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  • Alliance Coin & Banknote Summer 2019 Auction

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    World Coinage 1. Afghanistan - Silver 2 1/2 Rupee SH1300 (1921/2) KM.878, VF Est $35 2. Alderney - 5 Pounds 1996 Queen's 70th Birthday (KM.15a), a lovely Silver Proof

    with mixed bouquet of Shamrocks, Roses and Thistle (etc.) on reverse Est $40

    3. A lovely Algerian Discovery Set - A 9-piece set of Proof 1997 Algerian coinage, each

    PCGS certified as follows: 1/4 Dinar PR-67 DCAM, 1/2 Dinar PR-69 DCAM, Dinar PR-69 DCAM, 2 Dinar PR-69 DCAM, 5 Dinar PR-69 DCAM, 10 Dinar PR-67 DCAM, 20 Dinar (bimetal Lion) PR-69 DCAM, 50 Dinar (bimetal Gazelle) PR-68 DCAM, completed by a lovely [1994] 100 Dinars bimetal Horse issue, PR-68 DCAM. All unlisted in Proof striking, thus comprising the only single examples ever certified by PCGS, with the Quarter and Half Dinar pieces completely unrecorded even as circulation strikes! Set of 9 choice animal-themed coins, and a unique opportunity for the North African specialist

    Est $900-1,000

    4. Australia - An original 1966 Proof Set of six coins, Penny to Silver 50 Cents, housed in

    blue presentation case of issue with brilliant coinage, the Half Dollar evenly-toned. While the uncirculated sets of the same date are common, the Proof strikings remain very elusive (Krause value: $290)

    Est $180-210

    5. Australia - 1969 Proof Set of 6 coins, Cent to 50 Cents (PS.31), lovely frosted strikings

    in original plastic casing, the Five Cent slightly rotated (Cat. US $225) Est $125-140

    6. Australia "Masterpieces in Silver" Set - Special 4-piece Proof Set 1988, Consisting of

    50 Cents, Dollar, Two Dollar and Five Dollar (PS.56), each struck in Proof Sterling Silver and housed together in presentation box of issue. An attractive set, with themes that include stylized Kangaroo, Tall-Ship, Aboriginal Elder and Parliament House

    Est $125-140

    7. Australia 2 oz Kook - Two Dollar 1992 Kookaburra in .999 Silver (KM.227), a flawless

    2 oz Proof striking in original case with certificate Est $80-100

    8. Austria - Austria 50 Schilling 1959 Liberation of Tyrol (KM.2888), ICCS certified

    Proof-66 with brilliant fields and frosted detail, and a few light hints of toning around rims. The first of the 50 Schilling commemoratives, with very small mintage of just 1,000 pieces (Cat.:US $200)

    Est $180-200

    9. The remarkable Belarus Zodiac Collection, struck by the Royal Canadian Mint - A

    twelve-piece set of 28 gram, 38mm antiqued Sterling Silver 20 Rouble Coins, struck for Belarus by the Royal Canadian Mint, each featuring a different sign of the zodiac and inset with tiny multi-coloured crystals. Housed together in a circle within a unique round presentation case with RCM certificate, with very engaging engraved artwork. With individual dates ranging from 2013 to 2015 and the first such set we have seen or heard of (Krause value: US $900.)

    Est $500-600

  • Alliance Coin & Banknote Summer 2019 Auction

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    10. Bermuda Gold Tree Frog – Ten Dollars 1990 Tree Frog (KM.66), Proof .999 Gold Issue (1/10 oz AGW) in original capsule with Royal Mint Card

    Est $200-220

    11. An 1822 Anchor Coinager Trio - British West Indies, an 1822 One Sixteenth Dollar

    (NC-1D3; Br.860), G-VG with strong date & legends; 1822 One Eighth Dollar (NC-1C4; Br.859), Fine obverse, with Filler reverse (center impaired, surrounding text still clear); together with an 1822 Quarter Dollar (NC-1B2; Br.858), Abt.VG, clear date & legends. Lot of 3 Silver tokens

    Est $25-35

    12. Bulgaria - a 36mm BU pattern 5 Euro 2004 with Olympic Boxing on obverse (KM.Pn9a),

    struck in Sterling Silver by a private British Mint with extremely small mintage of just 250 pieces

    Est $45

    13. A Fabulous Birds of the Caribbean Silver Proof Set - A six-piece set of huge 63mm

    One Hundred Dollar coins in Proof Sterling Silver, each featuring a local bird within the territories of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, all dated 1988 as follows: Saint Vincent & The Grenadines (KM.15), Dominica (KM.21), Grenada (KM.17), Saint Christopher & Nevis (KM.6), Saint Lucia (KM.17), and Antigua & Barbuda (KM.6). All housed in original Royal Mint case with certificates, and truly the most remarkable bird- themed set we've handled to date. With current Krause value CDN $1,100, and net Silver content of 23.1 oz. (Set of 6 coins)

