001
announce the birth of a son, Andrew Michael. Sheryl is human
resources manager for Consumer
Central New York. Dave is mast er
electri cian for Syracuse Stage and an adjunct professor in the SU drama department.
Joseph Carillo Ill '94 (MAN) of Chatham, N.J., earned an M.B.A. in
finance at Fordham University's
Graduate School of Business Administrat ion.
Kevin W. Connolly '94 (A&S) of Lynn, Mass., is a product manager
for Statistical Solutions, a statisti ­
cal softwa re company.
Phallisha Newsome-Horton Curtis G'94 (MAX) is a grant administ ra­
tor for Illinois Publ ic Healt h in
Springfi eld.
John Alan Dickinson G'94 (MAN)
is vice president of operations for DY 4 Syst ems Inc. in Ka nata, Ontario.
Rachel Farnsworth Fischer '94 (A&S) and Matthew J. Fischer '93 (N EW/A&S) of Sterling, Va.,
announce the birth of a daughter, Kathryn Jane.
Julia Crichton Fox '94 (NEW) of Dumont, N.J., and husband Gerry
announce t he birth of a daughter,
Lau ren Anne. Julia is a media coor­
dinator for Pepsi-Cola in Purchase, N.Y.
Danielle M. Francese '94 (NEW) married Kevin T. Medina '93 (A&S)
ingin 2oq
broadcast supervisor at MediaVest
ney and senior associate at
Scudder Kemper Investment s.
Brian K. Frederking G'94 (MAX), assist ant professor of politica l sci­
ence at McKendree Col lege in
Lebanon, Ill., presented a paper, "From Enemy to Rival :
Constructing the Camp David Accords," at t he Internationa l Studies Association-Midwest Conference.
Jonathan C. Galpin '94 (A&S/NEW) is an associate pro­
ducer for ESPN in Bristol, Conn.
Peter A. Gianesini Jr. '94 (NEW) of Plainville, Conn., married Jul ie
Obeid. Peter is producer of th.e
ESPN Radio show Mike & Mike in the M orn ing.
Andrew W. Goerlich '94 (MAN) is manager of accounts reconcil ia­ t ion at Rorer Asset Management in Philadelphia.
Michael W. Hovey G'94 (MAX),
coord inator of peace and just ice
education at lana College in New
Rochelle, N.Y., is a non-governmen­ ta l organization representative t o the United Nations for Pax Christi
senior associat e architect at
DeStefano and Partners in
Gerald J. Kelliher Jr. '94 (1ST) is
president and CEO of Omniworks Consulti ng in Boston.
Carol LeBlanc '94 (VPA) of
Herndon, Va., is program manager
w ith the U.S. Department of State. She presented the w eb-based cus­
tomer status information system at the American Embassy Software Project Conference in Hong Kong.
Brian N. Lynch '94 (NEW) and wife Colleen announce the birth of a
daught er, Tara Shaye. Lynch is a producer for Empire Sports Netw ork in West Seneca, N.Y.
Theodore A. Naima '94 (MAN) is a
member of t he law offices of Gary
S. Alweiss in Garden City, N.Y.
Chad D. Owen '94 (ARC) is a pro­
j ect manager for FFMG Architecture in Princeton, N.J.
Kathleen M. Sears '94 (NEW) is a research associate for ESPN in
New York City.
Candace E. Smith '94 (A& SINEW) is a metro reporter and editor for The Associated Press in Washing­
t on, D.C.
Jonathan W. Vredenburg '94 (HD) is nut rition program direct or for
t he City of Jacksonville, Fla.
Marc R. Beckel '95 (A&S) is a soft­
ware engineer at Litton-TASC in St. Louis.
David A. Brauer '95 (MAN) of
Studio City, Ca lif, is direct or of f inance and corporate cont roller for Active lnterMedia.
Jennifer S. Bruce '95 (EDU) is a web content manager for Intel in
Santa Clara, Calif
r and a
U.S. State Courts.
