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ALPINE TUNDRA. The Land Above the Trees. Tundra. Russian: land of no trees Has great appeal to people. Why? Everything in miniature: Sky the size of forever & flowers the size of a millisecond (Ann Zwinger). Tundra Extent. Extent of Alpine Tundra Biome:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • ALPINE TUNDRAThe Land Above the Trees

  • TundraRussian: land of no treesHas great appeal to people. Why?Everything in miniature:Sky the size of forever & flowers the size of a millisecond (Ann Zwinger)

  • Tundra ExtentAlpine tundra = more uniform throughout northern hemisphere thtan any other biome on Earth!! WHY?Extent of Alpine Tundra Biome:

  • EnvironmentWhat is the environment like in the Alpine zone?How do changes in 4 major climatic factors affect vegetation?What adaptations must plants have to these conditions?

  • Alpine Plants:

  • Alpine Plants:

  • Alpine Plants: Cushions

  • Only Annual plant in Rocky Mountain Alpine:Koenigia islandicaCircumpolar species

  • Alpine Animals:What adaptations must animals have to live in the tundra?Do any live in the tundra year round?Why? OR Why not?What kinds of animals are missing from the tundra?

  • Alpine Animals:White-tailed PtarmiganWhat do they eat?

  • Alpine Animals:Pika (rock rabbit)

  • Alpine Animals:Marmot

  • Alpine Animals:Big horn sheepMountain Goat

  • Treeline:What do trees look like at treeline?krummholz = elfin woodflagging

  • Treeline:A dynamic equilibrium

  • Treeline:Tree waves moving across the landscapeDwarf spruce & fir trees:

  • Treeline:What factors control treeline?How do these factors interact?

  • Climate Change?What impact will warming global climate have on the alpine tundra life zone/biome?

  • Loss of pika populations during the 20th century in the intermountain West, at different elevations and latitudes. Open circles represent sites in the interior Great Basin where pikas remain extant, and closed circles represent pika populations that became extirpated in the late 20th century.


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