    Est $750-850

    14. A China World Wildlife Fund Gold issue - China 100 Yuan 1986 Gold Proof

    (KM.151: Yak, previously KM.107), ICCS Proof-67 with net gold content of .3337 oz Est $1,100- 1,200

    15. A Silver Franc of Charles X - A French One Franc 1826-A of Charles X (KM.724.1),

    bold VF with attractive light even toning. A nice coin! Est $60-75

    16. France - 50 Francs 1979 (KM.941.1), ICCS MS-65; a large crown-sized Silver issue,

    with the lightest of pinkish-gold surface toning Est $45

    17. A French Albertville Olympic Set - France 100 Francs 1989-1991, set of 9 Proof Silver

    commemoratives of the 1992 Albertville Olympic Games (KM.971-2, 980-1, 983-4, 993-5), featuring Free-style and Alpine Skiing, Ice and Speed Skating, Bobsledding, and Hockey, etc. All housed together in Paris Mint plush blue presentation case (Krause value: CDN $380; 5.78 oz of net pure Silver)

    Est $280-300

    18. Germany (Bavaria) - One Thaler (Krone) 1811, KM.706.1 of Maximillian IV, Joseph,

    Silver; pleasant Fine, with fully sharp date and legends Est $50-60

    19. Germany (Prussia) - 3 Mark 1915-A Mansfeld: St. George Slaying the Dragon (KM.539),

    PCGS AU Detail, "Scratch". We fail to actually detect a material scrach on this attractive coin, and believe the comment had intended to reference a small rim-nick at top of coin. With lustrous, medium silver-grey surfaces, an interesting issue with current Krause value of CDN $800 in EF

    Est $400-450

    20. Germany (Empire) - Silver Mark 1873-C (KM.7), gFine with light even grey-gold toning,

    and a scarcer date/mint-mark Est $65-75

  • Alliance Coin & Banknote Summer 2019 Auction

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    21. Germany (Empire) - Germany One Mark 1892-D (KM.14), ICCS MS-65 with light, even

    pinkish-gold toning (Krause value in MS-63: US $225.) Est $200-220

    22. Germany (Weimar Republic) - Five Marks 1925-A, Armoured Figure (KM.47), EF and a

    nice-looking issue Est $180-210

    23. Germany (Weimar Republic) - 5 Reichsmark 1927-A "Bremerhaven" (KM.51; Tallship),

    PCGS AU Detail, "Residue". A nice-looking issue with light, even grey toning - comment seemingly refers to a couple extremely minor spots of adhesive(?) residue that remain hidden among wings of the eagle. With current Krause value in EF of $1,000+

    Est $700-800

    24. West German Two Mark Trio - West Germany, Two Marks 1951-D, 1951-F, and 1951-G

    (KM.111), average VF. Lot of 3 examples of this single year-type (Krause value: $100) Est $50-60

    25. Germany (West) - West Germany 5 Mark 1955-F (KM.114) Friedrich Von Schiller, ICCS

    MS-63 with even, medium grey-gold toning and nice sharp underlying detail. Only the second issue in the lengthy 5 Mark commemorative series, and a scarcer coin (Cat. US$850)

    Est $700-800

    26. Germany (West) - Germany 2 Mark 1964-G Max Planck (KM.116), ICCS Proof-65 with

    tiny mintage of just 368 pieces Est $150-170

    27. Germany (West) - Germany 1974-D Mint Set of 9 coins, Pfennig to Silver 5 Mark,

    sealed in pristine blister-pack; offered together with a 2002 German Euro UNC Set of 8 coins (Euro Cent to 2 Euros), as well as a Austria 2002 UNC Set of 8 coins (Euro cent to 2 Euros), the last two items BU and sealed in Mietens blister-packs (Lot of 3 sets)

    Est $60

    28. Gibraltar - Five Pounds 1999 (KM.797a), special "Millennium" issue in matte Proof

    Titanium Est $75-85

    29. A pair of English William & Mary Coins - A 1694 Half Penny of William & Mary

    (KM.475.3), VG with some softness at reverse-top, resulting in absence of Britannia head detail; offered together with a 1689 Silver Two Pence of William & Mary (KM.469), pleasant Fine with date slightly off the flan. Lot of two coins, featuring this venerable conjoined portrait

    Est $50-60

    30. Great Britain - One Penny 1917 of George V (KM.810) ICCS MS-65, virtually as-struck

    with much original red lustre. A lovely type-piece! Est $100-120

    31. Great Britain - One Penny 1918 of George V (KM.810) ICCS MS-65, a second delightful

    example of this venerable large Penny issue, with deep wine-red toning Est $100-120

    32. An original Mint Bag of British Large Pennies - A sealed, unopened Mint bag of Great

    Britain One Penny pieces of 1967 (KM.897), with total face-value of 5 Pounds - or 500 BU pieces! The very last large Penny to circulate in England, and a very neat piece of numismatic history. (sealed bag of 500 pieces, cumulative Krause value $500+)

    Est $150-200

  • Alliance Coin & Banknote Summer 2019 Auction

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    33. Great Britain - Three Pence 1686 of James II (KM.450), F-VF for th