Tamara M. Glasgow '95 (NEWIVPA) of Syracuse and the Bronx is owner of t hree Spinn Citi
record shops. She opened t he
Groove Tyme Record ing St udio
and a group of related businesses
under the umbrella ofTempo Ent erprises.
Jeanine A. Hand '95 (HD/ NEW)
married Brendon J. Harrigan '97 (A&S). Jean ine is pursuing a Ph.D.
in pharmacology and t oxicology at SUNY Buffalo, and Brendan
w orks for People Inc.
David M. Klinghoffer '95 (A&S) is
sales planning manager for Comedy Centra l in New York City.
Matthew W. MacDonald '95 (A&S) is a police officer with the Boston
Municipal Police Department.
process engineer at Lucent Technologies in Reading, Pa.
Andrew D. Meyer '95 (A& SI NEW)
is a producer for Fox Sports Net­ w ork in Los Angeles and a profes­
sional musician. His band, Soul
Purpose, was nominated as Art ist of t he Year in the Los Angeles Music Awards compet ition for
media relations for the global
market s group of Deutsche Bank in New York City.
David C. Nygren '95 (VPA) is a staff
communicat ions specia list w ith IBM in Aust in, Texas.
Heather L. Schwarze '95 (NEW) is human resources manager at the Hilton Garden Inn in El Segundo,
Ca lif
of Great Neck, N.Y., is assistant
director of cl inica l services for t he Workplace Mentoring Center of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New
York City.
John A. Wilder G'95 (A&S) is an assist ant professor in t he psychol­
ogy depart ment at Wi ngat e University in North Ca rolina.
Andrea M. Berger '96 (HD) is an occupational therapist in West New York, N.J.
Eric A. Bronner '96 (MAN/ NEW) is an aud it consultant w ith Pru­
dential Securities in New York City.
Mekeba S. Brown G'96 (MAX) of Gait hersburg, Md., married
Kenneth W. Barrett Jr.
year analyst with the investment
banking division at Credit Suisse First Boston in Seoul, Sout h Korea.
Syracuse University Magazine, Vol. 18, Iss. 2 [2001], Art. 13
freelance writer in Chicago.
representative for TAP Pharma­
ceutica ls.
Theodore A. Fons G'96 (1ST) is product manager for Innovative Int erfaces in Emeryville, Cal if.
Rachel L. Goldman '96 (MAN) of Providence, R.I., is a senior auditor
for Broniec Associat es.
Rachel Haldaman Gonzales '96 (NEW) is a local bil li ng ana lyst for ATX Telecommunications Services
in Ba la Cynwyd, Pa.
Christine P. Harris '96 (A&S), vol­
unt eer services coordinator at
Strybing Arboretum and Botanica l
Gardens in Sa n Francisco, married Aaron Mahimainathan '97 (ESF).
David R.Jablonowski G '96 (NEW)
is an account direct or for Leo
Burnet t in Chicago.
Robert A. Jimenez '96 (1ST) is a
syst em s ana lyst for cable engi­ neering at ComCast Corp., a cable
interactive television/ Internet
provider in Philadelphia.
Mary Kristine Johnson '96 (HD),
an account executive/consulta nt with Aon Risk Services in Ch icago, married John J. Griffin.
Karen A. Kazmierczak '96 (VPA) is a cust omer service senior repre­
sent ative for Ingram Micro Inc. in
Wi lliamsvil le, N.Y.
James C. Kilts Jr. '96 (MAN) mar­ ried Kerri K. Barrett. He is portfolio
manager for First Union National
Bank in Pa lm Beach Gardens, Fla.
Jui-Min Lim '96 (ECS) is an engi­
neer with Intel in Chandler, Ariz.
Stuart D. Lurie '96 (A& SINEW) is an attorney w ith Pepper Hamilton
in Philadelphia.
of Orlando, Fla., is a f reelance
television producer w ith Jupiter Enterta inment.
Jeannette N. Pina '96 (A&S) is an attorney w it h Skadden, Arps, Slate,
Meagher, and Flom in New York
Patricia E. Potts '96 (A&S) is a
business ana lyst for M errill Lynch & Co. in New York City.
Michael Rutishauser '96 (MAN) is
human resou rces manager for Akibia Inc. in New York City.
Michael H. Scepaniak '96 (VPA) of Cockeysvil le, M d., founded
M ilest one Syst ems Consult ing.
Cheryl L. Stafford '96 (MAN/ NEW) is a st rategic development coordi­ nat or for Deepgroup USA in New
York City.
ret ail analyst for AmAsia
International in Burlington, Mass.
Yu Tokura '96 (VPA) is a designer for World Family K. K. in Shinjuku,
====Karen M. Watson '96 (ECS) is a
capta in in the U.S. Air Force. She is pursuing a
:::!::::!=:::::::::::!.1 master's degree
m anagement at t he Air Force
Institute ofTechnology at Wright Patterson Ai r Force Base in Ohio.
Christopher J. Campione '97 (A&S) of Washington, D.C., is a syst em
administrat or for U.S. Sen. George
Allen of Virginia.
energy intake specialist w it h t he
Commission on Economic Opportunity in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Nicole R. Cirone '97 (A&S) of Orlando, Fla., is associat e editor of
Caribbean Travel & Life magazine.
Bernard P. Condlin G'97 (LAW) is a partner in t he law f irm of Craig, Brisson, Cond lin & Clements in
Fayetteville, N.C.
president of RAD Business
Naomi E. Giges '97 (VPA) is man­
ager of com mun ity services for
Ca rnegie Hall in New York City.
She plays piano and sings orig inal songs on her debut album, Time in Disarray.
Hezlin Harris '97 (MAN) and hus­ band Anuar Berahim announce
t he birth of t heir son, Alif Aiman. Harri s is a t utor at Mu ltimedia
University in Selangor, M alaysia.
Hugh M. Herman '97 (A&S) is associate relationship manager for Frost Nationa l Bank in
Tanya D. Jones '97 (HD) runs her
family's mot orcycle center, Jones Cust om Inc., in Athens, Pa.
Brant S. Levine '97 (A&S) is an att orney for t he Federal Election
Com mission in Washingt on, D.C.
Hsiao-Chen Lin G'97 (MAN) mar­ ried Te-Ching Chen G'97 (ECS). Hsiao-Chen
works for KHIH
in Ta ipei, Taiwan, and Te-Ching is sa les manager for U-Conn Tech, a
f iber-optic com pany in Hsin-Chu, Ta iwa n.
ner w ith Harris
Lynn A. Maki '97 (A&S) is a t echni­
ca l recruit er/ network admin istra­
tor for Caliber Consulting in New
York City.
Daniel J. Marino '97 (1ST) is a busi­
ness manager for Nextera, a con­ sulting com pany in New York City.
He launched Wishbone
Interactive, a web design f irm.
Hillary M. Norton '97 (ECS) is an engineer at Weston and Sampson
Engineers in Peabody, Mass.
Jennifer R. Olegario '97 (NEW/A&S) is a senior account executive with Fleishman-Hillard
in New York City.
Jamie G. Schachter '97 (NEW) of Alpharetta, Ga., is a marketing and
public relations manager for The
Refin ishing Touch.
Miranda Harmon Smith '97 (A&S) and Andre Smith '96 (H D) of Wal­ nut Creek, Calif., announce t he
birth of a daughter, Sydney Alexis. M iranda is a st aff resea rch associ­
at e for the University of Ca lifornia
at Sa n Francisco M edica l Center,
and Andre is a district service and
part s manager for Toyot a Motor Sales.
Eric S. Summers G'97 (MAN) is an associat e direct or of t he Annual
Fund at Colgat e University in
Hami lton, N.Y.
James P. Vant '97 (MAN) is a con­ sult ant with t he Gartner Group in St amford, Conn.
Lillian Wood Wilder G'97 (MAN) is
an auditor w ith M cGiadrey & Pul len in Charlotte, N.C.
Jess R. Withey '97 (EDU) is d istrict service and pa rts market ing man­
ager for Toyota Motor Sa les U.S.A. in West Ca ldwell, N.J.
Jason M. Bonanza-Davis '98 (VPA) is operat ions officer and web mas­
ter/product manager for
Concurrent Com merce
Holly E. Brown '98 (VPA) of
Brooklyn, N.Y., married David J. Kassan '99 (VPA). Holly is pursu­
ing a mast er's degree in art edu­ cation at Brooklyn College, and
David is a graphic designer at
Digita l Club Net work.
Samantha Kra Chesser '98 (HD) is
a production design associate with Foreign Resources Corp. in
New York City.
Patricia A. Dwyer '98 (A&S) is an account execut ive in local adver­
t is ing sa les w ith WPLY-FM in
Morrisville, Vt., is a GIS planner at
the Lamoi lle County Plann ing
Commission, where he makes maps and provides spacial analy­
sis for town planning.
Campbell Soup in Camden, N.J.
Douglas J. Halverson '98 (MAN) of
Bath, Pa ., is supervisor of trans­
portation for t he Patapsco & Back Rivers Ra il road.
Amanda M. Heinz '98 (HD) is an associate for AccountPros in Vienna, Va.
Christopher A. Hemans G '98 (N EW) is director of the Il linois
Coalition in Chicago.
at an Int ernet company.
S UMM E R 2 001 45 9
et al.: Alumni News & Notes
Published by SURFACE, 2001
Jessica H. Liebeskind '98 (VPA) is coordinator of global product development for Bobbi Brown
Professional Cosmet ics in New
York City.
architect w ith Tishman Hotel Corp. in New York City.
Nikki-Nicole Miles '98 (ECS) is an arch itect w ith
Ash ley McGraw
Akiyo Ogura '98 (VPA) is an assis­ t ant designer for t he Hamil Group
in New York City.
junior seism ic engineer for
Schlumberger Lt d. in Houst on.
Mark R. Randall '98 (NEW) is a report er for the New Mexico Business Weekly in Albuquerque.
Kelley Arin Rhodus '98 (MAN) married St ephen Phi ll ips.
She is a C.P.A. and senior accoun­
t ant at Johns Hopkins Hea lth
Syst em in Baltimore.
for the Legal Aid Society in Rochest er, N.Y.
Lisa J. Savioli '98 (NEW) married
Philip A. Olshanski '97 (NEW/A&S). Lisa is an assist ant
edit or at Red Car in New York Cit y, and Phili p works for t he World
Wrestling Federation in St amford,
Kenneth S. Smith '98 (ECS) is a consultant w it h PTC in Vienna, Va.
Esther E. Szpiczka '98 (A&S) mar­
ried Bruce W. Wanlass '82 (ECS). Est her is a workers' compensat ion
claims adjust er with Peerless Insur­ ance in Syracuse, and Bruce is a
senior project manager w ith ENSR.
Pham DucToan G'98 (MAX) is an
assist ant proj ect manager for t he
Government Committee on
an interior designer for Leo A. Daly in Washington, D.C.
Chad W. Underwood G'98 (MAX)
is d irect or of legislative affa irs and
education at M ackin & Co. in
Albany, N.Y.
Erik B. Yost '98 (VPA) is art director for NAI Ut ah Commercial Real
Est at e in Salt Lake City.
:a~~~;~~~~ (N EW) married
a weekend anchor/weekday
reporter for WIBW (CBS) in Topeka,
Ka n., and Jason is an architect for Bel l/ Knott & Associat es in Kansas
attorney with Harter, Secrest &
Emery in Rochester, N.Y.
Joseph Stephen Daniel Christof '99 (A& S) is an assistant market
maker for Free markets Inc. in Pittsburgh.
Jennifer G. Cooper G'99 (MAX) is a pol icy analyst for t he Los Angeles
City Ethics Commission.
Eric M. Fitzwater G'99 (NEW) is
manager of product ion operations for t he New house School's televi­
sion-rad io-fi lm depart ment.
Carley Noelle Flores '99 (VPA) is a
research assist ant at Purdue
University in High land, Ind.
Elizabeth C. Froehlich '99 (VPA) is a junior art d irect or for Grey
Worldwide in New York City.
Sean J. Gaw '99 (ARC) is an archi­ t ect w it h Architect ura l Resources
Co. in Cambridge, Mass.
recruiti ng administ rator for
M cKinsey & Co. in New York City.
Melissa Faye Horvitz '99 (VPA) is a
digital imaging assist ant w ith U.S. News & World Report in Washington, D. C.
Jason M. Jedlinski '99 (NEW) is an invest igat ive producer at WG N-TV
in Chicago.
Jessica 0 . Johnstone '99 (MAN) is a corporat e communicat ions spe­ cialist at t he Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Group in Arlington, Va.
Shannon M. Martin '99 (NUR) is a
profess ional sa les representat ive fo r Aventis Pharmaceuticals in Portland, Ore.
Wendy K. Moros '99 (1ST) is a con­
sultant wit h Art hur Andersen Inc.
in New York City.
Stephanie R. Pickens G '99 (ECS) of Hayward, Ca lif., is an account
coord inator w it h Solectron Corp.
Carrie A. Schlau '99 (A&S) of Ham burg, N.Y., is w orking at
Adelphia and pursuing a mast er's
degree in creative studies at Buffalo State College.
Saba Shah G'99 (NEW) of Syracuse married Ejaz Khan.
Eric Sheiffer '99 (MAN) is a nego­ t iator fo r Pa ramount Pictures with
M edia Vest Worldwide in New York City.
Jason D. Smolek '99 (A&S) is an
associate research ana lyst for
International Dat a Corp. in Bost on.
Tiffany T. Tucker '99 (VPA) is a
lega l assist ant for Crowell & M oring in Washingt on, D.C.
Michael C. Vallone '99 (VPA) of Bost on was commissioned t o
paint a portra it of Jeanie and the
late David Tye, Joslin Diabetes
Clinic benefactors, to hang in t he lobby of the newly constructed
clinic in Syracuse.
Zoe B. Weisberg '99 (NEW) is an account executive for Port er
Novelli in New York City.
Jason P. Wilson '99 (ECS) is an engineer for lnt erDigit al Com­
munications Corp. in M elville, N.Y.
Jonathan 0. Banzon 'oo (ECS) is a
mechanical engineer at Lawrence Berkeley Nat ional Laborat ory in
Ca liforn ia.
Erica M. Collier 'oo (EDU) of
Charlot tesville, Va., is an elemen­ tary school teacher w ith t he
Albemarle County School Dist rict.
Sean P. Crandall 'oo (1ST) is an
IMLP associate with GE/NBC in
New York City.
account execu­
Russell & Associates in Syracuse.
Amy Augusta Fabozzi 'oo (NEW) is a news producer for WTIC-TV in Hartford, Conn.
Matthew L. Geiss 'oo (ARC) is a
junior designer at STUDIOS Architecture in Washingt on, D.C.
Kyung-wook Hahn 'oo (MAN) is part of the corporate planning
team fo r the globa l business strat­
egy group of Samsung SDS in Seoul, South Korea.
Suzanne R. Knowle 'oo (ECS) is a civil engineer for Black & Veat ch in Aurora, Colo.
Todd Kramer-Berlly 'oo (MAN) of
Hoboken, N.J., is a m arket maker
for Knight Financial Products and
works w it h QQQ (NASDAQ 100
Trust Options) on the American
Stock Exchange.
production assist ant for H.S.I.
Productions in Culver City, Ca lif.
Carre A. O'Brien 'oo (A& S) is an
assistant account services
execut ive at
t ant w ith M cKinsey & Co. in
Mexico City.
Kristen E. Rosenzweig 'oo (NEW/A&S) is a client executive for Bu rson-M arsteller in New York
York City.
accounting assistant for Bond,
Schoeneck & King in Syracuse.
Sarah A. Stumpf 'oo (EDU) is a
graduat e residence coord inat or for t he Office of Residence Life at
Syracuse University, w here she is
pursuing a master's degree in
exercise science.
Syracuse University Magazine, Vol. 18, Iss. 2 [2001], Art. 13
Notices of deaths must be accompanied by a copy of an obituary or memorial card. Send to: Alumni Editor, Alumni News; 820 Comstock
Avenue, Room 308; Syracuse NY 13244-5040;
fax 315-443-5425.
1926 John W. Charlton, Petar N. Martinovic
1927 William F. Hourigan, Francis E. Maloney Sr., Ellen Corse Potter, Edith Keller Rossiter,
Esther George Urquhart, Mary Frances Owen
Daniel G. Doyle, Marjorie Streeter Knapp
1930 Donna M. Combs, Eva Gillis Osburn,
Catharine A. Parsell, Marian Diamond Sattinger, Nathan George Schwarting, Bessie Hawley Spaeth
1931 Charles P. Albert, Yao Tien Chung,
Harriet Lytle Hinckley, Rose Daniels Pinsley, Sarah Patrick Scheifele, Ella Rasmussen
1932 Dorothea Nicklin Venables Atwood, Olga Lorenzotti Muzi, Mae E. Reynolds, William G. Walker, Ruth Gray Watkins
1933 Elizabeth McCracken Bach, Albert Ornstein, Sachaklian Rustigian, Dorothy
Scullion, Anabel McMullen Smith, Virginia
M aloney Swart, Frances Mixer Thompson
1934 Lorna York Farnham, Charlotte Bowker Pohl, Lloyd Edward Schulz, Gladys Greiner
1935 Mary Case Edkins, Eva Bonham Gavitt, Jane Northrup Godfrey, James E. Hildebrand, Loretta Hughes Mitchell, Marie E. Reynolds,
RussellS. Swanson
Greeley Quackenbush, Sheldon J. Shale,
Ladislaw Gerard Srogi
1937 J. Donald Ahearn, Mary Pugliese Carol Ia, Robert J. Hager, Phyllis Wright Jebo,
Eugene F. Murphy, Elizabeth Connelly Pearce,
Stanley L. Voulelis
1938 F. Kirk Helm, Gertrude Prest M aw son, Esther Sullivan Molnar, Margaret Richmond
Niketh, Myrtle Dickson Simmons
1939 James E. Bachman, Barbara Marlow Dwinelle, Herbert C. Howe, Howard F.
Lyboldt, Kenneth H. Propst, Charles A. Rigaud, Ric Roman
1940 Arthur H. Abramson, Seeley E. Buck, Effa Moor Hawes, Marilyn Schell Miller,
WilliamS. Russell Sr.
1941 Daniel J. Brock, Lila G. Bull, Robert M.
Canavan, John R. Connolly, Richard D. Crysler, David P. Delavan, Robert W. Emerich, Flora G.
Kirley, Gertrude Atkinson Luther, Harry J. McCormick, Charles P. Micklos, Grace Spaven
Pierce, John W. Roblin, John W. Smith, Frances Hagadorn Stevens, Clayton W. Tiffany Jr.,
Walter D. Wasson
1942 Richard W. Beishline, Virginia Root Cavellier, Virginia A. Edgerton, Edward T. Lee,
Cedric R. Tie bout, Heinz 0. Voigt
1943 Edwin Rugby Auer, Agnes L. Fuller, J.
Murray Hueber, Donald A. Kaiser, Nina Bragg Lafoon, Muriel E. Rees, Ross S. Tanner
1944 Alan K. Baum, June McKee Blake,
Florence M. Karleskind, Elizabeth Smith
Knechtel, Mary Powell Valentino
1946 Robert P. Flood, William J. Irving, Robert Paul Thomas
1947 Robert F. Haley, Helen lllick-Breed, Sheldon I. Levy, Janet Halliday MacRae, Betsy
Patterson Pace
1948 Albert H. Arnold, Gregory M . Benson, Edward F. Burzynski, Joanne Downey
Dalrymple, Marshall C. Dix, Paul T. Knapp,
John C. Lamonte, WilliamS. Lancey, John E. McAuliffe, Elisabeth Chambers Moore, Harry
1949 Frederick J. Bender, David Howard Gillard, Lester Cecil Perelmut, George H. Ried
1950 Doris H. Brookfield, AndrewS. Bullis,
Jeanneanne King Casson, Robert Emmett Dwyer, Malcolm A. Furbush, Robert L. Garrett, Ronald K. Guzik, Bernard J. Hanitchak, Frederick Harkov, Homer A. Hunt
Jr., Robert L.Juillerat, Fern I. M artinson,
Charles R. Rumsey, Robert M . Smith, Oliver E. Wood, Wilson Yulman
1951 Edward M. Beard, Theodore Philip Doehner, Barbara Greer Kleinschmidt, Cedric P. Lambert, Carlo J. Roma, Martin Slahor, Donald H. Sotanski, Sidney P. Tuthill Jr., Cleon
L. Williams Jr.
1952 Floyd J. Arnold, Carolyn Corwin Chamberlain, Robert M . Handlewich, Ruth
Steinhi lber Moore, Robert C. Nelson, Raymond T. Schuler, Stacey Oakes Stott
1953 Malcolm E. Ginsberg, Louis H. Mariani, William J. McGonigle, John D. Moreton,
Avatus H. Stone
1954 Elizabeth C. Crouch, Leonard P. Flynn, Donna Powers Lohmeyer, David Nevin
1955 Susan Jakl Ashley, Maurice S. Axenfeld, Ruth Gardner, Sigi Ziering
1956 Edward R. Conn, John D. Doehner, Benjamin H. Shiffrin, Raymond Carl Tyszka,
Nancy Tucker Williams
1957 Sheila Confer Benz, Mary Betterton
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1958 George A. Agogino, Suzanne Nelson Hearty, Eloise Farley Morgan
1959 Paul W. Braisted, Jean Crawford, Virginia Blanchard Dowell, Paul 0. Nobert,
Dorothy Brown Sheehan, Thomas G. Yohe
1960 Lewis A. Koenigsberg, Frances Dzikowicz Lane, Robert G. Martyn
1961 Mary Stioanoff Clapp, Robert W. Koes, Marie Myers, Michael I. Strauss, John D. Walz
1962 Ludmilla Bogdanoff Pobedinsky
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1964 Lucille Dembowski Davis
1965 Robert T. Dumaine, Rocco A. Marafioti, Daniel B. Mitchel l
1966 Reinaldo Betancourt, Rose Rafferty Purcell
1967 Frances O'Toole Ackley, Mary Miha lyco,
Marjorie A. Pelton, Carmela E. Santoro
1968 Sara M. Duval l, Skye M . Fleming,
Steven H. Rosen
1971 Martin D. Bach, Aldo Cardarelli, Charles H. Hibbs Ill, John H. Post
1972 David W. Blum, Ruth S. Elliott, Eugene A. Sekeres
1974 Bruce A. Bluman
1975 Brian W. Simson
Thomas J. Goodman
1988 Margaret G. Walker
$UMMBil 3001 47 11
Published by SURFACE, 2001
By Ted Koppel '6o 320 pp. Knopf $25
In this memoir, the award-winning televi­ sion journalist shares candid opinions on
events that occurred in 1999, from the Clinton impeachment proceedings to NATO's war with Serbia. Off Camera not only gives an interesting look into a re­ porter's mind, but also reveals Koppel's ir­ reverent insights on politics, scandals, and prominent figures in the news.
LADLE, LEAF & LOAF: Soup, Salad, and Bread for Every Season
By Lisa Cowden '88 256 pp. Houghton Mifflin. $16
I adle, Leaf & Loaf serves up more than Lloo recipes. Accompanied by Cowden's intricate illustrations, the recipes draw on seasonal ingredients and menus that read­ ers can mix and match to create satisfying meals for everyone.
REVOLUTIONARY VOICES: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology
Edited by Amy Sonnie 'g8 188 pp. A tyson Publications. $11.95
~onnie shares a compassionate collec­ ~ion of adolescents' stories and artwork that reflect their thoughts on gender and sexuality. This book gives youths a voice for their creativity, and for their struggles of coming out and prevailing through race, class, religion, and culture.
By James Cross Gibl in; ill ustrated by Michael Dooling G'88 48 pp. Scholastic Trade. $17.95
Giblin and Dooling work hand-in-hand to present this children's biography of
Benjamin Franklin. The book, which fea­ tures Dooling's exquisite oil illustrations and sketches, tells how Franklin helped build the country through his hard work, and contains many personal stories, in­ cluding one about Franklin's relationship with his son.
THE POWER OF POLITICAL ART: The 1930s literary Left Reconsidered
By Robert Shulman '52 400 pp. The University of North Carolina Press. $49.95
Shulman examines the careers and crea­ tive work of five writers from the 1930s.
Taking a close look at prose, imagery, and linguistic as well as formal innovations, this critical collection praises the mastery of these writers.
FROM THE BEACH TO THE BAY: An Illustrated History of Sand bridge in Virginia
By Chris Jennings and Hank Gardner '53, G'53 176 pp. The Donning Company/Publishers. $29.95
Jennings and Gardner recount the unique history of Sandbridge, a Virginia beach
community, from 1850 to the present, cov­ ering events that helped shape Sandbridge and reminiscing about old friends.
BELOVED ISLAND: Franklin & Eleanor and the Legacy of Campobello
By Jonas Klein G'8s 288 pp. Paul 5. Eriksson, Publisher. $26.95
In Beloved Island, Klein explores how the Roosevelts' summer home on New Bruns­
wick's Campobello Island played a signi­ ficant role in their lives. While acknow­ ledging the Roosevelts' traditions and back­ ground, Klein presents a fresh perspective on their public and private triumphs as well as disappointments.
GROW YOUR OWN PIZZA: Gardening Plans and Recipes for Kids
By Consta nce Hardesty '79 128 pp. Fulcrum Publishing. $16.95
This innovative cookbook teaches chil­ dren of all ages how to grow, prepare,
and cook mouth-watering creations. Har­ desty provides fun and easy steps that en­ courage young gardeners and chefs to learn safely about the garden and kitchen.
By Thomas F. Yezerski '91 32 pp. North Point Press. $16
This tale of sibling rivalry, written and illustrated by Yezerski, centers on three
sisters who compete for their mother's love, and teaches children how to resolve differ­ ences. Through colorful illustrations, Yezer­ ski teaches both parents and children how to get along and strengthen family bonds.
By Stanley J. Corwin '6o 272 pp. Frederick Fell Publishers. $16.95
Corwin gives an insider's look at the publishing industry and tells how to
create a bestseller. An experienced pub­ lishing professional, he provides easy ex­ planations and useful information to peo­ ple of all ages and writing levels. Topics from developing an idea to choosing an agent are covered step-by-step.
By William Tester G'gs 197 pp. Sarabande Books. $19.95
Tester displays his wit and eye for detail through 11 short stories filled with
manic protagonists. Winner of the 1999 Mary McCarthy Prize for Short Fiction, Head creates unique situations in a variety of settings and cultures.
Syracuse University Magazine, Vol. 18, Iss. 2 [2001], Art. 13